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Philadelphia Inquirer: "(you) Lazy Incompetents Can Go to Hell" Walter Uhler

by Barry Bozeman 

Walter Uhler had been one of the most prolific and dedicated defenders of his Alma Mater until his website was hacked about a year ago. His early series on the Penn State situation began in Nov. 2011 and many of his contributions to the FACTS in opposition to media slander are still available archived on OP-ED News and The Smirking Chimp

The Philadelphia Inquirer editorial following the Temple football game activities remembering Joe Paterno is the latest target for Walter Uhler's insightful contempt. The Inquirer claims that PSU "just doesn't get it" when we here at SMSS KNOW TO A CERTAINTY that the Inquirer, along with most of the media nationwide, are the one's who NEVER GOT it then and STILL DON'T GET IT. 

Here is Walter Uhler's letter to the Philadelphia Inquirer sent: Fri, Sep 23, 2016 10:52 am
Subject: Joe Pa Party Insensitive
To the Editor:The first grand jury presentment in the Sandusky scandal was leaked on 5 November 2011. As an intentionally inflammatory summary of the grand jury's findings, rather than actual testimony, the presentment falsely asserted that Mike McQueary "saw a naked boy... being subjected to anal intercourse by a naked Sandusky" In fact, McQueary told the grand jury no such thing. Neither did he tell the grand jury that he told Joe Paterno and, subsequently, Tim Curley and Gary Schultz that he witnessed anal intercourse. In fact, the author of the presentment lied in order to inflame public outrage. 
One merely needs to look at McQueary's actual testimony to detect these lies. Nevertheless, the Inquirer fell for the bait when, on 4 December 2011, it castigated Penn State officials for "their dismissal of the reported rape." 
The Inquirer was similarly (and mistakenly) outraged when Louis Freeh issued his report and outrageously concluded that Joe Paterno was part of a cover-up. Outrageously? Yes! On  4 September 2013, former Sandusky prosecutor Frank Fina asserted:  “I do not” believe Coach Paterno was a part of the conspiracy to conceal -- to cover-up the crimes at Penn State by Jerry Sandusky. “And, I’m viewing this strictly on the evidence, not any kind of fealty to anybody. I did not find that evidence.” 

Finally, without any investigation of the allegation, in July of this year the Inquirer reported: "A man who claimed that he told Joe Paterno in 1976 that Jerry Sandusky abused him in a Pennsylvania State University locker room shower testified under oath that the iconic head coach brushed off the complaint, saying he had a football season to worry about". Had the people at the Inquirer given that allegation a moment's thought, they would have found it strange that Sandusky -- who was known to first groom his victims and then assault them when they were alone --supposedly assaulted the boy in a shower occupied by other kids. Had the people at the Inquirer given the matter a serious look, they would have found, as did Jay Paterno, that summer campers did not shower with coaches in 1976, but in their private dormitories.   
These false assertions have unjustly cast a cloud over an honorable man -- the only man who acted on McQueary's allegations. Knowing that these false assertions have been swallowed by an ignorant public and complicit press, I proudly participated in the honoring  of Joe Paterno last Saturday at Beaver Stadium. My celebration of Paterno was, in part, a demonstration of the unforgiving contempt I feel for both that uninformed public and lazy, complicit press -- freshly exemplified  today in your editorial today, titled "Joe Pa party insensitive," 
You lazy incompetents at the Inquirer can go to Hell! 
Walter C. Uhler* see bio below

In order to deny the Philadelphia any clicks and visits here is the editorial in full: 

