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Summary of My Opperman Interview

Summarizing a two hour show isn't easy.  

I'll begin by getting to the BOTTOM LINE of interview and then highlighting the evidence, including new information (or lesser reported information) that should make for an interesting read for those of you who don't have two hours to listen.  

But after you read this, you'll want to listen.

SUMMARY (starts at 100:48)
The evidence in the Sandusky case supports that former officials of the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General (OAG)  - since at least 1998 - have been involved in protecting wealthy individuals with political/financial ties to Republican Party, The Second Mile (TSM) charity and to Penn State University (PSU).   

PSU and Louis Freeh were complicit in ensuring these individuals were not touched by the scandal (pun intended). 

Among the individuals who meet the description above are former Second Mile Board Members Bruce Heim, Robert Poole, Lance Shaner, and Richard (Ric) Struthers.  These individual's ties to PSU and TSM were ignored by the Harrisburg Patriot News and by Louis Freeh.   

Because of the protection scheme, it is highly likely that the Sandusky investigation would ended without a trial had it not been for a political vendetta that former PA Governor Tom Corbett had against former  PSU President Graham Spanier.  

In order to exact the vendetta, Corbett had his AG office make a case against Spanier while making every attempt to not implicate TSM or entities of the Pennsylvania government (i.e., child protective services and the police).  

There is also a very good possibility that government officials and others made use of TSM as a child sex trafficking operation -- and that this was the prominent reason for the foot dragging on the  investigation of Sandusky.  

Finally, the porngate case revealed that some government officials were trading inappropriate and/or pornographic emails instead of investigating the Sandusky case.


The clearing of Sandusky in 1998 and the foot-dragging on the Sandusky case and the avoidance of investigating TSM in 2008 to 2011 point to Tom Corbett and his AG's office colluding to protect individuals with ties to the charity, the GOP, and Penn State.

Corbett recommended Freeh to conduct the PSU investigation of Sandusky.  Freeh's investigation did not discuss any of the business relationships you will read here, but instead mimicked the biased media reports on the  insignificant ties between PSU alumni, PSU sports and TSM.

One of those who went unreported was Robert Poole, as the Chairman of the Board of Directors at TSM who held parties at his mansion that were attended by TSM children. He is a distinguished alumnus and key donor/fundraiser for Penn State University also hosted a fund raiser for former Governor Tom Corbett.  Poole owns a construction business and had many contracts worth millions of dollars with PSU

Ric Struthers cut a $30 million dollar deal with PSU for MBNA to be the official credit card of the Penn State Alumni Association.  Struthers had a connection to Louis Freeh through his job at MBNA.  According to one alleged victim, he visited Struthers' MBNA Suite in Beaver Stadium.

Local State College businessman Bruce Heim is involved in real estate and owns The Apartment Store - the official sponsor of the (PSU) Beaver Stadium Student Section.   Heim also is a member of the ownership group of the Hilton Garden Hotel that was used by Sandusky as a private location to molest children.  Heim was involved in TSM's Friend Fitness program -- the very program Sandusky used to get his victims alone for one-on-one workouts and showering. Heim set up a similar program in the Philadelphia area at the Upper Main Line YMCA.

Lance Shaner had the unfortunate circumstance to be associated with TSM and the Hole in the Wall Gang (in Connecticut) that were both rocked by sex scandals.  GOP headquarters in Harrisburg is named for Shaner, who also is the CEO of Rex Energy (natural gas) and Shaner Hotels.  Shaner co-owns a plane with Heim, in a partnership called Charlie Brown Air

There were reports of a plane occasionally flying from State College to the Cayman's. Perhaps some of this money made it onto Charlie Brown Air and then to the Cayman's (off-shore accounts).

A less well known individual from the Philadelphia area owned a very successful corporation and also was the sponsor of a grant giving charity.  This individual donated at least $75,000 to TSM and was named an Honorary Director at one time.  

This person attended Girard College for boys in Philadelphia - a school that has had its share of sex scandals.  According to one Philadelphia writer, he had more sex as a boy at Girard than he did in college.  

All this money flowing around the charity's board members and donors, yet none of the people involved were mentioned by any major news media, while the blame was all directed at Paterno and Penn State. Why is that?

