Thursday, June 23

Andrew Shubin: Not Credible

Andrew Shubin's credibility suffered a serious blow in 2012 when his allegations about an alleged victim were determined to be of his own creation (i.e., lies).   His latest legal filing, as short as it is, has a stunning similarity to his earlier attempt to deceive investigators.

Ray Blehar

Shubin: Dismissed as not credible in April 2012.
Evidence from the Sandusky investigation reveals State College lawyer Andrew Shubin, who represented numerous individuals who received settlements from Penn State, was found to be less than credible by government officials.

In February 10, 2012, Shubin had a heated discussion with Office of Attorney General (OAG) Agent Anthony Sassano, demanding that his client (who alleged to be Victim 2) be interviewed as part of the Sandusky investigation.  During the discussion, Shubin claimed that there had been "both oral and anal sex" between his client and Sandusky.

Shubin's client was interviewed by Postal Inspection Service Agent, M. J. Coricelli on February 28th, March 8th, and March 16th, 2012.  At no time during these interviews did his client corroborate Shubin's allegations.  In fact, at the March 16th interview, his client stated that he had never discussed the specific details to anyone -- not even Shubin  (Commonwealth v. Sandusky, PCRA Appendix, page 00447).  

Shubin arranged for a April 4, 2012 meeting with Coricelli and Sassano to interview his client again.  

When they arrived for the meeting, Shubin's client was absent.   Coricelli was told that the client was too upset to be interviewed because of a recent death of a friend.   Then Shubin attempted to provide Coricelli with three typed pages purported to be the allegations of his client.  

Coricelli examined the document and surmised that it was written by Shubin.  After consultation with Sassano, the decision was made that there would be no future investigation regarding Shubin's client.  (Commonwealth v. Sandusky, PCRA Appendix, page 00448)

Recent filing
Shubin's recent filing for a protective order regarding John Doe 71  -- the individual featured in the preposterous story of a 1971 victim written by Sara Ganim -- stating his client can't be interviewed due to health and safety concerns.    Shubin alleged his client has "significant emergent cardiac issues." 

Translation: not diagnosed; no supporting medical records.

This is indeed an amusing argument, considering that his client told his story to a policeman in 2011 (who found it too crazy to be believed), then told the (bogus) story of his alleged victimization to Sara Ganim at CNN sometime in 2015, obviously re-told the story to Shubin at some point, then re-told it again while giving his deposition for the Penn State settlement.   

That's at least four re-tellings since 2011 -- but one more may just cause his client to go into cardiac arrest.

The reality here is both Shubin and his client would go into cardiac arrest if they actually had to face some real questions about the preposterous story that was conjured up about a 1971 abuse incident.

That surely didn't happen when they told it to Penn State's settlement attorneys.

Note: Other instances of dishonesty by settlement attorneys will be highlighted in an upcoming blogpost.


  1. I hope the Paterno lawyers are doing a background check on the 1971 accuser and interviewing his high school friends and his current friends and neighbors. There has to be a reason why the 1971 accuser said some of his friends abandoned him after he told them he got a settlement from Penn State.

    1. 1. I wouldn't believe anything the 1971 accuser says.

      2. The holes in his story are big enough to sail an aircraft carrier through.

      3. The person I would really love to depose is Shubin.

  2. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't John Doe 71 violate a NDA when he spoke to Ganim in 2015? And if so, doesn't that give PSU the opportunity to claw back his settlement money?

    1. Apparently in Pennsylvania it is perfectly alright to violate the confidentiality clause of a settlement agreement. Just ask Kevin Steele, the head of the PSAA who is prosecuting Bill Cosby.

    2. Ray - Cosby is suing the woman he is charged with raping to get his settlement money back because she broke the confidentiality agreement by talking to the media. Cosby should win that lawsuit on the facts.

      Cosby got very bad legal advice. He never should have given a deposition in a civil case before the statute of limitations expired for criminal prosecution. He should have just paid the settlement and avoided the deposition.

    3. Tim,
      Thanks for the information.

      I agree with your assessments of the Cosby situation.

  3. This is a great article Ray. Looks like Andrew Shubin is just another one of Pennsylvania's legion of dirtbags willing to sacrifice their integrity and humanity for under the table rewards. Andrew Shubin's fairytale is 'not credible', Sara Ganim is also 'not credible' with her published fairytales, and Cynthia Baldwin is worse yet as 'incompetent'. And Louis Freeh's fairytale "report" is also not credible because he admits it was only opinion. So what else is needed to see these people go to jail for the enormous atrocities they have committed against innocent people?

    1. Truthseeker,
      The criminal justice system in PA has been compromised and the former OAG officials worked with the folks you mentioned to falsely accuse innocent people.

      It is difficult to know where we can turn to find someone willing to investigate these individuals and bring them to justice.

    2. Thanks so much for your reply Ray, I know you are a very busy man. As you shine your light on the vermin, they scatter and lead you off into many new directions. Don't ever stop what you are doing. Because good people everywhere are inspired by your work. And this country, with so much deception from our leaders, needs to be inspired by the good in humanity, thank you.

    3. Thanks, Truthseeker.

      I am thankful that I am not alone in this fight. There are many other Penn Staters who are at this every day and won't stop until the wrongs are righted and JUSTICE IS SERVED.