Penn State celebration of Joe Paternoshows the university still doesn't get it

Despite everything that has happened in the five years since Penn State University was rocked by the Jerry Sandusky child molestation scandal, the university's leadership still does not get it.
Penn State used last weekend's football game against Temple to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Joe Paterno's first game as head coach. Celebrating a coach accused of turning a blind eye to accusations that one of his top assistants sexually abused boys on campus is wrong on many levels.
The underlying message is that football remains king at Penn State. More to the point, making money off of football apparently trumps teaching students about character, honesty, responsibility, and standing up for what is right.
No doubt Penn State would like to erase the sordid Sandusky scandal from its history. But choosing now to celebrate is no way for the university to try to move forward. The fact that the university downplayed its announcement of plans to honor Paterno shows officials knew the ceremony was a bad idea.
There is no denying that Paterno was a great football coach who had a lasting impact on many of his players. Indeed, he gave back to the university and helped put Penn State on the map. But evidence indicates Paterno also failed to stand up for boys who were sexually abused by Sandusky.
What Paterno knew and when he knew it is still being debated in courts and in the court of public opinion. According to recently unsealed court documents, a man testified in 2014 that Paterno ignored his complaints of being assaulted by Sandusky in 1976, when the man was a 14-year-old boy.
The same court documents include allegations by other victims who said Penn State football coaches and officials were made aware of Sandusky's deviant behavior around boys in the 1980s and 1990s.
The first time law enforcement was officially notified of Sandusky's abuse occurred in 1998, when a mother reported to Penn State police that her 11-year-old son had showered with the coach.
Paterno testified in 2011 that he first became aware of Sandusky's abuse in 2001, when former assistant coach Mike McQueary told him he had witnessed Sandusky assaulting a boy in a shower. Paterno said he reported McQueary's allegation to Penn State's athletic director.
But another decade passed before Sandusky was arrested. He was convicted in June 2012 of sexually abusing 10 boys and sentenced to 30 to 60 years in prison. Paterno died six months earlier.
Eventually, Penn State paid nearly $93 million in settlements to more than 30 of Sandusky's accusers. Most of the sanctions subsequently ordered by the NCAA have been rolled back. More than 200 former football players have petitioned the university to return a bronze statue of Paterno that was removed from outside the stadium in 2012.
It all seems part of an effort to whitewash the scandal and get back to the business of football and myth making.
How much Paterno knew about Sandusky's abuse of boys isn't clear. But shortly before he died, the coach himself admitted: "In hindsight, I wish I had done more." That's a feeble response not worth celebrating.
Anyone who has followed the work of the FREEHdom Fighters and SMSS should be angered and appalled by the complete journalistic incompetence displayed here. Ray Blehar and the SMSS contributors have handed the media complete detailed FACTUAL information that demonstrates beyond any reasonable doubt the TRUTH. The Philly Inquirer and almost all of the Pennsylvania media are guilty of gross incompetence and neglect. They have allowed the truly guilty parties, PA state agencies for child protection, The Second Mile Charity directors and board members, Gov. Tom Corbett, and AG Linda Kelly aided and abetted by The PSU Board of Trustee's and particularly acting chairman John Surma, to get away with blaming the wrong parties and allowing the guilty to escape unnoticed. 

When we discovered the evidence of how the Surma brothers, Vic and John, came to blame Joe Paterno for the situation concerning Vic Surma's son Victor B. Surma in The Surma Vendetta and The Surma Vendetta Part II, we knew why John Surma and Corbett orchestrated the removal of Joe and PSU President Graham Spanier. Those two men were PSU's best hope for exposing the LIES in AG Linda Kelly's Presentment. But Joe was fired by phone after an "emergency" meeting that was no emergency without debate or discussion. That move by the BOT signaled to the media that Joe and the administrators must be the guilty parties. The two people best positioned to defend Penn State were sidelined and it all went downhill from that point. 

At one time I was hopeful the TRUTH would surface and alter the narrative in a sweeping vindication of Penn State, Joe Paterno, Graham Spanier, Tim Curley, and Gary Schultz. It seemed quite possible with all the evidence we amassed here on SMSS, that Louis Freeh would be exposed as the fraud he is, and the guilty parties at The Second Mile and in the PA agencies for child protection would be revealed. The events earlier this year have dampened that hope but I am still not completely convinced that this will never turn around. 

Now more than ever we need people like Walter Uhler to continue the fight for Truth. Since it seems clear that the new PA Attorney General is not inclined to dismiss the absurd charges against Dr. Spanier, Tim Curley and Gary Schultz, we may yet see a courtroom situation that could expose the TRUTH to a wider audience. My fervent hope is that Louis Freeh and the people who paid him to help destroy Penn State's reputation by manufacturing his bogus 'case', will be exposed and made to pay dearly for his calculated attack based on personal prejudice and greed. 

Until then Keep the Faith - this Penn State outsider remains convinced of Penn State's innocence and Freeh & Corbett's guilt. 

My warmest regards to all of you.   

Walter Uhler served as a senior executive in the Department of Defense. He also is an independent scholar who, for three years, served as President of the Russian-American International Studies Association, which holds an annual conference of Russia scholars in St. Petersburg, Russia.  He has written about defense issues and Russian history for numerous periodicals, including 
The Nation, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Moscow Times, and the Philadelphia Inquirer .  His biography still is included in the 2012 edition of Who's Who in America.  Walter earned 2 BA and 1 MA from Penn State. 

Tuesday, September 20

Going off the grid

I will be fishing in Montana starting tomorrow and will return next Wednesday.

Sorry to leave in the middle of such an interesting debate.  Before leaving I want to make a few points clear.