Ed Opperman's Response:  "Now that's starting to make sense.  If I've got an operation where I've got little kids and I'm handing them over to people, now you can blackmail or they're going along with it because they know you have pictures of them with little kids. Now you start getting all these contracts and building contracts.  Now, the crap hits the fan and its not coming out of my pocket cause we can take it out of Penn State.  Am I onto something?"

Me:  "Yes. Because actually in the settlements, they said -- Penn State wrote a provision in the settlements that the claimants couldn't turn around and sue Second Mile....these guys are covering themselves and they're covering their buddies."


Jerry Sandusky would identify potential victims during The Second Mile's (TSM) Summer Challenge Camp.  According to FBI expert, Ken Lanning, pedophiles may eventually develop an expertise at identifying the most vulnerable children. Sandusky would introduce himself and obtain their names, putting those names on a list.

As the founder and face of TSM, Jerry did whatever he wanted to do at the charity -- which likely included reviewing the participant records to get background information on the boys over the course of the year.  Using his research, he would narrow down and select his targets for victimization, marking those names with an asterisk and approach them at their second year of attending camp. 

After the camp was over, he reached out to them for one-on-one activities and then use a screening process based on the degree to which a child would go before rebuffing his advances.  Those who rebuffed early would still be kept around, however, Sandusky would eventually find boys who didn't resist.  Those boys ended up in long term -- almost boyfriend-girlfriend type - relationships with Sandusky until they turned about 15.  At that point they would break off relations.  Sandusky typically did not take the break ups very well and in one instance made over 60 calls to one child.  He would also write them letter to try to get them back.  

Ed Opperman:  "You mentioned how he operated.  That stuff. It's fascinating. I've never heard this before, One year he would pick the ones he wanted, do research on them, then start working on them the next year,

Me:  That's Correct.

Ed:  How did we know that.  How did that come out?

Me: Well, I'm the person that put it out, okay. But and if you read the grand jury presentment and you fill in the gaps the investigators didn't fill in -- because they weren't very good -- they put a narcotics investigator in charge of a child sex abuse investigation.

Ed: When I listen to you talk, I have my head in my hands when I listen to this.  It's amazing.   The guy, he had, he set up like a business where he could lure them in -- a huge number of them -- and whittle them down, funnel them down to the ones he wanted to victimize.

Ed: Was there any indications that he could have been sharing these kids with other pedophiles because they do have a tendency to do that right?

Me: Yeah, they do

Two other TSM donors -- who were pictured in Sandusky's book Touched -- also were involved in highly questionable activities.  

(16:40) One man pictured in Sandusky's book (Person A) grew up fatherless in Washington, Pennsylvania -- Sandusky's home town. He was not a big donor to TSM, however Sandusky's appeal revealed that he allegedly provided a used pick-up truck to victim A.M.   Person  A owns a business in New Jersey.

A.M. also was involved in an unusual transaction that included TSM's Executive Director, Dr. Jack Raykovitz giving him a grant of $1,600 (sic).   Sandusky then set up a checking account for A.M. to deposit the money.  A.M. then wrote a check to Raykovitz for $1600 (sic) for the purchase of a used Toyota Camry.  Kind of looks like money laundering.

A federal agent jokingly referred to the TSM investigation as the "Cars For Kids" case. 

Another individual (Person B) provided grants of $500 to a Sandusky victim (A.M.)  in 2001 and 2002, identical $500 grants in the same year to another TSM participant (F.P), and a grant of $290 to another victim in 2000. 

The victim who allegedly received the $290 stated he was unaware of the grant.  Moreover, A.M. stated that Sandusky showed him a stock account worth $500 and that Person B was someone Sandusky relied upon for stock advice.  

Additional investigation revealed the Sandusky served on the Compensation, Stock Option, and Audit Committee of Person B's charity.  It seems that those who believed Sandusky was no master-mind may have it wrong.  Jerry was a lot more intelligent than anyone knew.

I worked with a team of accountants and a fraud expert to determine that at least $1 million dollars per year was missing from the charity's revenues each year over a several year period. 

Without subpoena power or the ability to get search warrants, I have no idea where the money went.  It's up to law enforcement to figure it out.

Ed:  "How far have you traced it?"

Me:  "Well, as I said, you go to his book, and the one person running a charity in Philadelphia is connected to this.  The other person who has a business in New Jersey is connected to this and donating money.  Then you have political people -- judges and a senator who are all involved in the charity.  And you have two years of foot dragging by the Pennsylvania government in not investigating The Second Mile." 


