Friday, March 28

More Bagwell e-mails on twitter - courtesy of John - No1Lion99

Many thanks to John for plowing through emails 100-251

  1. Email #251 Peetz says to say you havent read report but spoke just hours after release
  2. Why is Ted Wells sending Frazier copies of Fine report? email #247

Email #203 - Don't worry about Sandusky, lets look good for our Pics! |

Email #185 - 4/02/12 Frazier requests update for Freeh "significant issue" just after OAG "lost emails"

  1. Email #150 - In "FB as problem era" MASCSA reports 3rd most Acad All Amer in hist
  2. Email #141 - PA forwards SJ article Re Paterno yet claims didn't know in March of JS GJ after stories?
  3. Email #133 Why did SG draft statement of firing when Surma held presser on firing
  4. email #130 Re Freeh addressing Fac Sen: Hey judge they may be angry.
  5. email #126 - Board discussion on breaking idea to not see report until publication
  6. email #117 blank TO: and Cc: lines. Why did gov want debt info and from who?
  7. email #109 - RE says LF known for honesty. Whoops, we meant mostly.


  1. Is it John adding the notation "@RayBlehar" to these messages?

    Any idea how often BoT members check what's being said here at

  2. Yes, John is including me as a recipient of the twitter message. I have no idea if the BOT checks on this or not. I would assume they do, because some of them monitor Blue White Illustrated.