Thursday, April 24

NCAA's Emmert Tour Is Good News For PSU Fans

Mark Emmert's recent media tour has given PSU fans renewed vigor in our fight for the truth and the repeal of the unjust sanctions.  We need Mark Emmert to keep talking because when he does, bad things happen.
Meanwhile, the "Big Five" conferences (ACC, Big Ten, Big XII, SEC, and PAC-12) might be planning a jail break.

After the Mike and Mike Show, twitter lit up with a lot of funny tweets.

Hat tip to Onward State for this collection, which closed with this incredibly funny tweet by former PSU linebacking great, Mike Mauti....

Bryant Gumbel came out with this gem:

"Emmert has lately been on a media tour of sorts and to say it’s been a disaster would be giving it and him a ton of undue credit."

However, it was this tweet by Ivan Maisel that did double duty, who in response to an LSU writer who thought Emmert handled the Penn State case correctly, bashed the Freeh Report and Emmert in the same tweet.

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  1. What's ironic is that the only person that had the knowledge, the history and the experience to put sanity to all the issues that the NCAA are struggling with was Joe Paterno. His voice; along with his sound reasoning, would have help the NCAA navigate thru these times. Ironic, isn't it?