Thursday, August 16

2004/5 PSU MessageBoard Chat Gives Investigators New Evidence

by Barry Bozeman

A Penn State message board member has given the Screen names and names of some of Mike McQueary's friends and acquaintances to the Curley/Schultz Attorneys investigative team. These investigators have confirmed information that gives us even more doubt about Attorney General Kelly's use of Mike McQueary as the most "Credible Witness". Statements were made in chats about the 2001 locker room visit by McQueary that resulted in the current situation at PSU. 

Mike McQueary was made known to investigators in 2009 because of information posted on a message board that made it known he was an "eye or ear witness" to Sandusky in the Lasch Building showers in Feb of 2001. Remember the prosecution was insisting this was March of 2002 in the Presentment 

Few people know that Joe's conversation with McQueary happened the day after Kenny Jackson informed Joe he was leaving the staff for a job with the Steelers.  Kenny was like a son to Joe. Joe thought Mike was calling about getting Kenny's job and told McQueary that if it was about Kenny's job, he shouldn't bother coming over.  Then McQueary told him it was something else, then arrived at Joe's house and told Joe something about what he saw in the showers. 
Remember that Joe is 74 in 2001 and 84 in 2011 so he is trying to recall a 10 minute meeting a decade in the past when he testifies before the Grand Jury in Jan 2011. Joe and Mike are then both aware of several victims the Attorney General's staff is telling Mike have come forward. They want to help prosecutors any way they can. 

Sources confirm a rumor floating around that when Joe was told in Dec of 2010 that he was being subpoenaed to the Grand Jury to testify in Jan 2011 about a conversation with Mike McQueary in March of 2002 he had no idea what they were talking about. Like most aging men Joe was very protective of his ability to "be mentally sharp". The mind starts to dull as the brain ages. It happens to all of us. But men of accomplishment with strong egos are reluctant to show any weakness in their mental state. So Joe is working with Mike regularly and it's no problem for him to ask Mike "What did we talk about in this meeting in Mar. of 2002"? 

Mike has already spoken to the Grand Jury and in an effort to be helpful he is willing to tell them that he thought a sex act was taking place. When he heard the 2 or 3 slapping sounds as he entered the locker room that night sex was the first thing that ran through his mind - a coach or player and some woman are having some fun in the showers. His first impulse was to leave but when he heard no further sound he moved to his locker that gave him a view of the showers through a mirror. 

Mike never saw anything sexual in his brief 1 or 2 second glances but he did think it was something of a sexual nature from the 2 or 3 "rhythmic and sexual" slapping sounds. So MIke tells Joe "We talked about the night I saw Jerry in the shower with the young boy that I thought might be of a sexual nature'. It might have been "fondling" or something like that."

Joe is totally unconcerned that the Attorney General will be making this case about Penn State and the Football program because this "2002" event was well after Sandusky had left the coaching staff. He had no idea the Attorney General would make her blistering attack using this image and the words "He (Mike) saw a boy being subjected to anal intercourse........ and told that to Joe Paterno, Tim Curley and Gary Schultz" with this as her backdrop:

So Joe tells that grand jury exactly what MIke told him. They were the first and only words out of his mouth about the 10 minute meeting. That would be very strange without this explanation. This was a decade after a 10 minute meeting and that's all he recalls of the conversation?  Ever wonder why it took so long for them to get the date right? It's because not very many people can they recall much about a 10 minute meeting held ten years prior. 

We also have confirmation that Mike was "guilt tripped" by the Attorney General and made to believe his failure to observe Sandusky and confirm an "obvious sex act" led to the abuse of more victims.  Once he "enhanced" his testimony to the Grand Jury he was trapped and then "coerced" with threats to his father and Doctor Dranov when he balked and threatened to go public after the Nov 8 presentment. He could either be a valued state's witness or a target of the investigation with possible charges of obstruction, failure to report and/or perjury if he didn't present his story the way they wished. Mike had said it was "extremely sexual" and now that he knew this was going to destroy Joe, Tim, Gary and PSU he couldn't back out unless he wanted to be destroyed right along with them, his father, and Dr. Dranov. 

The contents of the e-mail below and the verbal information provided has been confirmed by the source at CSI investigators and I was given permission to provide this information here from my new contact and friend who sent this email. 

