Friday, January 19

MSU Almost Gets It Right - But Misses by A Million Miles

Calling for an independent review of the actions of MSU employees (by Michigan AG Schuette) is good, but that review will overlook the failures of many others who had a duty to protect children.  As a result, the lessons on how to detect the next Larry Nassar will be lost again and more children will be unnecessarily harmed.

Ray Blehar
January 19, 2018, 8:41 PM EST

The Michigan State University (MSU) Board of Trustees (BOT) has almost gotten it right by requesting Michigan Attorney General (AG) Bill Schuette to review the actions of MSU personnel with regard to the Larry Nassar case.


Unfortunately, the MSU BOT is following a similar track as the Penn State University (PSU) BOT did with the Sandusky scandal and is foolishly asking for a review of its actions only.

The problem with this review is that it won't show how Nassar was able to similarly fool those outside the University, especially Michigan's Children's Protective Services (CPS), the Meridian Township Police, and the Ingham County Prosecutors office -- all public services entrusted with protecting society from criminals like Larry Nassar.

Kyle Stephens, the first victim to testify, spoke about being abused by Nassar in his basement starting when she was five years old.

At the beginning, she stated (my emphasis added):

“I’ve told counselors your name in hopes they would report you. I’ve told your name to Child Protective Services twice. I gave a testament to get your medical license revoked. You were first arrested on my charges. And now as the only nonmedical victim to come forward, I testify to let the world know you are a repulsive liar.”

Others who failed the victims included counselors, parents, and medical professionals who were unwittingly duped by Nassar.

The broadening of the scope of the investigation will allow the public to see the full scope of Nassar's crimes - and that they weren't isolated to the MSU campus.

And, finally, the public might begin to learn about "Pillar of the Community" or "Nice Guy"offenders and recognize the warning signs when one of them is victimizing a child.

Those lessons should have been taught in July 2012 when Louis Freeh gave his report of investigation -- but the scope of the Freeh investigation was too narrow (limited to PSU).

In February 2013, the public could have learned those lessons with the release of the Clemente Report.  However, that report was completely dismissed by the media because they were too in love with the idea that a geriatric football coach was better at detecting a pedophile than child protective service agents and the police.

For the sake of every child, MSU should request that the scope of Schuette's review include all of the failures -- not just those that occurred on campus.


  1. Ray - Maybe the situation is different in MI than it was in PA.

    Perhaps the MI AG will defend his state land grant university rather than lay bogus criminal charges against university officials for political payback or to handicap the accused abuser's defense, as we saw in PA. Maybe MI ST doesn't have a self serving Board of Trustees as PSU does.

  2. I have not read extensively about the Nassar case but it does seem like another witch hunt even worse than Penn State in some ways. A report on the victim impact statement of Larissa Boyce seems to vindicate the coach she reported to in 1997.

    Boyce said she told the "coach that she was uncomfortable with the intravaginal treatments she was getting from Larry Nassar." That's a far cry from saying she was sexually assaulted.

    It was also reported that Boyce mentioned "the horror of discovering years later the treatments constituted sexual assault." If Boyce didn't know in 1997 that it was sexual assault, how could the coach have known?

    It seems like emotion and hindsight are clouding the actual facts.

    1. Tim,
      Great points about the Boyce incident.

      The report from Boyce was ALMOST handled correctly by MSU.

      Kathy Klages asked her if she wanted to file a complaint, which would have been fine if she was an adult victim. But Boyce was only 16 - and Klages should have informed a parent.

      Next, if there was consent to report Nassar, Klages should have made a report to HER BOSS, the Athletic Director....exactly as Paterno did.

      Klages likely had no legal responsibility to contact Michigan CPS and neither would the AD. The next logical step for the AD would be go to his boss and refer the matter to MSU's legal counsel.

      Gee, doesn't that sound like what PSU did in 2001?

    2. A victim impact statement is unlikely to reveal the whole truth, especially when shaped by the victim's civil lawyer hoping for a big settlement from MSU and others.

      The over 100 victim impact statements in the Nassar sentencing hearing is essentially a public shaming of Nassar, MSU and others. The judge is apparently deciding the sentence, in part, on over 100 crimes for which Nassar was never charged.

      I don't see why Nassar would agree to it when he already has a 60 year federal sentence, so will die in prison regardless of his state sentence.

      I have not been able to find a transcript of Boyce's statement so I don't know the answers to many key questions, such as the following:

      Did Boyce's parents ever speak to Dr. Nassar about his over 100 treatments (over 4 years) for their initially 16 year old daughter's chronic pain? (It was reported that the parents were notified that Nassar was treating their daughter.)

      Did Boyce's regular doctor know of the treatments and ever ask Boyce about them?

      Did Boyce live with her parents in 1997 or was she staying with a host family while pursuing gymnastics training at MSU?

      Did Nassar's treatments reduce Boyce's pain? (It sounds like the answer is yes because of the report that she continued to get treatments from Nassar for 2 years after she left gymnastics around 1997.)

