Monday, April 10

Schultz: PSU Reported 2001 Incident to CYS

Gary Schultz made numerous statements indicating he believed Centre County CYS was contacted about the 2001 incident - nothing at Spanier's trial changed that

Ray Blehar

April 10, 2017, 9:23 PM, EDT

Here is an excerpt from Gary Schultz's January 12, 2011 pre-grand jury interview memorializing that he believed a report was made to CYS:

When Schultz testified to the grand jury later that day, he repeatedly recalled that a report was made to “the child protective agency” in 2002 (sic).   The 1998 University Park police report confirms that Detective Ronald Schreffler contacted Centre County Children and Youth Services to "look into the matter."

Starting at page 212:

Page 213:

Page 215, Schultz answered affirmatively that the 2002 (sic) incident was reported to “the same agency” that the “98 one had been.”

Page 216, Schultz stated the 2002 (sic) report was “also turned over.”

Page 223, Schultz again answers that “the university asked the other agency to follow up as it did in ’98.”

Page 227, Schultz “recalled that we asked this agency to do the investigation” 

and “the agency was asked to follow up.”

On page 228, Schultz, in response to Frank Fina's snarky question,  again referred to the agency “that handled the 98 investigation.”  


On January 12th, 2011, Gary Schultz was under the belief that he or someone else from Penn State  made a report to Centre County CYS in 2001.  

Centre County CYS and DPW are not the same.  

While Schultz admitted under oath at the Spanier trial that no report was made to DPW, he did not make any such statement regarding CYS.


  1. Ray - Didn't Courtney back up Schultz about a report to CYS in his testimony?

    This was just another of many missed opportunities for Spanier's defense. There is certainly reasonable doubt about whether a report was made to CYS in 2001 given that records of unfounded reports are destroyed.

    The defense could have called a CC CYS official to ssk if they have any written records of the 1998 report, which is known to have been investigated. The answer would have been no. Then they could have asked how they could be sure there was no 2001 report if they kept no records.

    1. Tim,
      Sorry for the late response.

      Spanier's legal team should have called both Miller (CYS) and Lauro (DPW) as witnesses. Getting those two guys to state that Sandusky showering with MULTIPLE children was not abuse would have had an impact on the jury, IMO.

      Courtney, unfortunately, conflated CYS and DPW when he testified. This has been a long running error in the case.