Wednesday, August 24

Franco: Always Remember Who WE ARE...


We will never surrender to lies, no matter how long they continue to flow.

We have faced a struggle that none of us could ever have imagined; they have attacked our culture and taken down our wall and the damage done is incalculable....and a lot of people paid the price.

Remember Who WE ARE...

It’s not been easy but our belief in Joe, in our culture and in each other has never wavered.

Joe was a visionary, a pioneer, a teacher and a coach and he had faith in all of us. The culture that Joe created and gave to us

was for each of us to embrace in our own way and in our own time. It wasmeant to impact our journey beyond Penn State.

Now it’s up to us, Penn Staters, to take back our history. On September 16th, when we are celebrating Joe’s first victory, I will place a brick on the vacant space where our wall once stood. We must remember our history and honor it. It is our history and cannot be erased.

Always Remember Who WE ARE...

Franco Harris ‘72


  1. We cannot forgive and forget actions occurring in the present time.

    1. Ah, but we can. Because what we know as the 'present' is actually evolving and existing simultaneously with what we know as the past and the future. For example, as I presently type these words, do they become the past or do they become the future? Because I'm thinking into the future as I type, then these words could dictate the future and at the same time they become the past. So Jesus was trying to teach us that what we think, say and do, if it is truth, is timeless. Forgiveness is truth and can be used to overcome evil in humanity.