Tuesday, April 4

Fina Perjury?

It appears that former OAG Prosecutor Frank Fina lied under oath when asked about the leaking of the Sandusky charges/presentment.

Ray Blehar  
h/t Gsindy

April 4, 2017, 7:38 PM, EDT

At Jerry Sandusky's PCRA hearing on August 23, 2016, former OAG prosecutor Frank Fina blamed the leak of the Sandusky charges and presentment on Centre County District Judge Leslie Dutchcot's office.

Given Mike McQueary's revelation that Jonelle Eshbach was behind the leak, it appears that Fina lied under oath.

Unless you believe that Fina had no idea that Eshbach was going to leak the information.

If you do, then you are also likely to be on pins and needles awaiting the Easter Bunny.

Not only did Fina apparently lie, but then may have told another tall tale when he claimed former AG Linda Kelly "wanted to take profound action over this."

The record shows that Kelly took no action.

Former, disgraced Supervising Grand Jury Judge Barry Feudale assigned James Reeder, to conduct an investigation into the leaks on February 27, 2013 -- shortly after Kathleen Kane took office.

The results of Reeder's investigation have never been disclosed -- and many ardent followers of the case believe an investigation was never conducted.

The combination of the leak by the Eshbach, and the almost certain case of perjury by Fina, the inaction by Kelly to investigate leaks, the apparent non-investigation by Reeder, and the ousting of Kane for having the audacity to investigate their handling of the Sandusky case all point to the PA OAG as a corrupt enterprise that is hell bent on protecting itself and not concerned about the justice system.

Once again, new Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, who stated "job number one is restoring integrity to the office and our justice system" has a decision to make...

...and that decision will determine whether he is either part of the problem or part of the solution.


  1. Exactly. Thanks for persevering, Ray.

  2. Who do you think will be the chosen fall guy? Here in Pennsylvania, they sort of enjoy throwing Magisterial District Justices under the bus, so it doesn't look good for MDJ Leslie Dutchcot. At least one "someone" will be granted immunity to testify against one or two others. I doubt Dutchcot will be one of those protected. Jonelle Eshbach, on the other hand...

    1. Shari,
      PACORN will try to saddle Eshbach with everything, but hopefully she'll sing like a bird for a deal -- to take down the bigger fish.

  3. If Jonelle Eshbach was the leaker then that would be a good campaign issue for her York County DA election opponent. The primary is May 16. Her opponent in the primary is Dave Sunday, who has the endorsement of the current DA.

    There don't seem to be any Democratic candidates for DA, just the two Republicans.

  4. Jonelle Eshbach sat next to Mike Gillum during Sandusky's criminal trial. Gillum practices repressed memory therapy although he now knows better than to allow himself to be branded as such. Eshbach and Gillum went on speaking tours together after the trial, describing how they took down the alleged monster Sandusky. The AG's office steered witnesses into this type of suggestive therapy when they couldn't remember abuse when interrogated. Eshbach probably sincerely believed she was fighting evil but she was acting much as the prosecutors of the McMartin case or other infamous witchhunts involving sex abuse allegations. Being ignorant and zealous is a dangerous combination.