"To Aurabass
Thank you for all of your work in separating fact from fiction.  I want to share with you what I have been involved doing. I pointed Curley & Schultz Investigators to statements from McQueary on the (name-redacted) messageboard chat. Mike told several members of the chat what he witnessed was only horseplay.  Essentially below is how this has transpired. The time period he posted on the message board was mid-2000’s, before he met with investigators. Unfortunately chat records from what I am told are not saved but I pointed them to several individuals who were told by Mike and also told them to access Mikes PSU computer. Investigators have spoken with several individuals who witnessed Mike playing in at least two TSM golf events. Also, I've been told that Curley finds the Freeh Fiction laughable
1.There are no posts on message boards, everything was said in chat
2.Mike McQueary used to frequent the chat under the handle "xxxx"
3. His brother John is a member of the site and goes but the name "xxxxxx" He would go into the chat under the handle of "xxxxx"
4. To confirm it was actually Mike posting as "xxxx," his brother confirmed to several people and a moderator traced the IP address back to PSU.
5.Over the years, both Mike and John McQueary told posters with whom they became friends in chat the Sandusky story. Every person they spoke to said it was consistently described as "horseplay in the shower." That's why nobody ever took it any further. There was nothing sexual ever connected with it.
See my credibility below.  It’s not a Freeh cut and paste job… ;)This has been made available to the CSI investigators  where my contact works.
CSI Corporate Security and Investigations Mike's brother, John, goes by the name of xxxxxxx. Mike came into chats under various names, but he entered mostly under the name xxxx.Hope this helps.If I come across anything else I will let you know."  End quote of email
Later over the telephone the source confirms that these friends who knew Mike were aware of Mike's situation as described above the email. That the stories/rumors about his talk with Joe prior to the Grand Jury and his feeling that PSU and Joe were not going to be the target initially was true. Once Mike got in too deep trying to be helpful to Kelly he ended up feeling trapped and coerced. SMSS has good off the record sources for this information and confirmation from the investigation that they are following up on this gives us confidence that there is a high likelihood this is essentially how it happened that Joe and PSU are in this situation today.  

Someone in the chat room raised a question about Sandusky and rumors they had heard and that is what started the conversation in chat that led to Mike's statements about his 2001 locker room experience. 


1) This information from multiple participants in these 2004 - 2005 chats on a message board site confirm the SMSS information from multiple sources about how Mike was found by the Attorney General's investigators. 
2) It helps to confirm our suspicion of why Mike testified to the Grand Jury as he did - "enhancing" his account in order to help the prosecution because he was made to feel guilty about later victims he might have "saved from abuse" by being more proactive and observant that night in 2001 
3) It confirms why he was uncertain about the year and month - an odd thing if he actually observed a blatant sex act that upset him - when he should have associated that event with Kenny Jackson. 
4) It lends substantial credence to the idea that once he testified under oath using "extremely sexual" he was trapped. He could be the State's hero whistle blower or he could be charged with Perjury, Failure to Report or obstruction if he tried to recant.and his father and Dr. Dranov were vulnerable as well. 
5) He was told that Joe was not a target and that's why he worked with Joe feeding him the "a sexual nature" and "fondling" lines that Joe repeated verbatim as the only words from a 10 minute meeting.
 6) It gives us the reason for the various testimonies and contradictions as he tries to soften the impact on Joe and PSU while satisfying prosecutors to avoid prosecution himself. 
7) It possibly informs us as to why Mike tried to testify to Freeh and why Freeh refused to take his testimony.  

We can only hope that the Schultz & Curley investigators, the investigators for the Paterno's and for Ryan McCombie & the players can get access to transcripts of these "chats" and anyone who happened to save one would do a great service to Joe and PSU by providing it. Anyone who is aware of these chats and can confirm or deny this representation should get in touch with aurabass AT yahoo Dot com immediately so you can be put in touch with these investigators trying to clear Joe Tim and Gary, overturn the NCAA Sanctions, and discredit the Freeh Report. 

It is stunning to us that it is being left to bloggers like us to uncover this information. We have been very lucky to have several people come forward lately with the same information. When we hear these very similar or identical stories from multiple sources and get confirmation from people close to the investigations we have a high degree of confidence in the information. Given that we know for certain the Attorney General lied in the Presentment and the Freeh Fiction is full of holes, errors and malicious untruth we feel confident that our objective opinion about what has transpired is at the very least more credible than the media. 

Do not give up hope. The road that leads up to light and truth is long but the road is there and we are on it. The prosecution has now rested for the most part and it is time to rally the defense. Keep that information flowing in our direction and we will get it out to the people who care. 

This is a good way to close - from the father of a current PSU football player devastated by the events of the past 9 months: What will it take to wake the sleeping giant? 
"Can a big enough "splash" ever be made again to turn the national media's head around? I am also not at all impressed by the inaction of what is supposed to be the "largest dues-paying organization in the world:" the PSU Alumni with over 500,000 members. What the hell are they waiting for? At the rate things are going - not kidding - Penn State could lose all accreditation soon. Who wants a degree from a university that's not even accredited anymore?"
If the sleeping giant that is the PSU alumni association ever rises up in righteous wrath at the damage done to a great institution by Kelly and Freeh - heaven help them. 