1. My goals in this is to find the truth & make sure PA's kids get the protection they deserve.

2. I do not lay awake at night worrying about statues or whether or not PSU is going to win football games.

3. What keeps me awake at night and in this fight is that today:

a. Perhaps hundreds of PA caseworkers decided that an allegation against a previously cleared parent or perpetrator was not worthy of additional investigation.

b. Perhaps another hundred caseworkers investigated an abuse allegation and determined that the injuries, lack of nourishment, or other indications of abuse and/or victimization were not severe enough to warrant adding another case to their caseloads.

c. The media and the Pennsylvania state government continued to keep the truth hidden about who enabled Sandusky's serial victimization of children and that necessary reforms have been lost in the false narrative that the child abuse reporting system failed in 2001.

Please keep up the good fight.



Monday, September 19

Wise isn't so wise about Sandusky case

ESPN's Mike Wise attempted to use attendance at the trial and his victimization as credentials when writing about Penn State honoring Joe Paterno.  The bottom line is that neither thing is a substitute for knowing the facts and Wise's column proves he's just another Keyboard Blowhard with an ill-informed opinion.

Ray Blehar

Mike Wise's column of September 18, 2016 was another in a long line of columns by sportswriters who haven't done their homework on the Sandusky case.   In my last blog, I excused some of the writers because their opinions were mostly based on inaccurate media accounts of the scandal.

Wise is in a whole different league, however.

His column starts by trying to legitimize his understanding of the Sandusky scandal because he sat through the Sandusky trial.   

The first few paragraphs demonstrate just how little he knows about the case.  To wit:

Sandusky used his Second Mile Charity for at-risk and underprivileged youth to groom his victims. He did not discriminate. Black, brown and white kids were molested, their economic status creating another layer of vulnerability. Many of these boys were orphaned. They didn’t merely come from broken families; they had no family. Second Mile and “Touchdown Jer”became their family.

Correction: No children who were "Black" or "brown" testified at the trial.  Sandusky's charity served primarily white children who were deemed at risk or in need of guidance.  NONE of the trial victims were orphans. The majority of Sandusky's victims lived in a home with a single mother or with extended family.  A few were in foster care due to improper care from their natural parent(s).  The victims all testified to their family situations -- but Wise apparently wasn't listening.

Thursday, September 15

Old Main, Old Guard to blame for 50th Anniversary PR nightmare

Inactions and actions from November 2011 and July 2012 continue to do damage to Penn State

Ray Blehar

The planned 50th Anniversary Celebration of Joe Paterno's first game as a coach has brought forth so-called victim advocatessportswriters, news reporters, and other keyboard blowhards out of the woodwork to demean Penn State University (PSU) as a "cult" of football and/or idol worshippers who have their priorities out of order.  In addition, some continue to blame Paterno for turning a blind eye to the rape of a child.

While most of these writers haven't a clue about the facts of the case, they didn't come up with these accusations on their own.  

These falsities were provided to them courtesy of the Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General (OAG), its media lapdog, the Harrisburg Patriot News, and Louis Freeh.

But those who are truly culpable for the latest public relations (PR) nightmare were former members of the PSU Board of Trustees, including former Governor Tom Corbett.   It was those individuals who allowed the first OAG's grand jury presentment and then the Freeh Report to do unnecessary damage to the University's reputation.

Sunday, September 11

PA: State of Deflection (Part 2: FTR)

Media Molestation:  Sara Ganim and Patriot News deflected attention away from the failed 1998 DPW investigation and onto PSU officials using the illegitimate Failure To Report (FTR) charges.

Ray Blehar

In Part 1 of the series, Brad Bumsted and Terry Madonna, among others, used a concocted leak case against former Attorney General Kathleen Kane to deflect attention away from her outing of corrupt elements of the Pennsylvania criminal justice system who were intimately involved in the Sandusky case.

Another deflection was carried out by the editorial board of the Patriot News and its award winning reporters Sara Ganim (now of CNN) and Charlie Thompson.   This group has very busy keeping the focus on Penn State and Joe Paterno -- while deflecting attention away from the people who were paid with PA's tax dollars to protect children.

Those people were employed by the (then) Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare (DPW) and Centre County Children and Youth Services (CC CYS).

Tuesday, August 30

PA: State of Deflection (Part 1: Kane)

The Kathleen Kane and the Conspiracy of Silence cases show that the PA Corruption Network uses a deflection strategy to get rid of its opposition

Ray Blehar

The recent conviction of former Pennsylvania (PA) Attorney General (AG) Kathleen Kane will go down in history as another instance of the PA Corruption Network (PACORN) using a prosecution to deflect attention away from its own wrong-doing.

Kane was alleged to have leaked grand jury information regarding the case of J. Whyatt Mondesire.  

Unlike the previous cases in PA where the media was "all in" for writing stories from leaked information --  her alleged grand jury leaks were treated as the crime of the century.  

