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by Barry Bozeman

PART 1 of Not So Common Threads Series

Politics & Religion are touchy subjects when it comes to attempts at unity. That is why I have waited some time to publish this entry. At this point, it has become difficult to see any downside in discussing the connections involved in this series. 

The following "Not So Common Threads" essays consider connections that have not been explored. These connections may be evident to some and less obvious to others. Did certain political interests see Graham Spanier and Penn State climate scientists as an impediment to their plans?  What role did religion play with Louis Freeh when he was hired to do harm to the credibility of your university using the accusations against its football coach, President, and culture? 


My opinion of Opus Dei has been strongly influenced by the film The Breach - about Louis Freeh's FBI and Agent Robert Hansen and The Da Vinci Code with albino numerary assassin Silas and his mentor/handler head of Opus Dei - Bishop Manuel Aringarosa. 

LATE ADDITION: I should have mentioned the Norman Mailer penned MASTER SPY: THE ROBERT HANSSEN STORY a four hour tour-de-force with William Hurt as Hanssen. That time scope gives far more detail concerning Hanssen's strange conviction of his 'intellectual superiority' redeemed he says by his wife who made him convert to Catholicism and pushed him into Opus Dei when she discovered his treason. 

I was introduced to OPUS DEI through those films and once introduced I read as much as I could online about Opus Dei - most of it confirmed my impressions gained from the films 

Opus Dei members have been described as Priests without parishes and vows of celibacy, the most devout of Roman Catholics who seek to do everything in the name of Christ while going through normal daily life in a variety of professions. Robert Hanssen is shown visiting his Priest with his wife and becoming Opus Dei to atone for his "sin" of accepting money for secrets from the Russians.

The scenes of daily life in the Hanssen household -gleaned from family members and visitors are eerie. Hanssen scoffs at a female FBI agent in a pantsuit saying women should wear skirts. He attends Mass daily, prays the Rosary at his office crucifix but secretly videotapes sex with his wife and shares the tapes with a friend in the military. A local strip club and the Catholic Bookstore are common stops and he takes a stripper with him to Hong Kong and purchases a Mercedes for her but never takes her to bed. 

While betraying his country, Hanssen was a devoted to Opus Dei. With the Soviet money, Hanssen put his children through Opus Dei-approved private schools. Hanssen believed that his children “might in the future be part of a holy war that would merge God and country, whose leaders would then ban abortion, divorce and other evils of the world that he and Opus Dei opposed.”   

Opus Dei is known as "the Work of God" or "the Work". FBI Director Louis Freeh is known to be close to Opus Dei. According to Rev Robert Bucciarelli Opus Dei Priest.  Freeh’s children attend Opus Dei schools and Freeh knows Opus Dei members like former Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia as members of the Work. Scalia’s wife is reported to be an Opus Dei member. So membership and affiliation with Opus Dei is a serious commitment central to the daily lives and worldview of adherents. 

How Freeh's Opus Dei Affiliation Fits 

We all know how this came to be known as the "PENN STATE" Scandal. The Surma co-opted BOT accepted a Presentment by AG Linda Kelley, now known to be a bald-faced lie, as unassailable truth. There are other acts of treason in history that rival 11/9/11, but few so clear cut and egregious as the BOARD OF TRAITORS breach of fiduciary duty represented by that decision. 

We came to learn why John Surma did it.THE SURMA VENDETTA and THE SURMA VENDETTA PART II. None among us can find a valid reason why Surma should not have recused himself from that decision instead of leading the drive to dismiss Joe Paterno after learning of this clear conflict of interest. 

We know about Tom Corbett's UNCOMMONLY COMPLETE CONFLICTS OF INTEREST and why Corbett and his appointees should have recused themselves or supported Spanier and Paterno as the two individuals who could have commanded enough respect to make the media and the public aware of the facts in the face of AG Kelley's sensationally erroneous presentment and the media tsunami that engulfed Penn State.  