(33:54) Ed: "Wasn't there a witness who saw him having anal sex with a little boy?

Me: Uh, no.

Ed:  Then what was that incident?

Me:  "Well, that was what was reported in the grand jury presentment.  As it turned out, at the trial he was acquitted of that charge because the witness said no, I really didn't see that.  The witness, Mike McQueary, has changed his story several times on what he actually saw."


 Ed: "Now there's a lot of people who think Paterno had to have known. What other instances was Paterno aware of these accusations and stuff?"

Me: Well, he's been accused of a lot of stuff, but there's only evidence of him being told one time in 2001.

Ed: "That's the only incident when Paterno was ever told about his?"

Me: "That's the only one you can corroborate."

Ed: "Give us an idea of what the other ones are like."

Me: "In 1998, that was the first investigation of Sandusky on Penn State's campus...this one's in the Freeh Report.  There are emails between Tim Curley, Gary Schultz, and the chief of police. Paterno is not on any of the emails.  There's no reference to Paterno anywhere in 1998....then you have these more recent allegations coming out of these insurance settlements.  There are not credible allegations whatsoever...they don't fit Sandusky's m.o. as an acquaintance offender who did this stuff in private....Even the insurance company said these claims don't look like the were vetted....I've read through all these depositions and I can pick out the authentic ones from the phonies immediately.  It was that easy."


 Ed: "If it's your analysis of this that these 32 cases or allegations were just people trying to get money and stuff -- am I correct in that's what you think?"

Me: "No.  No, there's actual victims -- as I said, I can go through and pick out the real ones from the fake ones pretty easy.  So I would say probably the majority are authentic victims but you just have a handful of charlatans, who, you know, showed up for a payday and they weren't weeded out. And then you have some actual victims who came in and embellished their stories to get more money.  Kind of a different class of fraud....civil suit didn't match up with what was given at the trial and anyone in the world could have looked up, especially Feinberg and Rozen who were these crack attorneys from (Washington) D.C. and they didn't figure it out.  Feinberg and Rozen...said they were just mediating financial settlements in a fair and equitable manner.  There was no vetting of these claims -- it was just a bargaining deal."

Ed: "So what's your take on this?"


Me: "Penn State, when this grand jury presentment came out, they basically get rid of Spanier and Paterno...they knew this was coming for at least six months, but they acted like they were panicked.  There's high powered lawyers on the Board of Trustees at the time they are removing Spanier and Paterno.  One of the guys names is Ken Frazier, who is the CEO of Merck and who was the General Counsel of Merck when they fought the Vioxx lawsuits.  And he fought all those individually so that they could lower out the payouts.  You have that brilliant lawyer sitting there and they fire Paterno and Spanier.  They throw the other two guys -- Curley and Schultz -- under the bus.  And according to a fair reading of the laws, these guys hadn't broken any laws.  

When they asked the head of the Board, the Vice-Chairman, who took over in a coup at the time, John Surma, what they read or how they deliberated this, he basically said they just read newspaper reports and what was in the presentment.... from that day forward, it was we fired these guys and now we're going to do everything in our power to make sure the public believes that we fired them for the right reasons. 

Ed: "And that was worth $93 million to them?"

Me: "It's more than that. It's like $200 million when you consider all the legal costs involved.  They paid the NCAA $60 million that they didn't have to pay them because they knew there were no NCAA violations in January of 2012.  I actually have personal notes of then-President Rod Erickson.  There's a page of his notes that says they haven't found any NCAA violations. None were ever found....If you read the emails back and forth at the NCAA, they're saying we got nothing.  These are outside the statute of limitations to fine Penn State.  

But low and behold, what did Penn State say?  ...fine us $60 million...and what's this based on?  The Freeh Report which also doesn't say anything.

So there's this series of events -- and all of these decisions -- the firing of Paterno, the removal of Spanier, the acceptance of the Freeh Report, the acceptance of the NCAA Consent Decree, taking down Paterno's statue -- none of these things were done by a vote of the Board.  These were all unilateral decisions made by one person or a small group of people.

Ed: "What is your reason for that?  Because I can only see a couple of reasons for that.  One would be extreme incompetence."

Me: "Rule that one out."

Ed: "The other would be to cover-up.  They want to cover up something bigger."

Me:  "That's correct.  I believe your on to something there, Ed." 