There were numerous leaks (to the Philadelphia Inquirer) from the Montgomery County grand jury that investigated the Kane case, but neither the PACORN's media arm nor prosecutor Kevin Steele nor former  prosecutor Lisa Vetri Ferman seem the least bit concerned over the Montco leaks/leakers. 

The Patriot News won journalism awards for its coverage of Bonusgate and the Sandusky cases -- both of which were plagued by grand jury leaks.   Interestingly, both cases were prosecuted by Frank Fina -- but he is never mentioned in association with leaks.

How about that?

Fina grand jury cases leak -- no problem.  
Montco grand jury leaks - no problem.   
Kane's alleged leaks -- crime of the century.

Wednesday, August 24

Franco: Always Remember Who WE ARE...


We will never surrender to lies, no matter how long they continue to flow.

We have faced a struggle that none of us could ever have imagined; they have attacked our culture and taken down our wall and the damage done is incalculable....and a lot of people paid the price.

Remember Who WE ARE...

It’s not been easy but our belief in Joe, in our culture and in each other has never wavered.

Joe was a visionary, a pioneer, a teacher and a coach and he had faith in all of us. The culture that Joe created and gave to us

was for each of us to embrace in our own way and in our own time. It wasmeant to impact our journey beyond Penn State.

Now it’s up to us, Penn Staters, to take back our history. On September 16th, when we are celebrating Joe’s first victory, I will place a brick on the vacant space where our wall once stood. We must remember our history and honor it. It is our history and cannot be erased.

Always Remember Who WE ARE...

Franco Harris ‘72

Friday, August 12

Coach Bradley Denies Any Knowledge of Sandusky Abuse

by Barry Bozeman

ESPN and other outlets reported yesterday that Coach Tom Bradley stands by his previous statements that he never observed Jerry Sandusky doing anything inappropriate at Penn State despite claims by Mike McQueary that surfaced earlier this summer. 

UCLA defensive coordinator Tom Bradley issued his first public comments since testimony unsealed in July by another former Penn State assistant, Mike McQueary, that indicated Bradley was aware of sexual abuse by Jerry Sandusky at Penn State dating to the 1980s. 
"First of all, I've been deposed, I've been vetted. I've issued a statement," said Bradley, a former Penn State assistant coach, following UCLA practice Wednesday. "All of that speaks for itself." 
The previous statement released by his representative, Brett Senior, denied allegations made in testimony from McQueary, who testified Bradley "said he knew of some things" about Sandusky dating to the 1980s. 
"At no time did Tom Bradley ever witness any inappropriate behavior," the statement read. "Nor did he have any knowledge of alleged incidents in the 80's and 90's. He has consistently testified as such. Any assertions to the contrary are false. When he became aware of the 2001 incident it had already been reported to the University administration years earlier."

The reports that appeared in May on NBC evidently included Coach Bradley

Sandusky Case Bombshell: Did 6 Penn State Coaches Witness Abuse?

But sources told NBC News that one former Penn State assistant coach witnessed an incident in the late 1970s. Three other coaches — who have gone on to work in the NFL and at Division I colleges — allegedly saw inappropriate conduct between Sandusky and boys in the early and mid-1990s.
"You won't believe what I just saw," one of those three coaches blurted out after bursting into a room filled with Penn State football staff, according to sources who spoke to a person who was in that room.
A lawyer for one of the three '90s coaches denied his client had seen anything. A second coach declined to comment. A third could not be reached, and the name of the fourth was not disclosed to NBC News.
It appears that Mike McQueary was the source for at least one of these reports that have surfaced to once again muddy the waters and start another media tempest based on flimsy journalism.

Wednesday, August 3

Bumsted's Keystone Corruption Cover-Up

Brad Bumsted's book, Keystone Corruption, provides a smokescreen that ignores the real corruption in Pennsylvania. 

Ray Blehar

Keystone Corruption is supposed to be a book about the history of corruption in Pennsylvania with particular emphasis on recent political figures who were prosecuted for alleged corruption related to election campaigns.   However, the book is nothing more than a smokescreen that attempts to convince the readers that Tom Corbett and his associates were pursuing prosecutions in the name of fighting corruption.

The truth is that Keystone Corruption is a smokescreen that attempts to cover up Corbett's and the PA GOP's use of the criminal justice system to take out political (and personal) opponents.

Friday, July 29

Summary of My Opperman Interview

Summarizing a two hour show isn't easy.  

I'll begin by getting to the BOTTOM LINE of interview and then highlighting the evidence, including new information (or lesser reported information) that should make for an interesting read for those of you who don't have two hours to listen.  

But after you read this, you'll want to listen.