We were even made fully aware of how Louis Freeh was inflicted on Penn State in just one week after that Nov 9, 2011 disaster. A mere 4 hours of interviews of only 2 candidates by the CORBETT, SURMA, FRAZIER, TOMALIS & BALDWIN team were revealed on SMSS. 

        WHAT I MISSED IN NOV. 2011.  

But I missed an article in ESQUIRE that wondered:  
What the choice of former FBI director, Opus Dei running buddy, and cutthroat careerist Louis Freeh to lead Penn State's investigation into itself as regards the Sandusky scandal would come to mean to the people involved. 
It all depends on two factors the writer mused:
1) How often Freeh's finely rehearsed performance-art public morality comes into play; and 
2) What result will be best for Louis Freeh, secular saint, and avenging angel?

As it has turned out Freeh based his entire finding on his self-serving moral superiority. He now admittedly, had no evidence to support his conclusions. It was the "failed culture at Penn State" and an "omnipotent head football coach" indicted and skewered in the court of public opinion over a mere 2 email fragments mentioning "coach"

The Esquire writer now seems downright prophetic with his observations. Freeh pocketed 8.2 million Penn State dollars for trashing the university as a failed culture without ever having to interview the key witnesses to the charges he made or any requirement to justify his results. Freeh was all moral outrage hat with no evidence cattle. 
As Esquire points out: 
"Freeh has a long history of Opus Dei morality. He was the cilice around Bill Clinton's upper thigh because Freeh disapproved of a president having non-Vatican-endorsed sexy time with a young woman. Freeh's FBI railroaded Wen Ho Lee because Freeh was convinced that the Clintons played loose with national security secrets because of Chinese political contributions. Another charge with no basis in fact. 

In 2005, Freeh wrote a book explaining how he, the righteous moralist Louis Freeh, stood alone against all enemies, foreign and domestic. He absolved the FBI of involvement in the framing not only of Lee, whom Freeh still believed to be guilty of espionage, but of Richard Jewell, the innocent man Freeh fingered as the 1996 Olympic Park bomber. 
Freeh was perfect for the heavily Corbett influenced Special Investigation Task Force - an Opus Dei affiliate out to eviscerate non-priest child molesters and redeem the moral standing of his Church in the wake of decades of priest pedophiles. Joe, Graham, Tim and Gary never had the chance for a fair unbiased investigation by this angry righteous Opus Dei scold. A PSU version of Tomas de Torquemada, Freeh would have preferred the rack and wheel ending with a burning stake.   

Freeh's investigation could not be his preferred inquisition but the report would be his sermon as avenging angel striking back against the priest pedophiles who besmirched the reputation of his church. The Spotlight on pedophilia in the Roman Catholic Priesthood was focused by The Boston Globe, Mea Maximum Culpa, Deliver Us From Evil  and the tidal wave of stories across the country exposing priests who were pedophiles.                               CONTINUED BELOW

Louis Freeh was understandably upset as he attended mass with fellow Opus Dei adherent Robert Hanssen - the worst spy in US History. Freeh would do almost anything to turn attention away from Hanssen or his church. Corbett gave Freeh the perfect opportunity. Freeh could focus national attention even more on Paterno, Dr. Spanier, and Penn State. 

Corbett demanded that Freeh work with his Attorney General. This was never an "independent" investigation - it was designed from the start to reinforce the Presentment and the case of the Commonwealth.  Simply read the bottom paragraph in this email from Corbett's hand-picked SITF member Ron Tomalis telling of the Governor's desire to have Freeh working hand in hand with the Attorney General.  

"I talked with the Governor this afternoon re the Attorney General and our approach about having the outside firm talk directly with that office. He strongly agreed with the approach and added that he had already discussed the role of the committee with her........." 

