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McQUEARY “I Would Do Anything for Joe Paterno”

continued from McQueary Seeks Big Payday

Will Mike McQueary be the hero or the goat in this final chapter of his role in the sports scandal of the decade? Will Mike's legacy be the destruction of the Success With Honor legacy of Joe Paterno? Or will Mike finally redeem himself and become a key pivot point in the restoration of Joe's legacy?

The Whistleblower Trial this week is one last time Mike McQueary can prove his high regard for Joe. This trial will be covered by significant numbers of the media so Mike can finally do what he should have done in Nov. 2011 by:
  • Telling the media to tell the world "I did not tell Joe I saw “anal rape”.
  • Telling the media of 45 seconds and 2 1 or 2-second glances.
  • Telling the media of "visualizations" and imaginings from "slapping sounds".
  • Telling the media the boy showed no distress - made no sound.  
  • Telling the media that Frank Fina and Linda Kelly completely misrepresented his words in the Presentment Lie that ruined Joe's reputation when they wrote:
(McQueary) saw a naked boy, victim 2, whose age he estimated to be ten years old, with his hands up against the wall, being subjected to anal intercourse by a naked Sandusky. ....(McQueary) reported what he had seen to Joe Paterno.
And if Mike truly wants to help his Alma Mater and his community:
  • Mike can publicly denounce the Office of Attorney General that claims to seek justice for victims, for failing children by never investigating the Second Mile
  • Mike can demand the media hold the PA OAG accountable for failing the child victims of The Second Mile - an agency they were responsible for monitoring - and State agencies that should have exposed Sandusky long before 2001.  
In Nov 2011 when his team, coach, school, and community were under assault due to a LIE attributed to Mike, he failed to do the right thing. Mike had been elevated to a position of honor and respect as QB of the Nittany Lions and had capitalized on that success by becoming a part of the coaching staff.

In Nov. 2011 everything Mike was raised, groomed, and worked hard to become was destroyed when Mike failed to do the right thing and tell the world that what Kelly stated in the Presentment was a lie. A lie he knew was destroying the reputation of the man he says he loved. The man who had given him the opportunities that resulted in the identity that defined him.  

This wasn't about being a coward in 2001 in that locker room. That was a fiction Fina created with Kelly when they chose to take Mike's "visualized" imaginings and make them into - Mike SAW Sandusky sodomizing a 10-year-old boy and told that to Joe Paterno, in order to sensationalize their case and make PSU into the primary enabler and villain.

No Sound - A Belief 
Mike had told them the boy made no sound - showed no fear or distress. Does that seem to indicate a 200lb 6' man had been brutalizing a 10 year old boy? That is likely a key reason the jury in the Sandusky trial returned a "NOT GUILTY' verdict on Kelly & Fina's charge of involuntary deviate sexual assault. The jury saw the Truth. Mike did not see what he believed. A 'belief' Mike? Did you do this to Joe and PSU due to a belief? 

These were your words Mike. This is your testimony under oath. 

You claim to have been a "whistleblower" in 2001 but you could not even convince your own father and Dr. Dranov that what you say you believed was true. If what you 'believed' was true it was cause to immediately call the police to see if this little boy - still with the monster who you believed had just raped him - could be found and rescued. 

Even when we can understand any initial shock, the idea that you were unable to go to that boy's aid with the help of your father and Dr. Dranov is "unbelievable", in the same way as your inability to go to the aid of the man you say you loved - Joe Paterno. 

Dranov JS Trial 
Dr. Dranov testified that you "saw an arm reach out of the shower and pull the boy back". and you said "the boy showed no fear or distress". You testified "NO WAY" when asked if you told anyone an arm reached out . 

Why would you lie about that Mike? Did you forget what you told Dr. Dranov that night? Or has your memory improved with time? Three times Dranov asked you what you saw. Three times you told him "I heard these sounds" and never did you tell your father or Dr. Dranov "I saw JS sodomizing a boy". Instead, you said 'it doesn't take a rocket scientist".

Was the honor and trust bestowed by the positions of QB and coach violated when Mike chose to gamble on PSU games? Did Mike fear being exposed for something else? Or was Mike threatened with prosecution of his father or Dr. Dranov for failure to report? 


Any open appeal to Mike McQueary. Please understand how you are being perceived.


It seems to me that Fina and Kelly made you out to be a coward. Instead, it seems clear you were confused, suspicious, and distraught that you might have just missed seeing something. Your testimony indicates you expected to see a sex act. 