(go to 70:24 to listen to the rest, where we talk about the 1998 incident, DA Ray Gricar, the recent arrest of Christopher Lee on pornography charges, and the financial relationships between PSU Alumni, U.S. Steel, Merck, and The Second Mile).


  1. The big question; Does anyone out there have both the will required and the political capital ready to spend necessary to bust these assholes? Last thing I heard on the TSM pedophile ring was that they were way too wealthy, powerful, and well-connected to ever be charged with their crimes; i.e., they're too big to fail.

    1. ummmm....I meant too big to jail.

    2. The federal government may not have the will to send this mob of organized child abusers and fraudsters to jail, time will tell. But they have the money. And it's our money. We must demand that our money be spent to punish these psychopaths for their crimes against children and their crimes against the people of Pennsylvania. If we don't, then these corporations will continue their assault on our children while paying to hide it with our money. WE must have the will to see that these insane abusers are punished under the law.

  2. Thanks for this summary Ray. I listened carefully to the two hour interview, but this will get the new information out their for those that can't take the time to hear the two hour show.

    Oh BTW, on your last blog topic that provided the link to your interview, I misunderstood your comment to me. I thought you were saying that I would enjoy the comments attached to the summary that the Opperman radio show site provides of the interview. I didn't realize you were telling me that you were also preparing a summary of the interview. For anyone that hasn't read that other summary, the comments are quite interesting. Anyway Ray, your summary is far more in-depth and must have taken a lot of time to put together--great job!

    1. Thanks, Truthseeker.

      Yes, it took some time to write that, especially picking and choosing what would make it in.

      I found that the commenters on Opperman's web-site didn't have much knowledge of the case. For example, one of them didn't know Aaron Fisher prefers to be called by his name (and not Victim 1). Another person was talking about Jerry taking kids all over campus.

      Hopefully, it was an educational experience for them.

  3. Ray,

    As usual, great summary. We all appreciate your continued work on this and hope it pays off with some other than your readers finding out the truth.

    One question, though, I googled Christopher Lee and other than the fact that he's from PA don't see a tie to any of the Penn State things. Am I missing something?

    1. Lee's tie-ins to PSU are through ex-trustee Anne Riley. Lee was accused and later convicted of possessing and distributing child porn and (I believe) is still awaiting trial on charges of sexually abusing docents at the Boal Mansion Museum were he was a curator of some sort. Some years ago, Lee was in a relationship of some kind with Anne Riley while she was a schoolteacher and she was known to allow Lee to enter her classroom and handpick boys that he wanted as docents at the museum. FWIW, it's unknown if any of Riley's pupils were victims of Lee, but there's no doubt she did put her students in harm's way, perhaps knowingly, perhaps not. Anne Riley is the daughter of Ridge Riley, a writer and publisher on Penn State football who was an extremely close friend of Joe Paterno. In fact, Anne's father, Ridge Riley, died in Joe's arms on the kitchen floor of Joe and Sue's home on McKee St of a heart attack. Anne Riley sat on the board at the Boal Mansion and was also an alumni-elected trustee at Penn State at the inception of the Sandusky scandal and repaid Joe's friendship to her father by participating in his firing as well as Graham Spanier's.

    2. Chris Lee may have been part of a bigger network of pedophiles in Centre County. The interesting thing was that Ray Gricar went missing two weeks after Lee was arrested in 2005.

    3. It seem very speculative to imply that Chris Lee's arrest had something to do with Ray Gricar's disappearance. Any evidence that links the two events?

    4. Tim,
      The timeline is the obvious linkage. Lee was arrested for molesting kids and two weeks later, Gricar went missing.

      There is other circumstantial evidence that I won't get into at this time. As I stated in my interview, I might look at the Gricar case after I finish with the Sandusky case.

  4. The first part of the summary was really good...after that it got a little speculative and was totally lacking in physical evidence. Your comment about skimming money probably gave the folks in Vegas a good laugh. TSM in a porn ring?...I don't think so. It was a cash cow bringing big bucks into Centre County. Financial entanglements and multiple board memberships of executives are rather common, but certainly can be explored for possible motives for misbehavior.

    After Frank Fina used the fraudulent presentation and the Janitor Hoax to paint a picture of a child being pinned against a wall, any possibility of a rational analysis of the facts went out the window. In my opinion, this was criminal misconduct, and he should be hit hard.(But why did he do this when it was sooo easy to get people to commit perjury??)