  1. THANK YOU for pursuing the truth in this story....somebody has to!

    1. Thank you Linda

      We are always appreciative of those who understand that we are trying to shine some light in this darkness.
      Never has such good - done by Joe and PSU - been so destroyed by such an array of evil and clueless "authorities" misusing their power.

    2. Just curious where this all stands at this time?

  2. Sir:

    Kudos on you work. I am a former prosecutor, bleed blue and white, and have been hanging on every word and event of this saga. After continually trying to make sense of this tragedy, and re-reading numerous transcripts, I reached the same conclusion last week: McQueary is lying and everyone else is telling the truth. Why lie? Probably from coercion, but also because of the guilt he may have felt for not doing enough himself.

    This is an epic hurt for our beloved Penn State. What makes it all the more painful is that the whole house of cards is predicated on a lie. Unreal.

    1. ddritter,
      I assure you that Mike McQueary is not the only one lying. The list of liars in this case is quite long.


    2. ddritter - it seems we have entered the same Twilight Zone episode where we can see the truth and find all the "authorities" are either blind or responsible for misleading the blind.
      Don't give up hope - we are beginning to break through one difficult deliberate ray of light at a time.

  3. Pathetic.
    You JoePalogists just don't get it.
    Nitpick all the favorable details that you want, but the horse has left the barn.
    Its borderline delusional to watch how far some of you cultists are willing to take this. And you wonder why the general public looks at you with bemusement and disgust?
    WE're laughing at you...and you don't know why.

    1. Rollo,
      Suggest you go back to your smack talking football boards or the rock you live under. Your choice.

      We don't engage with morons like you.


      P.S. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries.

    2. Could be Mr. Vicky......llllol

    3. are you guys aware who Rollo Tomasi is? It was the name one of the cops gave to the unknown assailant who killed his father in "LA Confidential". The name came to embody all the evil in the world that felt it could not be held accountable. Very appropriate.

    4. Hey Rollo meet Kaiser Soze
      and learn what real commitment is.

      Rollo Tomasi is the made up name of the purse snatcher who killed Ed Exley's Father. It is appropriate.

      Purse Snatcher

    5. Barry,

      Apparently Norman Bates and Hannibal Lecter were already taken . . .

    6. LOL - Along with Martin Vanger, Bernie Madoff, and Ted Bundy

    7. I'm just amazed to wake up one morning and find myself living in a country that accuses, tries and punishes 84 year old men in the media. Have we decided that the pre-civil rights days of lynching wasn't so bad and have determined that electronic lynching is the modern way to do things? Especially when the condemned conveniently dies of cancer?

      I may be wrong and JVP stands as accused but by all that I know to be good and right you don't destroy a man without a day in court...and that's all that I hope that Joe and the Paterno family someday gets. And before anyone says what about the victims, I believe that at least some of them would want everyone involved on Penn State administrations side to be treated fairly and by the rule of least that's how I interpret the statements from some of their attorneys.

  4. Fascinating stuff, as always. This is my first time posting here. Thank you for the work you are doing. I would like to know where is that sleeping giant (the alumni)? Their apathy annoys me to no end (PS4RS, Re-Bot, etc, members excluded. I am trying to do my part. I've joined twitter, now have 78 followers and tweet almost exclusively about PSU. It's a small ripple, I know, but my point is word is getting out there.

    1. Good for you Amy
      every little bit helps
      and Thank You


  5. Great site, it seems that there are many facts that went unreported because the public already decided to view Joe Paterno as the bad guy in all of this. I never believed that Paterno actively tried to cover up for Sandusky, and many things concluded in the Freeh report were obviously not concrete and drawn by the authors with many 'reaches'. Though you will get a backlash from many ignorant people it's nice to see that you guys are posting this stuff because the truth can be found in all of this information by anyone who takes the time to look at the facts and not the media slant.
    -Reader from Michigan

    1. Thanks Jake
      we appreciate the encouragement and support

  6. Has anyone considered the the effects of the date discrepancy with respect to the historical happenings of that particular year? The fact that the Feb 2001 and the March 2002 dates straddle the Sept 11 tragedy and that most Americans can remember what they were doing before and after that horrific event. And the effects that Sept 11 would have on diverting their interests about Sandusky and his antics?

