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Ray Blehar on The Opperman Report - 7.23.2016

ICMYI:  Listen to the two hour interview here:

I talk about Sandusky's modus operandi, how he worked the system, The Second Mile, the 1998 and 2001 incidents and PSU responses, Ray Gricar, and a lot of other topics -- including NEW information.

It was a fun interview and I'm sure you'll enjoy it as much as I did.


  1. Very enjoyable interview Ray. I thought you carried yourself well and certainly showed your encyclopedic knowledge of the Sandusky's Second Mile scandal. Ed Opperman was also impressive in asking good questions. He seemed to have enough common sense to be astounded at the general lack of, or minimal legislative handling of these crimes.

    I noticed that Ed briefly brought up the "Bush" name as it relates to Points of Light and Arrow Ministries and Second Mile. Is this rumor of the wealthy pedophile elite hiding behind such charitable organizations worthy of investigation? Or do you feel that the Points of Light award to Sandusky's Second Mile is just an unfortunate coincidence that reflects a lack of knowledge on their part? In other words, where does the buck stop?

    1. US News and World Report listed the Second Mile in the 50 best run charities in the US. They did a lot of great things. They were staffed by great people. The focus of our venom should be on the two top administrators and the corporate big wigs on the executive committee. They observed or were told about Jerry's questionable behavior, and they had the Ph.D.s in child psychology (from PSU).

    2. GV: Yes, I agree The Second Mile did do a lot of good for kids. Ray has always pointed that out. The Points of Light rumor is out there however, and Ed Opperman brought it up. So I thought I'd try to get Ray to touch on the topic a bit. But as he told Ed in the interview, he has only focused on The Second Mile in his investigations. Which is how it has to be--start at the bottom and follow it up. Of course, with obvious attempts by the media and PA legislature to ignore The Second Mile and give us Paterno instead as "hate bait", one has to wonder how far up does this go? And I realize, with current federal investigations and contrived court cases like Kane's, Ray may not be able to comment on some of these questions.

    3. Greg and Truthseeker,
      First, The Second Mile helped a lot of kids, but despite the ovation from US News and World Report, it was not well run and its programs were very low impact and at a high cost.

      I suspect the Point of Light Award came about from publicity generated through Penn State's promotion of Sandusky's work with TSM and was given without in-depth evaluation (much like Sara Ganim's Pulitzer prize).

      As I pointed out in the interview, former TSM Board Member Lance Shaner had the misfortune (?) of being associated with two charities that had child sex scandals. You know what they say about lightning striking twice. I believe the facts speak for themselves that pedophiles -- rich, middle class, or poor -- are adept at using charitable and/or volunteer organizations to access kids. The Boy Scouts, the Catholic Church, youth sports organizations, and other institutions have all been infiltrated by pedophiles.

      The bottom line is that the PA government took many actions to protect The Second Mile and its wealthy board members from scrutiny. Penn State cooperated.

    4. Thanks Ray, you make a good point about the infiltration regardless of socioeconomic status. It does seem however, that the wealthy ones are able to keep themselves hidden much longer than the middle-class and lower middle-class pedophiles. People like Risa Vetri Ferman seem to selectively go after the ones that can't buy their way out of charges. I think pedophilia is a mental illness that is closely linked to sadism. And those that are afflicted with the illness seek out the most vulnerable(children)to continuously inflict damage to the human spirit. The wealthy, with this illness, actually form secret societies that enable and glorify their illness as some kind of right or entitlement. Whereas the pedophile without the financial means to continue concealing their crimes most likely lives a precarious existence knowing its just a matter of time before they are made examples of as society expresses outrage over abused children.

      So to me time is of the essence when protecting children from predators. Money buys time. As in corrupt media publishing false narratives that protect the abusers. Thus allowing more time for the abusers in positions of power. And more time means more victims. Tom Corbett is number one in the state of PA for allowing more time to pass as innocent children were abused in institutions all around PA. He wasted two terms as Attorney General and one term as Governor protecting the abusers and not the children--sickening.

      Thank you Ray for your enormous heart and courage in fighting for the children!

    5. Truthseeker,
      I have a feeling you are going to enjoy the post that summarizes my interview with Ed Opperman.

    6. Yes, these are fascinating comments. It seems that the "Bush" name is quite the topic surrounding the summary of your interview. But in response to those comments it seems some people are trying to distract and redirect the focus onto Dr. Spanier as some kind of "free love guru". Even if this nonsense were true, it would have nothing to do with Jerry's Second Mile and pedophiles. Ray, it occurred to me, if Graham Spanier was being investigated for a security clearance related to intelligence work, is it possible that Corbett and Freeh knew of this? And seeing Spanier as a threat to exposing them as connected to organized child sex trafficking, they created the false charges against him? Quite simply, did it prevented Spanier from exposing them and others such as Ken Frazier?

    7. Truthseeker,
      Emails recovered by Ryan Bagwell revealed that Freeh notified Federal authorities about the alleged emails that showed Spanier was part of an alleged cover-up. After that occurred, the Feds (OPM) pulled his security clearance.

      I don't think the comments made on Opperman's web-site were well informed. Seemed they were just running searches as topics came up.

    8. So Freeh did sabotage Spanier even before the Freeh "investigation" was finished? I know you may not be able to say, but do you think Spanier had been approached by the Feds to do some snooping into the Second Mile and their relationship to the BoT and Corbett's Attorney General's office? If Freeh caught wind of it, you know he'd want to nip that in the bud for dirty Tommy and the BoT scum. Ah, so maybe now that Spanier is slowly clearing his name, the Feds and the rest of the world can see that Louis Freeh is nothing more than the boy who cried wolf--a little lonely boy that no one listens to any longer.

    9. Truthseeker,
      On or about April 2012, Freeh was part of an email chain in which the revocation of Spanier's clearance was discussed.

      I don't think Spanier was approached by the Feds to look around TSM or do an internal investigation of the PSU BOT. Spanier served as a Higher Education consultant to the FBI. His gig is education, not investigations.

      Freeh is a hired gun -- plain and simple. You pay him the money and he gives you the result you pay for. While Freeh informed the Feds about the email evidence, OPM waited until after charges were filed to pull Spanier's clearance.

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