You heard what you interpreted as sexual slapping sounds attributed to adults in a shower. You "visualized" adults engaged in a sex act - and in the two 1 or 2-second glances when you glimpsed anything in that shower you expected to see a sexual act. How you expected anyone to think 3 slapping sounds can be "rhythmic" or "sexual" is puzzling. 

TWO GLANCES 1 or 2 Seconds Each
45 seconds - the total time you testified you spent in that locker room.

Two 1 or 2 second glances - the total time you observed anything in that shower.

Click images to enlarge

There is no fault in confusion or suspicion.
The fault was a failure to make what 
happened that night clear - to your father, Dr. Dranov, Joe, Tim, or GaryThe CRIME against Joe and PSU was your failure to publicly state the truth when the LIE in that Presentment was all the public knew. 

Joe and PSU were under assault because the public believed that you saw a child being sodomized and told Joe exactly that. Mike, you know that is not the Truth -yet you watched your university, team, coach, and community vilified as a culture of football crazed pedophile enablers led by a demigod - all because of you.  How do you live with that? How do you live with 10 long years between Feb 2001 and some time in 2011, while you remained mute? 

Now you have the opportunity to redeem yourself, Mike. Now you can tell the media and through them the world the TRUTH. Tell them it was 45 seconds total time in the room and two 1 or 2-second glances that made you suspect the worst because you had "visualized" a sex act in your mind and believed you were witnessing "some kind of intercourse".  You have already testified on the record to those facts. 

Now is the time to begin a process to rehabilitate the reputation of the man you say you love and the team and university you are sworn to honor. Linda Kelly is no longer in power. Frank Fina is a disgraced email porn king. Whatever hold they had on you to maintain your silence is gone and you can tell the world how you were pressured and why.

When you do that you will erase those claims of cowardice for running out on a rape victim. You can become the man who exposed the lies of Kelly and Fina and who initiated the reversal of the erroneous and damaging narrative instigated by two corrupt prosecutors out to make a name for themselves by destroying a man of honor. That can be your legacy. Instead of the goat, you can become the hero of your own story.  

Please consider that Mike. The testimony is already out there. 

Anyone with TV or Internet access in Nov. 2011 could not escape the images of Joe Paterno surrounded by cameras at his home or the PSU football practice facility in the wake of the malicious premeditated libel deliberately designed to evoke outrage in a language that inspired maximum media coverage. The Presentment Victim 2 stated:
(McQueary) saw a naked boy, victim 2, whose age he estimated to be ten years old, with his hands up against the wall, being subjected to anal intercourse by a naked Sandusky. ....(McQueary) reported what he had seen to Joe Paterno. 
Yes, this act of malicious contempt for truth and justice did involve the misuse and abuse of Mike McQueary. Yes, he was victimized by the State of PA in the form of Frank Fina and AG Linda Kelly. Kelly and Fina are certainly to blame. But Mike McQueary could easily see what was happening to the man he to this day says he loves - the coach he still says he would do anything to support. McQueary has said those words to friends who have spoken to him. Maybe Mike is capable of honoring Joe deep down but we need to reach that desire in him.
follow me below the break 

Comments below the McQueary Seeks a Payday post  and on the long thread beneath the post of this article on Facebook Group WE intend to vote out the Penn State Board of Trustees include remarks from PSU people who say:
I knew Mike. He was always a liar, who lied to please others, impress others, and inflate his own ego. A bullshitter, little lies here, there and everywhere. When the news first broke, my mind immediately went back to him being a pathological liar, who I didn't think ever even realized he was making shit up.
 My wife has known him since middle school ... I recall her informing me in no uncertain terms that he was nothing but a rat fink that would say or do anything to get what he wanted... isn't funny how this case has proved that out?
We do not need these reports to know Mike has a problem with his 'evolving' under oath testimonies that have changed with time.. And as one comment says:
"His use of the phrase "I would have said..." with regard to his reports to Curley & Schultz, indicates to me that he didn't know or remember much at all, or that he didn't report those things at all; however, if he had reported them, "He would have said..." There was only one instance where MM added, "I did say that." 
The testimonies below the McQueary Seeks a Payday post contains testimonies that prove Mike embellished and altered his testimony. But even these variations, never say what AG Linda Kelly's Presentment says was said. 

Paterno was under attack as the person alerted by McQueary and Joe only told AD Tim Curley.  Given the heinous nature of "anal rape" the media and public were outraged.

