Saturday, March 25

McQueary Becomes Real Whistleblower

While still unreported by the media, the biggest news coming from the first day of trial testimony was that Mike McQueary blew the whistle on the Sandusky grand jury leaker.

Ray Blehar

On the first day of trial testimony in the trial of Dr. Graham Spanier, Mike McQueary stumbled while testifying and let slip that the Office of Attorney General (OAG) former informed him that they were going to leak information about the impending Sandusky charges.

Maribeth Roman Schmidt, spokesperson for PS4RS was in the courtroom when McQueary made the statement.  

She wrote:

Forgot to mention the shocker of the day!! While Mike McQueary was on the stand, as the prosecution asked him when/where he was when he heard Sandusky was arrested, he answered that the OAG called him to tell him they were about to leak the GJ presentment. He caught himself as soon as he said it and the prosecutor jumped right to him being in the Phila airport seeing his picture all over the news. I kid you not. Heard it with my own ears and saw him catch himself with my own eyes. It must be in the court transcripts

McQueary, who was awarded over $7 million dollars in a combined whistleblower and defamation lawsuit against Penn State, testified during the lawsuit proceedings that former OAG prosecutor Jonelle Eshbach informed him a computer glitch occurred and the charges had been accidentally released that day.

However, it appears that McQueary's testimony at the Spanier trial goes a step further to state that the Eshbach intentionally leaked the information.

McQueary's testimony reveals Eshbach involved in leaks.
For years, Penn Staters complained about the lack of an investigation into the grand jury leaks related to Jerry Sandusky and Louis A. DeNaples.  

Now, AG Josh Shapiro has the name of at least one of the Sandusky leakers  -- and it came from the Commonwealth's star witness in the Sandusky and Spanier cases.   

Prosecutor Laura Ditka's statements at the Spanier trial clearly made the argument that Mike McQueary is the only person at Penn State who told the truth about what happened in 2001.

If Ditka and the OAG believe Mike, then Jonelle Eshbach should be charged on Monday morning.  Moreover, she should be prosecuted just as vigorously as former AG Kathleen Kane.


  1. The Sandusky appeal should jump on that and call McQueary to testify.

  2. Seems like another example of Spanier's lawyer not being on the ball if he didn't follow up on that in cross-examination.

    1. And how on Earth could ANYONE of Graham Spanier's intellect, experience, and financial state NOT ensure that their long-awaited chance of defense would be thorough and highly skilled???

  3. Most people trust their lawyers because they don't understand the law.

    You would think Spanier would have been more wary after being screwed over by Cynthia Baldwin though.

    I need to read the transcripts to see the missed opportunities by the defense.

    The defense was at a disadvantage because the judge seemed to be in the prosecution's pocket. The judge should never have allowed the prosecutor to display a photo of Sandusky with a boy during the closing argument. That was highly prejudicial.