Wednesday, June 22

Upon Further Review: Video and Slide Presentations

Slide presentations from the June 11th, Upon Further Review event have been posted by Eileen Morgan at March4Truth

Eileen Morgan's Presentation  (Birth of a False Narrative)

Ray Blehar's Presentation  (PSU v. PMA Settlement Case)

News coverage from KDKA

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Former Steelers running back Franco Harris continues his support of former Penn State coach Joe Paterno, and that was evident this weekend.
Harris led a group that is questioning how information from the grand jury ever got to the media. At a gathering, they played dozens of clips showing media reports of the Jerry Sandusky and Penn State sex scandal.
Eileen Morgan, a PSU graduate, believes the media got the story wrong.
“Starting with the birth of a false narrative, and then how the Penn State board of trustees maintained that false narrative, and then when the Penn State alumni and the community came together and started to fight for the truth and expose the lies,” she said.
The group focuses on what it called “misinformation” coming from a grand jury presentment that by law is inadmissible in court.
A Harrisburg attorney and PSU alum focused on the testimony of Mike McQueary that he says the grand jury never *actually* heard.
“It talks specifically about how credible they found Mike McQueary, that McQueary testified credibly, but the people who signed their names to it so to speak, had never heard him. They were given his written testimony,” said attorney Rob Tribeck.
“This is big,” Franco Harris said. “Mike McQueary never saw the sexual act. So where did they get their information? Who was feeding the press their information?”
Harris is still upset the reputation of his coach was destroyed by the story.
“We know Joe. We know the character of Joe, and we know the story. We know what Joe stands for. We know that Joe would never turn his back on a child,” he said.

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