Wednesday, July 25

In Defense of Joe Paterno

July 24, 2012|By David C. Harrison

Louis Freeh's report on Penn State's response to Jerry Sandusky's crimes against children has now led to serious NCAA sanctions and the removal of a monument to coach Joe Paterno. The report alleges a cover-up by the quartet of former university president Graham B. Spanier, vice president Gary Schultz, Athletic Director Tim Curley, and Paterno.
But the report itself shows the key decisions were made by only three of them. There is almost no evidence that they consulted substantially with Paterno.


  1. Hello,
    Below is the link to the latest Kevin Slaten radio show interview with a sports talk host out of Pitsburgh re: Penn State and Joe-amazing interview. Slaten is just nailing these guys to the wall, and he is out of St. Louis for God's sake...Why won't any radio personality up this way be so passionate about getting the facts straight? Did they all secretly hate Joe? Kevin Slaten/Pittsburgh

    By the way, would you have the link to the GoonShow broadcast tonight? Many thanks. DJM599

    1. DJM the link to the Goon Show tonight is
      See the first post on the front page of this website
      Where I linked the Kevin Slaten shows

  2. Aurabass,

    Can you explain the personal Schultz notes, that Freeh mentions in his report like, supposedly regarding the 2001 incident:
    - "3) Tell chair of Board of Second Mile 2)Report to Dept of Welfare 1) Tell JS to avoid bringing children alone into Lasch Bldg.

    So, if those Schultz notes exist, that Freeh saw, then based on only "Horseplay", they were considering reporting the 2001 incident to the DPW?

    I can't get around that. It doesn't make sense that Schultz would consider going to DPW on only "horseplay".

    Of course, we are not looking at Schultz's notes, only Freeh.

    Your comments.