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The Heel Shreds Bernstein

The Heel Shreds Bernstein on BSD with comments 

I believe that most of us are aware of the "article" that Dan Bernstein wrote in which he "shreds the penn state letter". To my dismay, the "article is still up.
I would like to say while I have your attention:

1. Dan Bernstein is a piece of garbage who couldnt carry Joe Paterno's jock strap in a suitcase.
2. The only reason I know the guy exists is this piece of garbage article that he wrote.
3. Its quite easy to take a piece of work and throw in your own comments to make it look like something it isnt. The original writer isnt there to defend himself. And when you're hiding behind a keyboard, you dont have to worry about being too accurate because its an "opinion" piece.
So as much as I hate to do this, I am going to post just the added comments he made to show you how ridiculous this guy is, and to show without a doubt how badly the guy was trying to get attention.
Below is what he "wrote", and I have now added my comments in italics to show you how you can change a letter's meaning. By the end of my response... I will give my opinion on why he wrote this "article" in the first place.
Its really a low brow move that shows no journalistic ethicality whatsoever. But I never claimed (Nor if I was would I ever admit to it these days) to be a journalist.
You can find the original "article" here:
A Letter of thanks to Joe Paterno
Apparently because you don’t mind child-rape. And because Paterno is almost dead, thankfully.
Words such as these are thrown out there for two reasons:
1. You believe Joe Paterno, father of five and grandfather of seventeen, is about to die and you are happy about it and the sorrow that it will cause his family.
2. No one knows who you are and you are trying desperately to change that.
Thats a hard one... right Dick? I mean... Dan? It is Dan right?
Not really. The mere existence of this letter is proof that your perspective regarding the victims is warped beyond recognition.
You got us Dave... err... Dan. Dan right? 

Anyway, our perspective regarding the victims is warped beyond recognition. Thats why ProudPSUforRAINN has raised only $514,714 dollars to support the victims. Which is obviously nothing compared to what you or CBS Chicago has donated right?
Oh wait you havent donated anything yet Don?
Well certainly CBS Chicago has or at the very least has done some PSAs to raise public awareness right?


And not one of you is surprised by the allegations, just saddened — because Sandusky’s predilections weren’t much of a secret. You share no outrage.
Again you got us Dan. No one was surprised that we had an "alleged" child molester within our community. His predilections werent a secret. We obviously missed the sign on his head that said "Pedophile", and who could have missed the signs like the fact he raised millions of dollars for underprivaledged children and adopted six children of his own. I mean you look at this guys background and it just screams "PEDOPHILE!"
You, without any proof whatsoever, have now condemned the entire Penn State family and accused us all of harboring a pedophile.
You know on a side note here... I cant believe no one knows who you are. With revelations like this I'm surprised your super powers didnt lead you to State College years ago to break this up yourself.
In fact with the gift you have (Of you know, reading minds and stuff) you really should have done more Dick... err.. Dan.
Enough facts are known to condemn Joe Paterno and damn him to hell.
Which are really ... no facts. But who needs facts when your... wait whats your name again? Oh yeah. Dan Bernstein.
As soon as he said “I wish I had done more,” he admitted he chose to protect, abet and enable an alleged serial child-predator, and stood by that decision for years.
Ok so you're not that good at using quotes. No no Dan its ok. You used the right symbol around them... you just didnt use all the words. I'll help you out. He said "With the Benefit of hindsight, I wish I had done more". And I know you're a journalist and not an English major so I'll cut you a break here. That means that if he had known then what he knows now... he would have done more.
Thats where you are confused.
Now that we have established you're not an English major... maybe you should take some comprehension classes. Because that in no way means that he admitted to choosing to protect, abet or enable an alleged child predator. In fact, (Facts are those things that you dont use when you write. Google it Dan.) We know that Joe went beyond his legal responsibility to bring in Shultz, who was the director of Campus Police.
Considering Joe did not see this first hand and Mike didnt call him until the day after, not to mention Sandusky isnt Paterno's employer anymore, seems like he did someting that wasnt all of those things you said up there.
This is not a courtroom.
Amen to that and Thank God. Because the only side of a court room you deserve to be on is in the defense chair while Paterno sues you for libel and defamation of character.
We will judge as we choose, based on what we see and hear.
Right. Who cares about facts? Who needs them? In fact lets go get Joe right now. You have any rope?
The fact that you would be compelled to write this is further evidence that the Penn State community is sick.
Oh you do have a fact and I definitely agree with it.