    I was a little taken back by your kid's gloves treatment of Matt Sandusky. Based upon paparazzi Ziegler's interviews of people close to Matt and Aaron Fisher, I believe that enough evidence exists to categorize them as pathological liars.

    You did a decent job of castigating Shubin, Klein, et al. You just didn't hit them hard enough. The fraud in the scripts they wrote is so egregious that a child of twelve could pick them apart. Just read the scripts, my boy, and I'll get you the money. If questioned, use the ruse of these horrible memories suddenly coming back.

    At least you are staying on target. The folks at PS4RS seem to have taken a half nelson on a galloping goose over the BOT election, as if it matters what crook gets elected as chairman.

    1. GV: Why do you find it hard to believe that the Second Mile(founded by pedophile Jerry Sandusky)was not an avenue for Jerry and others to acquire boys for sexual abuse? You incorrectly categorize it as a "porn ring" which could mean they made adult films which has never been the suspicion. That's like calling the Diocese clergy pedophile scandal a "porn ring". It's not, it's an avenue for mentally ill priests to abuse unsuspecting children who's parents placed their trust in the church. Saying that the Second Mile was a front for making child pornography would be a stretch also. And Ray, working for an intelligence agency, has never said that. But Ray does say 1 million a year went missing or was undocumented at Second Mile.

      A pedophile founder, shredder trucks converging on the place, an absurd media effort to distract us with celebrity "hate bait"(Paterno), an entire corrupt Corbett cabinet putting 2 innocent men in "wanted posters" on television, and then Louis the Liar takes care of destroying the other two innocent men(Paterno, and Spanier)in a live televised international broadcast. And all this just for a simple 'relatively common financial entanglement' and 'cash cow' which can only be described as 'misbehavior' at Second Mile? As Ray states, over 200 million dollars of student's money spent to cover up simple 'misbehavior'? No, I don't think so.

    2. I find anything lacking physical evidence hard to believe. I tend to require hard data to back up conclusions, and even there require critical peer review.

      As to the other points, I think that I often used the words FRAUD, criminal misconduct, suborning perjury, and extortion to describe the actions of several people. Matt Sandusky dragging an innocent ex coach (O'Dea) into a deposition to get a payout is a CRIMINAL act. Maybe Shubin wrote the script, but Matt went right along showing the kind of scum he is.

      I am also dismayed by the weak Paterno response to the latest allegations. Sometimes you have to be brave and strong to protect innocent people from being damaged. They were not, and James Franklin and his staff had to suffer the consequences.

    3. Gregory,
      The rule of all scandals is to follow the money. There is no evidence that TSM was sharing money with Centre County or that any donations benefited the local economy. It was the other way around -- TSM used the local economy to fill its coffers.

      There are material amounts of money missing based on documented evidence (records from TSM and the IRS) that is unexplained. To say there is no physical evidence is simply incorrect.

      Next, there is evidence in Sandusky's PCRA that donors were providing cars and money to these kids -- who were NO LONGER part of TSM. Again, physical evidence in court documents that is backed up by records from the IRS. Did you miss that part?

      Moreover, isn't it interesting that the media has no interest in surfacing the information on the backgrounds of these individuals and their ties to Sandusky.

      The reason Fina used the janitor incident -- and the 2001 exaggeration -- was that the Sandusky prosecution was being used to convict PSU in the court of public opinion. While Frank Fina got several witnesses to lie, Matt Sandusky wasn't one of them. Perhaps you are unaware that Matt didn't testify at the trial.

      As for Matt Sandusky and Aaron Fisher, I find the narratives given by a few dubious individuals to be quite unconvincing. You may or may not be aware, but the young man who that the tattoos on his hands recanted what he said about Aaron five days after his video aired. Aaron's neighbor didn't provide much of a compelling argument about Fisher being untruthful. The fact is that JERRY Sandusky corroborated Aaron's initial report of abuse -- up to the point of having sexual contact.

      As for Matt, the people who have spoken against him -- primarily Jerry and Dottie Sandusky are completely unreliable witnesses with obvious reasons to lie. As I noted in the interview, Sandusky's book Touched reveals a lot of information, some of it that proves Jerry and Dottie can't keep their lies straight.

      Conversely, Matt's book recounts many instances of Jerry exerting control over him by using the system. Those instances are, in fact, corroborated by information on the public record.