It doesn't get more direct than that. In fact, it is amazing that such an email exists. Here the Governor's man on the SITF writes it down. The Governor is so involved with this case he is discussing the role of the so-called "independent investigator" with the Attorney General and having that "outside firm" work directly with her. 

Since when is it appropriate for a sitting Governor to plan the prosecution of cases with the Attorney General using a fake 'outside independent investigator' paid 8.2 million by the institution he is framing? There is some kind of warped unbelievable genius in that subterfuge. Corbett wanted Freeh to work directly with his hand-picked Attorney General. That should result in criminal charges of undue influence. 

Ron Tomalis was Corbett's hand-picked Special Advisor on Education. A man with no experience in teaching who oversaw drastic cuts to public and higher education while championing school vouchers that benefited private (religious) schools. Tomalis as Vice Chair along with Chairman Ken Frazier arranged the selection of Freeh on behalf of Corbett and sealed the fate of PSU, Spanier, Schultz, Curley, and Coach Paterno right after removing Joe and Graham from the board on 11/9/11 using John Surma.  

It is impossible to overstate the control exercised by Tom Corbett in the defamation of Joe Paterno and Graham Spanier. Corbett set out to cut Penn State funding and get rid of President Spanier because:
  • Spanier was an effective voice for funding for Penn State
  • Corbett thought Spanier was supporting his opponent 
  • Corbett's fossil fuel industry supporters disliked Penn State climate scientists and 
  • Blaming Penn State diverted attention from Corbett supporters at The Second Mile. 

Criticism of Opus Dei includes allegations of secretiveness, controversial recruiting methods, strict rules governing members, elitism, misogyny, and support of or participation in authoritarian right-wing governments; especially the Francoist Government of Spain until 1978. Mortification of the flesh practiced by some OD members is bizarre. Even within the Church, Opus Dei is criticized for seeking 
influence, independence, and extremism. 

This Freeh OPUS DEI connection brings us to Rick Santorum. In 2002 Senator Santorum sponsored Jerry Sandusky for the honor of "Congressional Angel in Adoption,"  Even Santorum was fooled by Sandusky enough to sponsor the Second Mile founder 2 years after Joe Paterno parted company with him. Surely a US Senator has methods of vetting those chosen to receive such a high honor. Even with his connections in Pennsylvania, nobody warned him that Sandusky might have exhibited questionable behavior? 

In 2012 fellow OPUS DEI affiliate Louis Freeh's high-minded moralizing brought sanctions against  Santorum's alma mater by denouncing the failure of Joe Paterno to stop a predator he had no authority to stop in 2001 when Sandusky was a Second Mile employee not under Joe's supervision or control. 

Santorum's alma mater was paying the price for Freeh's moral outrage. An irony that is hard to miss in the world of "family values" where a dedicated family man and "success with honor" coach was forced to bear the cross of Freeh's fervor. One can only imagine the internal agony suffered in the short time between his public disgrace and death. 

Rick Santorum was the one prominent PA politician in a position to offer support to Penn State and Paterno. But this is all he could do for Joe and his Alma Mater?
 "Look, I pray and hope that he [PSU coach Joe Paterno] didn't do anything he shouldn't have done, but it certainly looks horrible for the university, horrible for the football program and obviously people were fired, should be fired.
It was Rick Santorum who chose to honor Sandusky in 2002. Joe was done with Jerry back in 1999. Santorum managed to come to the defense of the man he knew was all about family values and "success with honor this once", but after that Santorum's messages were a mixed best. 

Freeh and Santorum even attend the same church. What effect did that have on Rick Santorum's mixed message stand ? What effect did the pedophile priest scandal have on Louis Freeh? Connections between Opus Dei and The Second Mile - are there any.? 


The worst spy in American history was former FBI Soviet expert Robert Hanssen and Hanssen was not only Opus Dei, he attended Mass with Louis Freeh on the day of his arrest as a member of the same church. 