    1. Interesting point. 9/11 was a time defining event for most of us. That is curious

  7. Ray & Barry...
    One aspect of the 'reach' to punish PSU football for Joe's 'alleged' inaction/coverup is that not one writer, blogger, PSU or NCAA
    official has ever made a clear case as to why turning Sandusky in for the 2001 incident would have been so damaging to PSU? Isn't that what they claim is the motivation for the supposed coverup? If Sandusky was turned into authorities in 2001, they would have gotten a predator off the streets, and would have been seen as heroes, going against their tendencies to coverup for one of their own, and doing the right thing despite the possible negatives.
    No one has ever discussed this issue, and I simply don't understand why. Exactly how would turning him in have endangered the program??? It's the basis for all the blame, and the link to huge punishment. Please illucidate...

    1. Exactly right Steve. I have mentioned that in a few of my articles.
      Particularly in reference to 1998 when JS was already on his way out in the Jan 1998 meeting when he was informed he would not become HC.
      And in 2001 he was no longer a part of PSU's staff.

      Seems like good publicity to turn in a pedophile

  8. I would love to know what John McQueary and Dr Dranov think about what's happened. They've been surprisingly quiet thru this and I betcha they know more than they've said.

  9. Great investigative work as always Barry. Thanks for all you do for the cause of truth and justice!



    In July of 2011, victim 6 and victim 2 dined with the Sandusky’s at a restaurant. This is odd because Zachary would have already been working with the AG office. V 2 wrote a letter of support for JS which was published in a newspaper or magazine, and also one to William Ryan, who was officially the AG of PA at the time of the March 31 Sara Ganim leak.


    deleted address
    May 1, 2011

    Dear Attorney General Ryan:

    Listen to Matt! Those investigating Jerry Sandusky should listen more to his adopted son, Matt, and less to Jerry’s accusers.
    “ My life changed when I came to live here,” says Matt Sandusky in a (12/20/1999) Sports Illustrated article. “There were rules, there was discipline, there was caring. Dad (Jerry) put me on a workout program. He gave me someone to talk to, a father figure I never had. I have no idea where I would be without him and Mom (Dottie). And they’ve helped so many kids besides me.”

    I am one of those many Second Mile kids who became a part of Jerry’s ‘family’. He has been a bet friend, tutor, workout mentor and more. We’ve worked together, competed together, traveled together and laughed together. I lived with Jerry and Dottie for three months. Jerry’s been there for me for 13 years; and stood beside me at my senior parent’s football night.

    I drove twelve hours to attend his mom’s funeral. I don’t know what I would have done without him.

    Attorney General Ryan, please listen to what Matt said and closely examine the history and record of the people that are accusing Jerry!

    Respectfully submitted,

    {real name of victim two omitted}

    Victim 2 also showed up in Joe Amendola’s office, with a brother and his mother, offering himself as a witness for Jerry. An FBI trained investigator working for the defense took down his statement that he was the person in the shower, and knew there was concern during that time period over shower in 2001, but said nothing happened other than horsing around. JS never knew who the person reporting that incident was until it came out publicly to Mike McQueary.


    Somehow, between the time he appeared in Amendola’s office and the trial, this former friend came into contact with attorney Shubin and transformed into a "victim".

    Linda Kelly continued to repeat the lie that victim 2 was unknown. Amendola decided not to call him as a witness. The prosecution, knowing that he wasn’t the advertised ten year old rape victim, didn’t call him either.


    Linda Kelly referred to the “unknown” victim and the witnessed “incident” in 2001, even though McQueary had testified at trial what he remembered he saw, which was Sandusky and a boy of about ten showering together as well as his assumptions. McQueary said JS saw him, but that wasn’t true. JS wasn’t aware of the identity of the reporter of the 2001 shower for ten years, up until MM was called into grand jury. JS had cordial relationships MM, and MM participated in a Second Mile fundraising golf tournament with JS months after the sighting, and again in 2003 when they conversed and joked.

  11. As a leader your responsible for what goes on during your watch hence the phrase "The Buck Stops Here".

    But has anyone questioned whether this Third Circuit Chief Judge Smith was ever advised of what was happening there as he was or is a professor at PSU or the roles that the Rendell's the Governor and "First Lady" also a federal judge and I believe associate or honorary professor at PSU played because the Kids for Cash report indicated that those preceding cases in Luzerne County wer an anomaly and prosecuted as a tax evasion case rather than a false imprisonment civil rights case. (Then to take it one step further the rumors surrounding Judge Scallia's death.)

    Also as a PA taxpayer I ask how is it that damages were paid by "The State" which I always understood enjoyed immunity from such actions when in the Kids for Cash civil cases the State wasn't sued because it enjoys immunity. Further, how is it that do so many victims in the Kids for Cash I guess around 4,000 are awarded a total of 6 million dollars (my estimate b4 costs and fees) when so few 10 or so get over 100 million from a defendant that is immune form civil suit. Now that's a cover up.