      If you read Matt's book, he essentially stated that O'Dea didn't know what he observed and took it to be horsing around. I agree that Shubin portrayed the situation differently, as did the other attorneys involved in the settlements. It is clear that the attorneys provided their version of events to PMA on the intake forms and that their clients were asked to verify them. In Matt's case, he corrected the record on what was actually observed.

      Finally, I couldn't care less about the whining of James Franklin, however to put the blame on the Paterno's after Jay's very strong response seems to reveal you are not aware of the full facts on the public record -- so do the rest of your arguments.

      You previously argued that Occam's Razor applies to this case. Yes, it does -- and when you test the simplest theory of the case (a PSU cover up) -- it fails. A more complex theory is at play here and it involves TSM (as evidenced by the Commonwealth's attempt to prosecute this case without implicating the charity).

    4. Thank you for defending your thesis. I don't buy into it at this time primarily because if all of this data existed, there would be multiple court cases afoot and charges against C/S/S would have been tossed ages ago. You've had four years of "no stone un-turned" Kathleen Kane and not a peep about the existence of any of this evidence. In fact, she seems to have followed Frank Fina and the Corbett cabal in keeping hands off TSM. Even Molton was told to stay away.

      Matt and Aaron had no legitimate claims against PSU, yet they went for the money and did so in a fraudulent manner. Matt's siblings say he is lying, and that influenced me because siblings usually defend each other voraciously. Aaron's best friend's statements (the one he almost killed) influenced me the most. I don't think the full story about what went on at Central Mountain HS is even close to being complete, and until this case is investigated properly, it will never be.

      The fact that O'Dea was at Virginia when Matt claims the incident occurred sounds an alarm.

    5. GV - Aaron Fisher had a case against PSU since he was recently abused, and Sandusky was convicted for his abuse.

      Matt Sandusky never testified and his abuse was beyond the statute of limitations. Matt had no legal claim against PSU. I'm not sure why PSU paid Matt and the other old claims.

      The only good news about the old claims is that they were comparatively small. The insurance company claimed that settlements in the 14 old claims totaled about $4 million.

    6. Jerry got access to Aaron from Central Mountain High and from Dawn Fisher who used the Sandusky's as a free babysitting service. CMH even let Jerry take Aaron out of class without Dawn's permission. This happened 5 years after Jerry retired. Where is the nexus to PSU??

    7. Gregory,
      You obviously haven't been paying attention to what has happened in PA over the last four years and apparently pay more attention to rumors/erroneous reports than you do to the facts.

      1. To say that PA would be prosecuting these cases when it NEVER prosecuted anyone from TSM -- even after TSM admitted it endangered children is nonsense. PA's corrupt justice system only goes after individuals for political reasons. The PSU 3 and Kane are prime examples of it.

      2. Kane's first deputy, Bruce Castor, recently announced TSM is being investigated. It took Kane a few years to figure out most of the prosecutors in her office were corrupt and that's why Castor is now her first deputy.

      3. PSU rolled out the red carpet for the victims to get money. Direct your anger at PSU, not Fisher or Matt. BTW, in Matt's case, he had to be convinced by his wife to take the money.

      4. It was PMA's attorney who got the year wrong in the legal filing, stating the incident occurred in 1998. Matt stated his abuse started in 1988 and continued until 1996 -- certainly covering the time O'dea was at PSU. Also, as I noted, Matt said the coach who observed him wasn't aware of what Jerry was doing because of deception.

      5. Matt's adopted brother Jeff supported him at the outset. Jeff also went on record to state that Matt never came home from the trial and said he could lie just like the person who testified that day.

      6. Please provide some legitimate evidence to back your claim that his adopted brothers and sister say he's lying. I must have missed those reports -- but I don't think so. Also, Jon Sandusky may have been the person from the Eagles who attempted to bribe Fisher with football tickets. Why bribe someone if Jerry is innocent?

      7. Interesting that a statement from someone who almost died because of getting in an accident with Fisher -- and who certainly might harbor some resentment toward Fisher -- influenced you the most. What influenced me the most that Fisher wasn't lying about being abused was JERRY admitting he was in bed with Aaron. Just like Jerry admitting to Bob Costas that he didn't seek out every boy he came in contact with for sex.

      8. We agree PSU isn't responsible for Jerry's actions, but neither were any of the parents who were fooled by Jerry. Most of the blame in this case belongs to TSM for letting him have unfettered access to children. CMHS to a lesser extent for letting him have free reign on school grounds.

