Saturday, August 3

24 Questions About the Sandusky Investigation

Most people probably never made it to the back of Report 3, however it provides a list of questions that the investigation into the Sandusky investigation (conducted by Geoffrey Moulton) needs to answer.

Ray Blehar

QUESTION 1:  Did Victim 1, Aaron Fisher, ever associate with Victim 9 during the period from 2005 to 2009? Each young man stated that they had spent hundreds of weekends with Sandusky.

QUESTION 2:  Why wasn’t a deposition taken from BK?  He showered with Sandusky at least twice, which would have added six counts.  Why wasn’t BK brought to trial?  After the presentment was issued, the OAG was still searching for victims and set up a hotline.  Is he among the Victims (11-17) whose cases were not brought to trial?

QUESTION 3:  Who did troopers Cavanaugh, Akers, and Lear interview aside from Fisher?  Did any persons interviewed disclose that they were abused?  Do records/transcripts exist of the interviews?

QUESTION 4:  Is the anonymous e-mail from Stacy Parks Miller in evidence?  What are its contents?  Was an effort made to determine who sent it?  When was the e-mail provided to the OAG?

QUESTION 5:  Schultz informed Baldwin of his files on January 5, 2011.  Did PSU officials (i.e., then-PSU Counsel Cynthia Baldwin) not provide the files to the Attorney General, (disregarding the grand jury subpoena 1179)?

QUESTION 6:  At trial, Petrosky stated that he contacted police after reading the story “about the graduate assistant” in the Centre Daily Times.  Petrosky first talked to police in March 2011, seven months before the story was published.   Did Petrosky really call the police in March or was he contacted during the follow-up to the May subpoena for the OPP employees?

QUESTION 7:  What and/or who was the source of the information about a Sandusky incident in 1998?  The Centre County District Attorney’s office stated that they do not have this file – what happened to it? Was the information about other potential victims from 1998 passed to OAG investigators expeditiously or did the OAG attorneys sit on the information? 

QUESTION 8: How did Sara Ganim obtain the name of the mother of Victim 6?

QUESTION 9:  If the janitors who were subpoenaed worked in “old” Lasch, how is it that they observed an incident in new Lasch?

QUESTION 10:  Could Victims 11 through 17, if they exist, be the victims found by troopers Cavanaugh, Akers, and Lear during the early stages of the investigation?  According to a previously referenced press report, Corporal Leiter told the Mother of Victim 6 that they had Sandusky on 400 counts (in December 2010).  Could the counts be attributed to Victims 11 through 17, who may have been the minors identified by Aaron Fisher?

QUESTION 11: When were accusers 11 through 17 identified and interviewed?

QUESTION 12: Who was Ganim’s source for the contact information for the mother of Victim 6?

QUESTION 13:  Did Gillum pass the information from the phone calls he received from other alleged victims on to OAG investigators?

QUESTION 14:  What are the correct time frames of the crimes?

QUESTION 15:  Did the prosecution request that Sassano fabricate the story about setting the date of the 2001 incident (by using TV Guides)?

QUESTION 16:  Did the prosecution request that Sassano testify to the false information regarding finding leads about Victims 7, 9, and 10? 

QUESTION 17:  Does Sassano have an expense report for reimbursement of purchase of the TV Guides?  Back issues of TV Guide are not inexpensive.  Most run about $5 per issue, but some back issues for Feb/March 2001 and 2001 cost as much as $18.95.  Total cost for the TV guides is estimated at $130.00 USD.

QUESTION 18:  Should Sassano be charged with perjury regarding his statement about the camper list leading the police and OAG to find Victim 7?

QUESTION 19:  Should Sassano be charged with perjury regarding his statement about the camper list leading the police and OAG to find Victim 10?
QUESTION 20:  Did the prosecutors ignore the inconsistencies in the testimonies of Petrosky in order to prosecute the Victim 8 crimes?

QUESTION 21:  Should Ronald Petrosky face perjury charges for the statements he made under oath regarding Calhoun’s employment status with PSU?

QUESTION 22:  Why didn’t Jay Witherite, the second janitor, testify at the trial?

QUESTION 23:  Did PSU leverage Jay Witherite to testify in the Victim 8 incident by threatening to terminate the employment of family members or was he (and/or his family)  provided with  financial incentives to testify? 

QUESTION 24:  The failure of the defense to submit a media guide or other documentation into evidence as a means to obtain judicial notice that November 18th was the end of the 2000 season seems to be grossly incompetent.  Joe Amendola is not an incompetent attorney, therefore, was there some other motivation behind Amendola’s lapse in competency during this trial?


  1. Questions 8 and 12 are the same question, no?

  2. Very close.... one is how did she learn and the other is who told her. She could have learned the name from an anonymous e-mail tip!

  3. Thanks for bringing these questions to the forefront. I actually read them when I read your report but this is quite the whodunnit! It's a great brain exercise trying to track it all. A mental jigsaw puzzle whose boxtop has been lost!

    Any feel for Moulton and his persnicketiness? Do you think he'll pursue it til it all makes a coherent picture?

  4. Won't Ganim claim confidential sources if interviewed or called to testify?

    1. Yes, she would probably invoke the Shield Law.

    2. OR... CNN and Ganim may recognize the very real media opportunity to LEAD the big Media Flip on the PSU story.

      Bringing down Paterno and the PSU football program pales against bringing down the PA governor; a major well-connected org intended to help kids (TSM); the BoT of a highly lauded NCAA university; the head of the oft-criticized NCAA; and, creme de la creme, Louis Freeh and all the political implications this would include (e.g., Ruby Ridge, Waco, right-to-bear-arms).

      Ms Ganim could replace Mr McQueary as the Star Witness and be in the running for a second Pulitzer!!

    3. This would first require media members to admit they were wrong, which they never want to do. Also, taking down a Governor that knows how to manipulate the media and still has significant influence in the PA OAG and legal system is a completely different animal with significantly more risk. The media has shown they prefer to take the easy route.

  5. From the recent USAToday article on McQueary (link at Framing

    "What's interesting is that the jury transcripts from the grand jury aren't available so it is hard to tell how truthful McQueary is, Oliver added."

    Haven't some/all of the GJ transcripts been "made available"? Some in the media are showing some interest in digging deeper. How about bringing whatever GJ transcripts are "available" into the forefront here?

    1. The December 2011 Preliminary Perjury Hearing transcripts show that McQueary's testimony at the July 2013 Preliminary Hearing is inconsistent.

      In other words, he perjured himself on more than one occasion on Monday when he remembered things differently.

  6. John Ziegler's "book" has a section on McQueary's marital problems possibly stemming from sexting, sports gambling, and infidelity. John posited a hypothesis that he was confronted by investigators with being exposed (no pun intended) if he didn't play ball with them. My feeling is that a stronger motivation would be a threat to charge his father and Dr. Dranov with a crime, causing them to loose their medical practice. Mike is obviously compromised. Since there has been no questioning along these lines, it remains an enigma. The prosecutors certainly are protecting him, and Kathlene Kane, like Linda Kelly, seem to have given him a Licence to Lie.

  7. Damn, I hope Kathleen Kane doesn't forget it was PennStaters and friends of PennState who supported her for AG with the idea she would seek the truth.

    We have had our fill of liars, time to expose the truth.

    Thank God He gave Ray Blehar, Eileen Morgan & Co. and John Ziegler & Co. a head start, their efforts should make her job a hellava lot easier.