St. Catherine of Great Falls, Virginia claims 3,400 parishioners. "Justice Antonin Scalia attend Mass there with the head of the NRA and former FBI director Louis Freeh. FBI agent Robert Hanssen—arrested after attending Mass. And Rick Santorum attended Mass there nearly every day."  

Hanssen is imprisoned in complete isolation at the Super-Max facility in Florence, Colorado.

Joe Paterno was an iconic family man and molder of young men in his care as a coach and it's difficult to understand why Freeh felt compelled to attack him so viciously based on such flimsy "evidence" But in order to detach the pedophile tag from priests in his church and tie it  to Penn State, Joe had to be involved along with Graham Spanier because they were the most identifiable faces of Penn State. Freeh owed his selection to Corbett - he had to earn that 8.2 million by reinforcing the Corbett case against Penn State. 



  1. This is an excellent article that addresses a topic that is very difficult for some people to even acknowledge. There is a word that comes to mind that is missing in this article---hyperreligiosity. This word describes religious dysfunction, or abnormal, secretive and destructive actions justified by a delusional relationship with one's religious beliefs.

    One of the most dishonest and destructive practices that is associated with hyperreligiosity is a delusional "the end justifies the means" approach to gaining converts. And this delusion of conversion by any means is seen by someone with hyperreligiosity as their divine and anointed duty to deceive the masses. These people and their twisted pathological secret cults, like Opus Dei, stage traumatic events to try and influence public perception of so-called secular institutions. Public schools, universities, government activities, and society in general become the targets of these staged violent and/or decadent events. They are contrived and unethical shows put on by these cults to make it look as though public institutions and our government are devoid of a Christian God. And in keeping with these shows, other religions such as Islam are scapegoated for the violence. And the goal is we will all be frightened enough by these dishonest purveyors of lies and intolerance to embrace the pathology of their hyperreligiosity.

    Mass shootings at schools, universities, churches, and gay bars are shamelessly staged by these sick cults to deceive and frighten us into embracing God. The transgender hysteria is also being generated by these same cults to frighten our so-called secular society towards God.

    A lie is a lie, and I don't believe God wants people brought to him through fear generated by lies. I believe God wants us brought to him with peace, tolerance, and the truth. And this is not the job that sick men like Louis Freeh can handle. It's a work that only God can perform through the hearts of those that tell, seek, and embrace the truth.

    Deception is the mark of the beast. And God wants no congregation built upon that deception. No matter how large that congregation may be, God desires no hearts brought to him through lies and falsely induced fear.

    1. That's one of the best comments ever placed on SMSS Truthseeker - thank you for that insight.

    2. Thank you Barry for the inspiration! And thanks to both you and Ray for this blog which I believe serves to move us all towards the truth.

  2. I think you are correct that the Esquire article really knew Freeh's MO that Freeh did what was best for Freeh, especially lining his pockets with millions in Penn State money.

    I really would like to see Freeh on the witness stand and asked basic questions, such as how much of the Freeh Report he actually wrote and how much input the Attorney General's office had. I wouldn't be surprised if the parts of the Freeh Report on Curley, Schultz and Spanier were written by the Attorney General's office. The Spanier grand jury presentment is very similar to the Freeh report.

    "Performance-art public morality" was in play before Freeh got involved with Governor Corbett and his hand-picked State Police Commissioner, Frank Noonan, accusing Paterno and McQueary of a moral failure. Of course, Corbett and Noonan were huge hypocrites because they failed, both morally and professionally, to stop Sandusky from abusing more boys while they, oh so slowly, investigated him.

  3. LMAO after reading this. The ultimate conspiracy theory based upon the twisted depiction of Opus Dei in "The DaVinci Code". The superlative lampooning of the moral failures of Freeh and the Corbett Cabal. Faustus, King Leer, MacBeth, Agamemnon...thy names are Corbett and Freeh. It will be only through the mercy of God that these men escape the fires of Hell.