    8. The PSU 3 and Kane all have Fina's filthy paw marks over what did I miss?

      If I am not wrong, O'Dea, Schiano, and Bradley denied seeing anything. I guess that I have to choose who to believe...them or Matt and Mike (or is it Shubin?).

      You seemed to posit that an operation involving embezzlement and child trafficing was going on at TSM. A million bucks a year is a lot to skim and go unnoticed even by Vegas standards. I just can't buy that one.

      Ziegler claims to have talked with Matt's siblings. I only saw one interview, but he claims they say Matt is lying. Given the time John has spent with the Sanduskys, I tended to give that credence. I never heard the one about Matt saying that he could lie like Victim (4?) and get rich. The Jon reference is pure speculation and is below the standard I expect from you.

      Now Aaron Fisher...the guy who stayed overnight at his friends house and watched porn and masterbated, claimed he had sex with 300 women, was probably sexually involved with a 15/16 year old girl, and was physically capable of sending old Jer to the OR. He claims (or Shubin writes)that Jerry supplied him with pot and that Jerry gave him 100 blow jobs. Really????

      If Jerry is a Michael Jackson type boy lover, which I think is the case, I am skeptical about oral or anal sex. Jerry didn't actually sleep with the boys like MJ did and he didn't have the pedophile's dream Neverland Ranch, but everything else seems isomorphic. MJ likely had some help in locating 12 and 13 year olds from disfunctional families. Nice to have money! I guess that they call the cuddly, touchy-feely things they did "spooning" or something like that. We just call it a lewd act with a child.

    9. Gregory,
      Matt Sandusky didn't accuse anyone of seeing anything. I read his deposition and his book. NBC incorrectly reported what was actually said.

      I invite you to look at TSM's books. They're all on the public record and if you can do math, you'll be able to figure it out. Good luck.

      As for the adopted children, most of them support Jerry, however none that I know of are calling any of the victims liars.

      The family statement was interesting...

      The Fisher's reported someone from the Eagles named "John" offered them tickets. So, Gregory, do you believe the Eagles ticket office makes it a practice to call housing projects in Lock Haven PA to SELL football tickets. Or do you believe that Jon Sandusky might have been trying to help out Ol Jer?

      Aaron Fisher. Yes, was involved with a 15 year old girl whose family filed a protective order. Yes, boys have been known to masterbate and brag about sexual exploits. Physically capable of harming Jerry Sandusky -- not likely. Fisher is hardly physically imposing. Never heard anything about Jerry supplying him with pot. But what does any of this have to do with anything???

      I don't think it's hard to figure out what followed blowing raspberries on boy's stomachs....oral sex.

      Thanks for your comments, Gregory. Always a pleasure to exchange information with you.

    10. Gregory - Aaron Fisher can claim that PSU failed to report Sandusky in 2001, which then allowed Sandusky to abuse him years later.

      It seems that Mike McQueary told a very different story in 2001 than in court, and PSU was not legally required to report in 2001 even if they suspected abuse. Yet due to the lies by Fina, Kelly, Corbett, Noonan and others, PSU has already been convicted in the court of public opinion. Aaron Fisher would have almost assuredly won a lawsuit against PSU.

      PSU didn't want the bad publicity and costs of a lawsuit, didn't want Freeh's documents aired in court and didn't want to gamble Fisher would win less in court than he got in the settlement.

  5. Ray - Didn't Centre County CYS have contracts with Second Mile? CYS and DPW certainly had reasons not to want Sandusky exposed as a child abuser who operated under their noses for over 30 years. That seemed obvious from the botched 1998 investigation. The Attorney General's office has oversight over children's charities so they also wanted a scapegoat.

    Fina seems like a prosecutor who didn't mind acting unethically or even breaking the law to get a conviction. Curley and Schultz contradicted McQueary so had to be removed as defense witnesses by trumping up charges against them, even though they did nothing illegal under 2001 laws.

    1. Tim,
      Yes, Centre County was sending kids to Raykovitz for counseling. Read Matt's book because what went on there seems unethical and perhaps criminal (continued endangerment of children).

      Fina was recently chastised by the PA Supreme Court for deceiving a grand jury judge. He appears to be very unethical.

  6. I commend both Blehar and Ziegler for their exhaustive research. This case is such a tangled web we may never know the truth. One thing I do know is I HATE the media in this country. The constitutional right of freedom of the press is being totally abused.