Mike knew that. Mike could see all that media at Joe's house and at the practice facility. 
All Mike needed to do was tell that media  "I NEVER TOLD JOE I SAW ANAL RAPE"

Mike could have told that TRUTH to the media at the practice facility and at that point in time it would have made all the difference in the media narrative. That would have made AG Linda Kelly a liar and kept Joe Paterno's honor intact since the media and public believed the Presentment that said "
being subjected to anal intercourse by a naked Sandusky. ....(McQueary) reported what he had seen to Joe Paterno."  
But Mike did not have the will, the moral fiber, the courage, the love of Coach and Alma Mater, the respect for his community and neighbors, or the simple common decency - to tell the media, his friends and neighbors, or the world that he did not say what AG Linda Kelly wrote in that presentment. 

Mike was too concerned with his image as a coward who ran while a boy suffered rape to do anything for the Coach he says he loved and revered. And the strange thing is he would have redeemed his tarnished image as a coward by doing the right thing and saving the reputation of his coach. He did not see anal rape and run. He was uncertain of what he saw and conflicted by what he thought he heard, imagined, and visualized.

Mike gathered the players in his charge to tell them he had once been abused and that he stopped whatever was happening prior to leaving. He was willing to challenge the Presentment on that to salvage his own self-respect but unwilling to challenge the Presentment lie about what he told Joe. 

If you know Mike or someone who does a copy of this should be sent to him, to his father, to Dr. Dranov. Mike should know what is being said and how he can alter the narrative and his own image.

Mike could say "What I believed I might have seen was not clear. Time was too short and vision obscured. Due to the slapping sounds, I visualized something sexual between adults so I believed I might be seeing molestation but in the 2 to 4-second view of the shower room I could not be certain and that should have been clear to AG Kelly and the Grand Jury.

Now the trial for Sandusky is over and he was found not guilty of the 'anal rape' charge. What Mike says now about that charge and the Presentment will have no bearing on that case. The effect it could have is to help rehabilitate Joe Paterno's reputation. 

I personally believe he should also come clean about what he did not tell Tim and Gary but he is trying to make money off that so I doubt he will own up to it while a chance exists. But he can do Paterno a great service and he has said he "would do anything" for Joe. 

This is one last opportunity where Mike McQueary has to appear in public. One last chance to confront the lies of Linda Kelly and Frank Fina. One more chance to redeem the good name of Joe Paterno.  

Now that Linda Kelly is out of office and Frank Fina has been exposed as the porn spreading by email king, there can be no repercussions for Mike McQueary. Mike can tell the world whatever Fina did to pressure him into not revealing that lie.  

The world outside those of us who follow this website or support PSU, still believes Mike told Joe he saw a boy being anally raped. This could be a chance to put a dent in that perception. The whole world isn't watching but enough media should be on hand to cover this and it could touch off a wave of articles and broadcasts.  

In the trial beginning soon Mike is alleging defamation by Dr. Spanier for this statement in support of Tim Curley and Gary Schultz on Nov. 5, 2011.  Come on man - that's absurd. 
By Barry Bozeman 


  1. I truly wish that Mike's trial gets the PA news outlets to ask relevent questions about the conduct of state officials in all this.

    Just imagine what would have happened had Frank Fina just done his job without Governor Tom Corbett trying to destroy then PSU President Graham Spanier in the process.

    Now remember, Fina & McGettigan were advised in the beginning by Bruce Castor not to use Cynthia Baldwin as part of their strategy in prosecuting the Penn State administrators.

    What would likely have happened had Frank Fina & Tom Corbett not planned their (now failed) political assassination at Penn State and just stuck to a proper case dealing with Sandusky & Second Mile.

    Remember, the Jury did not find on the McQueary Incident "anal rape"charge - the lynchpin to the entire dumpster fire of a case placed on Penn State's doorstep.