  3. Our mainstream news media needs to be rebuilt from the ground up. I say this because it's clear to any thinking person that there is some kind of media-generated hysteria over rape, and especially university-associated multiple victim rape stories. Bill Cosby, the Temple University serial rapist---hundreds of victims 'bravely' telling their stories through our trusted news media: UVA fraternity gang rape fairy tale lie passed off as truth by globalist Rolling Stone propaganda rag; the PSU little boys rape lie---a globalist media lie starting off as many children raped with impunity all over campus; the MSU serial 'rapist' osteopath, Dr. Larry Nassar, raping hundreds of girls with impunity with legitimate medical techniques; all of Nassar's victims 'bravely' telling their stories all over the papers and "trusted" television news media once they've learned they were raped; our own 'white nationalist' president and his fraudulent Trump University is portrayed as a rapist of under-age teens and a frequenter of prostitutes; and on and on, and on.

    Sorry for my cynicism, but someone has to think about all of these media wealth-generating stories in a cynical way. What is the ultimate agenda behind all of this? Maybe Justin Rose, the sportscaster, knows more?

  4. I remember the federal judge in the Bill Cosby case released his sealed deposition on the, seemingly made up, grounds that Cosby was a "public moralist" which allowed "legitimate public scrutiny."

    President Trump is even more of a "public moralist" with all his tweets and speeches, so perhaps the depositions from all his settlements with porn stars and others should also be released.

    1. I'm not sure what a "public moralist" is. To me, being a public moralist is nothing more than freedom of speech. Anyone, famous or not, may express their opinions and feelings freely in this country. That in turn then, doesn't give the government the right to unfairly violate your legal rights of privacy. Releasing depositions is just more fictitious juicy details making multi-millions for those selling it to us.

      As I've already expressed, I'm extremely skeptical of all of these ridiculous media dramas being fed to us boobtube-addicted fools. I mean, come on----golden showers, Russia in the White House, raping a 13-year old girl, now supposed settlements with porn stars----our president?

      Just how stupid are we to think this isn't all scripted B.S. designed to destabilize America and bring in fascist bankster globalism. Stop believing it all!

      And this crap has been going on for quite a while now. Think about it: Bill Clinton, President of the United States---- front page "news"----semen-covered blouses, oral sex in the oval office, cigars used as sex toys, and Hillary playing along with it all as the strong woman that will run for president one day----what a joke! We are being fed cheap dime store, formula paperback novel, soft porn fiction as our government reality! Stop buying it, it's bad for the soul.

      The Clintons, the Bushes, the Trumps, are all characters in a criminal globalist bankster dime store formula novel. They are all traitors and are working against us, not for us.

      And this campus rape culture hysteria is just one more chapter in the "How to subvert America from within" globalist-media junk novel. Sorry, am I being a public moralist?

    2. Public moralist is a defined term, it's a person who has very strong opinions of right and wrong and shares those opinions publicly.

      I don't think the federal judge had any law that said the privacy rights of a public moralist were more limited than others. I think he just made it all up as an excuse to release Cosby's deposition.

      Financial documents prove that Trump's lawyer paid $130K to porn star, Stormy Daniels, in 2016. At the same time, other publications were negotiating with Storny to publish her account.

      In 2011, Stormy gave an extensive interview to In Touch Magazine about her affair with Trump, but it was only published this year. The affair was corroborated by a friend and ex-husband of Stormy's, and all 3 passed lie detector tests. The article was not published in 2011 because Trump threatened In Touch Magazine with a lawsuit.

      It's also a fact that Stormy is taking advantage of the publicity to appear at strip clubs for her Make America Horny Again tour.

      Even Trump's evangelical supporters accept Trump's porn star affair as fact but give him a "mulligan" since it was in the past. They may not be so forgiving if Mueller were to unearth a current affair.

    3. Tim,

      Yes, I know "public moralist" is a defined term. I'm just questioning the need for the term. Someone who has a conscience and talks about a good cause should not be dismissed as a public moralist.

      In my book, any decent person who is lucky enough to be a celebrity of some sort should make their opinions known publicly. Many, many good-hearted celebrities speak out against all kinds of injustices. And they should. Even celebrities are members of society. So they have a right to speak their minds about destructive things in society they'd like to see changed. I don't see that as deserving the public moralist label. Seems to me the public moralist label might be something our dishonest politicians and newscasters can pin on people who complain about MSM corruption and it's role in covering up government corruption.

      I'm sorry but corruption put Trump in office, and corruption gives us the information about his exploits. It's simply juicy gossip garbage fed to us as hog slop at the trough we call the morning news.

      It really doesn't matter if this daily sex garbage on Trump is true or not---it's all a cash cow for corrupt globalist media. We are being played very hard by dirty corrupt scum that are essentially creating a formulaic titillation junk novel presented to us as our government.

      It's demoralizing to Americans to have this news porn fed to us as reality on a near daily basis. And that is the point I'm making---globalists are using psychological warfare to demoralize Americans and destroy our sense of pride.

      Since when do we have to explain to our kids what porn stars and golden showers are? And since when do we have to explain to our children that a cigar is also a dildo used by our president on a 19-year-old intern in the Oval Office? And since when do we have to tell our kids that our black president isn't gay and he's not a Muslim? And since when do we have to explain to our little ones what semen is, and why it's on that lady's blouse?

      This all happened gradually so that we are now conditioned to accept pornography and its terms as our daily news of U.S. government operations. It's a lie presented as fact by corruption and we must reject it as such.