    Many of the Catholic Bishops who were demonized acted on advice from psychologists and attorneys. Judging their actions from what we know 40-50 years later is a total injustice. Kathlene Kane wrote a hit piece on the Altoona Diocese that was as distorted as the Freeh report. Of course, if a Catholic priest is suspected of child abuse, it makes national news, while the youth minister at the local church who left town "to pursue other interests" might get a blurb in the local town rag.

    Climate change? The one constant in the 4.5 billion year history of the earth is that climate changes. We have been on a steady temperature increase since the last ice age. Some is due to the activities of man, and some is due to variances in solar activity, volcanic activity, and increases in water vapor, which is a far more potent microwave chromophore than carbon dioxide. And unless China and other developing countries abandon their plans for coal fired generating plants, I'm afraid that we are on a run away train.

    1. GEE Gregory - if you loved this that much the next installment will really trip your trigger. Glad to see someone got a kick out of this.

    2. I'm licking my chops like a hungry blue tick coon dog! I love a good story. I worked at Oak Ridge NL for 3 years, and still get back there for at least a week every year. Love the Smokies. My best friend went to MTSU, but all of his siblings and kids went to UT. I get enveloped by orange! He had a band called KnoxVegas that did a lot of gigs for awhile. When I left, Bill Battle was head coach (loved the guy, but UT alums didn't, and even had a moving van sent to his house), "Delta Dawn" was the signature piece of the UT Band (I only heard them perform "Rocky Top" once), Anderson County was dry, and the Pellissippi Parkway was just completed. Driving SR 62 from Oak Ridge to Knoxville on Friday or Saturday night was an adventure!

    3. i lived in the Atomic City - just over the Roane County line on Newport while my wife taught art at ORHS. But that was sometime after your departure. I left Knoxville the first Tuesday in Nov 1972 despite my lucky high lottery number. I recall KnoxVegas - my brother was a drummer for several UT area bands 68-72. Some history of 1970 can be found here
      Alex Harvey's Delta Dawn album was on the playlist at the Heartbreak Hotel in Morin Heights with Jesse Winchester & what eventually became the Amazing Rhythm Aces. drop and email to aurabass AT gmail Dot Com if you want to see some pictures

  4. Wow! You've been hittin' the Dan Brown literature a little too hard there, Barry. I personally think that Corbett et al. stole a page out of the Boston Globe playbook. They weren't even original enough to think it up on their own. Using the American justice system as your goon to shake down an institution remotely associated with someone who committed a criminal act for fun & profit is all the rage these days. PSU and the church have more in common in this manner than you might think. And Opus Dei targeting a good Catholic like Paterno just to punish 'someone else' (ie: PSU) for what reason? So the church won't look so bad? Really?

    Don't get me wrong, I don't think either of those situations are connected except by the similar strategies employed. Both may be politically motivated but for entirely different scenarios. Both are intentional takedowns driven more by collective opportunism than conspiracy. Having Opus Dei as orchestrator is an interesting concept. My brother, a big Dan Brown fan and Catholic hater, would love it. I'll have to make sure he never gets wind of it or I'll never hear the end of it.

    1. Philip,
      I think the operative word here is corruption. The corruption of the American justice system, and the corruption of Christianity are intertwined here in this country. But if we say there is corruption in these institutions, then logically we have to ask, corrupted by what? The simple answer is greed. The greed in men's hearts has always gradually impaired the good things God gives us in this world. There is nothing wrong with Catholicism or democracy in their originally intended forms. If a system of government or a system of religion was created in good conscience with the intention of running and keeping a peaceful society, then I believe God influenced those hearts that created it.

      When corruption in an organization begins to overshadow the original good purpose of that organization, people adversely affected by the corruption begin to take notice. And naturally, those that have participated in growing the corruption begin to attack those that start to speak of the corruption. Just as Risa Vetri Ferman and Kevin Steele try to serve two masters, corruption and justice, they degrade and dishonor our justice system. And thereby, they are dishonoring God.