We are sick and tired of "people"(I say that loosely) like you condemning our entire community because its the only way any one is going to give half a Damn about who you are Dan.
We are definitely sick of it Dave... err... Dan.
I can say with certainty that Paterno is remarkable, indeed,
Agreed. Now we're getting somewhere Dan.
especially in his ability to give an alleged child-rapist the run of the Penn State facilities, even as he knew he was using a charity to cultivate victims.
Again. Lets assume. Like I am going to assume from your prior statements that you have mental superpowers that should have allowed you to stop Sandusky yourself years ago.
He has also had a profound effect on any child abused by his trusted lieutenant after he understood what was happening on his watch.
His watch being that Sandusky wasnt his employee or lieutenant or whatever you would like to call him.
Does his faith teach anal rape of children in the shower?
I dont know does yours? Is this a serious question here Don?
Did he display fairness by never once acting in the interest of victims?
I believe we went over this already. Damn. Get a newspaper Dan. Search the web. Check the testimony. Oh thats right this isnt a courtroom where you have to prove anything. You just keep throwing it at the wall and hope it sticks.
This kind of blind veneration feeds the whole problem. Similar things were assumed and said about Sandusky, remember, such as when Rick Santorum sponsored him for a congressional award.
If all of these things were being said and were common knowledge than I believe everyone in the world should have done more. Especially Rick Santorum. You still got that rope Don?
And you are the university that embraced and empowered Jerry Sandusky, even after it became clear that he was a monster.
You dont spend a lot of time in Pennsylvania do ya Dale? Do you even know anyone that went to Penn State? Hrm... after this "article" you wrote I doubt you do anymore. But the Hell with them. Its time for Donny Bertenstein to get famous!
You are the campus on which tone-deaf students rioted in the wake of the scandal, causing $190,000 in property damage.
Yes, a very, very small portion of the student body went to the streets in support of Joe Paterno, not in the wake of the scandal. Did you ever stop to think that part of the reason they rioted involved people who twist words and have no use for facts? Guys... Just... Like... You?
Penn State’s new president just wants the university to be known for anything other than the unspeakable horrors it allowed.
We know what Penn State is known for. One mans actions dont change that. Not even if that one man is the superhero Dale.. ... wait... whats your name again?
This letter doesn’t exactly help him, you realize.
But it sure is helping you to get on a moral high horse and try to ride it into being someone anyone has ever heard of.
You are a missing district attorney, a governor with conflicts of interest, lazy campus police, corrupt judges, and lying administrators.
There is no rush to anything.
Really? Really Dan? The only thing that wasnt rushed here were the people rushing to their radios or the internet to read your articles before your response to this letter. 

I mean lets cut to the chase already Dan. You did this to get attention. It is actually YOU that couldnt care less about the victims. Lets look at it for what it is Dan. Since you found out about this you have done nothing to help awareness of child abuse. You have not donated one penny to any charity regarding the issue.
You have not written any articles or said any words on the radio to help victims get help. You have not offered any help of anything whatsoever.

You, in fact, are in effect using the molestation of children to try to make yourself famous.