    1. Sandusky is investigated and prosecuted on available credible victim testimony.
    2. No leaked charging documents and an inflammatory grand jury presentment screaming “anal rape in a Penn State shower”.
    3. The Board of Trustees doesn’t resort to panic mode in November 2011, collectively wet themselves & roll over, go into radio silence and allow the sports media to tell the story, fueling a media firestorm of biblical proportions.
    4. Mike McQueary’s life is not destroyed, along with others in the Penn State community.
    5. There is no public outrage across the commonwealth over Tom Corbett’s perceived slow-walking the Sandusky investigation from his AG days.
    6. Second Mile is credibly investigated (as promised by former Philadelphia DA Lynne Abraham) and it’s leadership and Board members held responsible.
    7. Pennsylvania gets some solid answers on the workings in Foster Care, Children & Youth Services, PA DHS & at ChildLine and the caseworkers and administrators therein that approved a preferential child sexual offender and his work with children.
    8. Child Welfare Professionals associated with Sandusky & Second Mile are held fully accountable for their actions.
    9. Tom Corbett and his Office of Attorney General win election points and the “optics” are still postive.
    10. Louis Freeh never gets hired to put out an $8.5 million dollar “opinion”.
    11. The NCAA never gets their foot in the door - “shooting roadkill” and “bluffing” - in order to improve their crummy optics at our commonwealth’s and Penn State’s expense.
    12. A regional economy is not harmed.
    13. A university brand is not tarnished.
    14. No unintended consequences arise, no unplanned, ever-spiraling costs ensue, nor are various lawsuits spawned out of the Freeh report - the gift that keeps on giving.
    15. The Penn State Board of Trustees, University Leadership and the Alumni Association Leadership do not become a constant target of scorn and derision from the university community.
    16. Kathleen Kane may or may not attain the AG’s Office. But #porngate and #hategate emails probably never get discovered, so we citizens are blissfully unaware of the conduct of these public servants.
    17. Frank Fina could very likely run and be sworn in as our next Attorney General in 2017.
    18. The economic fall out from all this never reaches HALF a BILLION dollars.

    The irony in all this?

    The basis is "anal rape"in a grand jury presentment that a commonwealth grand jury found not guilty on, crafted by the very commonwealth prosecutor that treasured a trophy stash of women being anally raped on his work computer.

  2. Barry,
    This is a wonderful heartfelt appeal to Mike McQueary to finally just do the right thing. I would think the weight of it all being lifted off of his conscience, his heart, and his soul would be worth more than 5 million dollars. And as you say, he will emerge as the hero that finally found the courage to tell the truth and straighten out the whole corrupt mess.

    Does anyone else see the pattern in the abuse of power that intimidated Mike McQueary? These corrupt PA "officials" such as Linda Kelly and Frank Fina seem to just vanish after they've done their damage. Their power is so fleeting, yet so destructive. It's as if they know they will sacrifice future opportunities to be considered for public office once their corruption is exposed. They are of the same mindset as the kamikaze pilots of WW II. They will sacrifice themselves to do damage to their enemy. But thereby, denying themselves a chance to continue living and fighting for their ideology, no matter how misguided that ideology may be. I suppose it's an expression of absolute desperation. And that kind of desperation can only exist in a deceptive, pathological mindset. It cannot exist in the truth.

    Tom Corbett, Frank Fina, Frank Noonan, Linda Kelly, and Ron Tomalis are all kamikaze because they'll never hold office again. They allowed their collective misguided ideology to destroy their reputations. And eventually, their ideology born out of pathology will destroy itself.

    Those that still cling to the pathology that allowed Joe Paterno, the PSU 3, and Kathleen Kane to be falsely accused, are also kamikaze in waiting. They are smug in their continued self-deception as they may currently sit on the PSU BoT, or they have the fleeting title of Interim Attorney General. What they've done is dishonest, immoral, and unethical and it cannot survive as the truth.

    1. Reading the trial updates it appears Eshbach is completely clueless. She claims MM is "the most consistent witness ever" then an email shows up where he says the Presentment twisted his words. They never get telling the TRUTH

  3. There is already a big new revelation at the McQueary trial. Mike sent an email to the prosecutor right after the grand jury presentment came out saying it ruined his reputation and that he never said "anal intercourse" and wasn't sure it was that.

    It seems Mike is suing the wrong party for defamation. He was defamed by the AG's office. Of course, I don't expect the media to say that.

    1. Just commented on that above to Truthseeker - saw your comment on State College dot com - lets keep at them

    2. I think McQueary's emails to the Attorney General should kill his case. One email said “National media and public opinion has in every single way ruined me.”

      That contradicts his current claim that Penn State ruined him.

      I don't get Penn State's defense that McQueary had no network in the coaching field to help him get another job. That seems like a weak defense when they have McQueary's own words that “National media and public opinion has in every single way ruined me.”

    3. It should come as no surprise that the folks at PennLive omitted any reference to McQ's emails in both of their stories covering yesterday's proceedings. They also make no mention of the Presentment.

    4. Nothing in CDT either. Journalism is dead.

    5. State College News is the most detailed coverage by far.

  4. Here's a solution for McQueary's job problem. He could set up a dunk tank at Penn State football games. The fans would pay a lot of money to dunk him, and he could still have a career in football.

    1. I might make a trip to pay to take part in that.

  5. Barry,

    Will we see the Opus Dei article eventually?