Friday, August 1

Campaign to Revoke Patriot News 2012 Pulitzer Prize for Local Reporting

For those of you who believe in making a difference, I have provided the contact information of the Pulitzer jurors who awarded the Patriot News its prize for local reporting.  

Please contact them to voice your displeasure with their decision.  Please include a copy of my report as evidence that the P-N did not deserve its award.

Sherry Chisenhall, editor and senior vice president/news, Wichita Eagle

Nicole Carroll, Executive Editor, Arizona Republic

Kevin Dale, News Director, Denver Post,

Jane Hirt. VP/Managing Editor, Chicago Tribune

William Snyder, professor and chair, photojournalism, Rochester Institute of Technology

Pulitzer Committee


I am writing to express my concern over the awarding of the 2012 Pulitzer Prize for local reporting to the Harrisburg Patriot News for its coverage of the Penn State sex scandal.

The fact that the Pulitzer jurors referred to the scandal as the "Penn State sex scandal" was a result of the extremely biased coverage by the Patriot News.  Most newspapers have now appropriately renamed the scandal to the Sandusky scandal.

However, the evidence in this case (see enclosed report) reveals that the Patriot News published known falsehoods, biased its reporting, and fabricated at least one story to ensure that all of the public's attention was focused on Penn State and not the government agencies or the charity that failed to protect children.

As a result of the Patriot News reporting, the full truth of the Sandusky scandal has yet to be told.  It was the government agencies, who approved Sandusky as a foster and adoptive parent - and looked the other way when they saw at least a dozen signs of possible child sexual abuse in 1998 -- who were the enablers of Sandusky's abuse.   

Moreover, The Second Mile charity also was made aware of Sandusky's inappropriate behaviors with children, including an abuse finding in 2008, but did not take the necessary steps to ensure the children under its care were protected. According the the trial verdicts, Sandusky abused at least one Second Mile child after his abuse finding. Their reporting covered up the real failures in the Sandusky case and, as a result, the most critical reforms for improving child protection in Pennsylvania were not implemented.

I believe that the Pulitzer jurors and committee should reconsider their awarding of the prize based on these facts and those contained in the attached report.   

The press is supposed to serve as a watchdog of the government.  In this case, the Patriot News was a lap dog. 



  1. As far as I can tell, only one Pulitizer Prize has ever been revoked. That was Janet Cooke, a reporter for The Washington Post in 1980, who fabricated the story of "Jimmy", an 8-year old heroin addict living in DC. Probably the only reason the Pulitizer was revoked was that she admitted to the fabrication of Jimmy and the entire story was fiction. Good luck in getting a similar admission from Sara Ganim.

    1. Steve, so true--"good luck in getting an admission from Sara Ganim". Our society has grown colder and more apathetic to lying by public figures and the media since 1980. Back then, we could still set the record straight. We could admit our mistakes and weaknesses and ask for forgiveness.

      It's likely that this Janet Cooke, when deciding to write her story, succumbed to her sense of social injustice. She rationalized that her story, although fiction, would bring public awareness to the plight of the children living in slums. But she showed a conscience, and admitted her deception to the public. Now with Sara Ganim, she has no sense of anything other than public recognition and money. She is an example of what a dwindling conscience looks like these days. But in all fairness to her, as expressed earlier by Gregory Vernon here on this blog, she is very young and naive. Mr. Vernon also states, "she was played like a violin" by the corrupt PA government officials that are desperately trying to hide their illegal actions that have enabled Sandusky for decades. Corbett knew she was young, ambitious and empty-headed, "just ripe for the pickin". I doubt she even knows she was used.

      I'm just waiting for someone that's been bought off by Corbett and his cronies to say "Corbett and his money be damned, I'm going to tell the truth". This person, whoever they may be, will become a hero to the public and the media. They will go down in history as the one that dared to expose Tom Corbett as the thug that he is. They will renew our faith in people to have courage against corrupt leadership that exploits our children for money.

      I predict that Ray Blehar will be one of those people seen as a hero when Corbett's empire crumbles. But there's still someone out there now that wants to tell us about how they were either threatened, or paid off to keep quiet about Sandusky and the framing of PSU. There's someone out there that has the sense to see that the exposing of Ron Tomalis is just the first brick being knocked down from Corbett's wall of deception. It's taken over 15 years for Corbett to build this wall, first as the PA Attorney General for 3 terms, then as Governor. Corbett has made an absolute chaotic mess of the wonderful state of Pennsylvania by falsely accusing PSU for his own criminal actions. He has kept the public from seeing his protection of Second Mile and its systematic abuse of children.

      Now is the time to tell the truth and be a hero.

    2. Dr Jonathan Dranov, this is your cue.

      How have you justified standing aside while PSU and Joe Paterno were burned to the ground??? Financial security for yourself???

      What a legacy you're choosing to leave to your family. Imagine how proud your grandkids, great-grandkids, nieces, nephews, and their kids will be, once the truths of all this are revealed. Which they will be someday, thanks to the relentless efforts of those who still value truth and integrity.

  2. Ray - I think your insightful and detailed articles are far more deserving of a prize than the inaccurate reporting by the Patriot News.

    1. I'll second that one Tim! I can't even imagine the kind of tireless efforts that Ray has invested in exposing this grand deception by the PA state officials in collusion with the corrupt PSU BOT members.

      Does anyone else see that this $140,000 a year to Ron Tomalis, with no work expected, is a payoff from Corbett? And does anyone else see that Corbett is actually using our money, paid to him in taxes, to reward Ron Tomalis for putting his "seal of approval" on the fraudulent Freeh report? Ron Tomalis stood up there with Kenneth Frazier behind the Liar for Hire, Louis Freeh, and knowingly supported the falsehoods against Joe Paterno and PSU. He then "resigns" as Secretary to step out of the limelight. This was undoubtedly planned so that he could receive his yearly "gift" from Governor Corbett without the public's awareness.

      We need to ask for an investigation into who else is being "rewarded", with our money. Rewarded for helping the Governor to falsely destroy an innocent man and university. We need to follow Gene Stilp's example of courage and get to the bottom of this deception and theft.