And thats by just what we read and hear.
Sandusky joined Penn State in 1966 and started the Second Mile in 1977. The quality of Paterno’s character is on display in the grand jury reports, the perjury-case testimony, and in his own words: “With the benefit of hindsight, I wish I had done more.”
Ok. Again, about that Comprehension class we were talking about. Paterno's character has been on display for over 60 years. He has more character in one finger than you have in your entire body. The Grand Jury Report was a summary that already has been proven partially incorrect.
Like your opinion.
Like your Mom telling you that you would grow up and do something worth while one day.
I'm sure when you're near death (I will be thankful when that happens by the way) that you, too, with the benefit of hindsight will realize that even though you made desperate attempts to be an established journalist or broadcaster that anyone cared about or respected... that still no one did. You will wish you did more. You dont know that yet because you dont have the benefit of hindsight.
The Penn State Football Family
Standing proudly for those who facilitate violent sex crimes against children, because your priorities and perceptions are dangerously skewed by your identities as players. Your entire lives have been defined in too large a part by association with a college football program. Now, you are cowards – unwilling or unable to confront the cold truth that your beloved father figure was a bad man, because it causes painful dissonance in your rapidly-decaying brains.
My brain has decayed rapidly while reading your "article". Penn State will continue to stand strong. For much longer than you will be decaying my brain. Penn State's priorities lie in ventures like curing cancer and developing strong leaders and sending them out into the world.
And Dan... the only coward here is you. The guy who hid behind his keyboard and had the nerve to actually submit a piece of trash like this. The guy who stands to become more famous by using the tragedy at Penn State for his own benefit. The guy who gave nothing. The guy who added nothing to the conversation but pain.
Please let me know when you are near death so I can be thankful.
Dont write it in an article or say it on the radio because then no one will know. Who knows... maybe mention Joe Paterno's name again. Then people will care about you and your worthless existance.

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  1. Going through, reading some old opinion pieces in this blog. I found that article by Dan Bernstein, and CBS Chicago still has it posted. I left a rather long-winded comment over there. Here's what I said:

    What a journalistic hack.

    He accuses the entire Penn State community of having their "perspective of the victims warped beyond recognition." Except know...the fact that the school raises upwards of TEN MILLION DOLLARS ANNUALLY for Thon. They have raised close to a MILLION DOLLARS for child abuse awareness.

    How much has CBS...I don';t mean just the Chicago division, I mean CBS as a whole corporation...done to raise money for child abuse victims? How much has Dan Bernstein done himself to help children in anyway? Can we say hypocrite?

    He then says "there are enough facts to condemn Paterno to hell." Does Bernstein consider himself to be God, or what? Maybe he's the second coming of Christ?

    The only "FACTS" that we know of, is that Paterno said "IN HINDSIGHT I wish I had done more." "In hindsight," means "if I knew then what I know now." Meaning, he did not know!

    We also know that Curly spoke to Paterno, but it was ultimately Curly's decision. (He did use the word "I" 9 times in an email that Freeh found. What we do not know, is if this conversation even took place to begin with, and if it did, what was actually said between the two men. Unlike Freeh, I do not draw any conclusions. It is intellectually dishonest. And I have never been a judge, much less ever studied law!)

    As for the so-called "riot" that took place: Some riot. Three kids flipped over a news van, and two others had their hands on it. Meanwhile, 10,000 students were just standing around with camera phones and text messaging one another. You want to see a riot? Look at old footage from the Watt's district of LA back in the 60s. Or any amount of footage from the Middle East from any decade. Can we say "sensationalism?"

    "You are a missing district attorney, a governor with conflicts of
    interest, lazy campus police, corrupt judges, and lying administrators.
    Many different fields.

    "You are a missing district attorney?" Shows your lack of grammar skill for a so-called "journalist" right there. How did that escape your editor?

    Now all you have to do is prove that the missing DA was linked to Sandusky and how.

    As for a governor with conflicts of interest? LMFAO! As if politicians from Illinois have never had conflicts of interest! You moron, just look at the US Congress. It's full of corrupt politicians. In fact, we have a bunch of Republican Senators from any number of states that actually voted down funding for Hurricane Sandy relief! UGH!

    "Paterno's character on display:" Let's see here:

    60 years....that's SIX DECADES....probably twice as long as you have been alive...Paterno's character has been "on display." During that time, Penn State has consistently been in the top ten (usually the top 5, and more often than not #1) of graduating it's football players. Penn State has never had any issues of football players being given a pass in classes, nor assigned to "cupcake" classes. Penn State has also had no distinction between graduating black and white football players either.

    So, Dan Bernstein, what have you done with your life other than become an unethical hypocritical journalistic hack who has done nothing to help children of abuse while sitting there accusing a community that has done infinitely more than your entire organization for such a cause?

    It's a disgrace CBS still has this article posted. You seriously are embarrassing yourselves by attacking one of the most well-established universities in the nation, with such a huge number of highly respected alumni from virtually all fields of human endeavor. One of the largest, most respectable alumni the world, never mind the nation.