      The secret societies, such as Opus Dei, no doubt are fertile earth for growing corruption. This is due to the very fact that they are secretive. Men that are Godless cannot resist pursuing their greed under the cover of darkness. Yes, the works of men are done in the light and in the darkness. And Joe Paterno was a good Catholic that did his work in the light for all to see and judge. Louis Freeh thinks that he himself is a good Catholic because he goes to church. But Opus Dei gives him the cover of darkness to do things a good Catholic would never do.

      The greatest and wisest truth-teller that has ever walked this earth, Jesus Christ, warned us:

      "For nothing is hidden except to be revealed; nor has anything been secret, but that it would come to light".

    2. Phillip, I don't see it so much as 'targeting Paterno'. JoePa was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Freeh's moralistic self-righteousness, as pointed out by ESQUIRE, is fully aired in his 2005 book. It was evident to the ESQUIRE author that Freeh was clearly heir to Hoover in his 'superiority' to mere human beings - even Catholic human beings like Joe. Look again at Rick Santorum's less than luke warm 'defense'. That thread of 'holier-than-thou' belief runs deep through Freeh, Scalia, and Santorum and the reviews of Opus Dei's activities run far deeper than a Dan Brown movie. As I tried to explain, my personal introduction to Opus Dei were the films but once introduced I read everything I could find.

      As it happens the films portrayals were not all that far-fetched. Particularly The Breach and I should have mentioned the Norman Mailer penned MASTER SPY: THE ROBERT HANSSEN STORY - a four hour tour-de-force with William Hurt as Hanssen. That time scope gives far more detail concerning Hanssen's strange conviction of his 'intellectual superiority' redeemed he says by his wife who made him convert to Catholicism and pushed him into Opus Dei when she discovered his treason.
      For me the religious extremism of Hanssen, Santorum, and Freeh seems clear enough and I would add Scalia to that list as well. Thus I believe that Esquire and Mailer had valid points - something about the W administration with Ashcroft covering up stone breasts and these characters ties in with what Kevin Phillips characterizes in AMERICAN THEOCRACY.
      So yes - I do think part of Freeh's attack on an evil culture at PSU had much to do with his rectitude and a strong desire to deflect attention from his ties to Hanssen with the Pedophile Priest Pandemic as a bonus.

    3. While I'm always in for a good thriller with many twists and turns, and an Opus Dei based plot provides such entertainment, I leave my theatrics at the theater. Perhaps I am naive in doing so, but my experiences have yet to take me to those places. I do, however, see your point about holier-than-thou types but that river runs in many directions. Religion is just one of those. At this point, such a connection to the PSU situation is pure speculation, entertaining as it may be.

      I maintain that the underlying motives for both scandals lies elsewhere. You have outlined the PSU situation pretty thoroughly and I mostly concur with your observations.

      One needs to look at the events leading up to the Catholic Church scandal and those since to see the picture. Remember all the church bashing that we observed through the 90's? The satiric plays? The 'Last Temptation of Christ'. We knew about the Catholic priest thing way before 2002 when the Globe ran with it. Some cover-up. And the church had enemies. The feminists criticized them for their opposition to abortion. The LGBT's over gay marriage. Notice that Massachusetts became the 1st state to legalize gay marriage shortly after the Globe's exposè. The pieces are way too easy to put together. Whether you agree with the churches position or not, they didn't deserve to be treated so poorly. Yes they made some mistakes, but that shakedown was as blatant is it gets. Mr. Vernon appears to have a handle on that. And as Truthseeker suggests, there was greed, malice too, political retribution... you name it.

      Fast forward to 2011 and we see the same thing with PSU. Greed, malice, political opportunism. If you belong to any group, religious or otherwise, get ready because this may be coming to a theater near you sooner than you think. PSU supporters have already experienced that.