Sunday, April 29

Coppersmith Trading on JVP's Image for New Book

PSU Trustee Mimi Coppersmith remained silent when asked if anyone objected to the removal of Joe Paterno as head football coach.  Now she's using an unauthorized photo of the legendary coach to promote her new book.

Ray Blehar
April 29, 2018, at 9:19 AM, EDT

When the new PennStater magazine arrived yesterday, I suspected I'd do my usual quick once through before tossing it in the trash -- until I got to page 98.

At the top of the page is an advertisement for emeritus Trustee Mimi Coppersmith's new book (title has been redacted) that happens to include a picture of her and Joe Paterno in the section titled "Life With Mimi."  

The Paterno family did not authorize the use of the photograph.

The book's promotion by Carolyn Haas alleges that Mimi is "a giver" and "someone of immense heart."

Sure she is (sarcasm).  

People with "immense hearts" always take it upon themselves to trade on the likeness of someone who they wronged so badly -- and then try make it look like they were the best of friends.

Mimi pretended to be friends with Joe and Sue Paterno, but like many others in the PSU community, she was taking advantage of their kindness.  

When push came to shove, Mimi didn't take a stand for her "friends."

She was part of so-called unanimous decision to remove the legendary coach.   In fact, she took a seat front and center for the photo op on the night of his firing.  

Mimi took a seat front and center for Paterno's removal.

She can write 1,000 books if she wants.   

She will be remembered for what she did on 11/9/11, just like the rest of those who wronged Paterno and Penn State University.

That is her legacy.


  1. Hope she doesn't sell one copy. What a hypocrite.

  2. I agree that Mimi Coppersmith should have avoided uing Paterno's photo after the way she and the other trustees treated him so disgracefully.

    Even worse is that the entire board failed to act in the best interests of Penn State when they quickly firing Paterno with no due process, investigation, discussion and, especially, a consideration of the adverse consequences to Penn State of the hasty firing.

    Since this was an advertisement, the Paterno estate might have grounds to sue.

    Do you know if the Paterno photo appears in the book or if the book discusses Paterno?

  3. Columnist Phil Gianficaro recently published a purported review of the Paterno movie although it seems more like a rehash of his own viewpoints on Paterno.

    He concluded "Joe knows everything" based on an unnamed freshman football player telling him so over 25 years earlier. He failed to mention the nearly 300 Penn State football lettermen who publicly objected to inaccuracies in the Paterno movie.

    Gianficaro also made the common mistake of saying that Paterno's hindsight statement was proof that he was "complicit in the continuing abuse of children." He didn't seem to know the definition of hindsight.

    I submitted two comments about inaccuracies in Gianficaro's article but they were later removed.

    He has not yet removed my comment from his followup article on the HBO movie.

    1. Tim,
      Thanks for your comments here and for commenting on the inaccuracies of Gianficaro's columns.

      I was just in Western PA over the weekend and several people asked me about the Paterno movie. I started off by telling them the movie was flawed from start to finish.

      Joe never had an MRI and Ganim never got a phone call from the 1976 victim.

  4. Joe actually had 2 MRI's and now that we know the 76 victim did actually call Ganim as he has come forward, you must feel like a real idiot. I don't even expect you small minded fools to realize Paterno knew what was going on for years. I just assume you are all pedophiles as well.