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Another Excellent Analysis of Freeh's Fiction

Another Excellent Freeh Report Analysis 

Analysis Reveals Freeh Report Wrongfully Condemns Paterno 

by Edward Monk 

I have been waiting for someone to say the obvious, but no one has.   So here it is.   The condemnatory conclusions that the Louis Freeh Report stated about the conduct of Head Coach Joe Paterno of Penn State University are not supported by the facts recited in Freeh's Report.  Nor are those conclusions supported by the written findings of the Centre County Grand Jury in its Presentment of November, 2011.   I have heard and read many media accounts of the 267 page Freeh Report, but remarkably little effort has been given to a thoughtful analysis and consideration of it.

Freeh's law firm was retained as Special Investigative Counsel (SIC) by the Penn State trustees, who had fired Paterno, to conduct a wide-ranging study around the extensive and horrific crimes committed against boys by former PSU assistant coach Jerry Sandusky.   As described by Freeh, former head of the FBI, in his press conference of July 12, the SIC consisted of former law enforcement lawyers and officials.   I believe information cited in the Report arguably justifies the conclusion that two or three of the university administrators above Paterno failed to act with proper regard for the welfare of Sandusky's 2001 victim and for potential future victims.   However, the Report unjustifiably conflates Paterno's behavior with that of his employers and adopts untenable conclusions regarding him.

Consider the SIC's three basic criticisms of Paterno:

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BIG WEEKEND PUSH at PSU for SMSS & Framing Paterno

The First Home Football Game on Sept 1 at PSU will mark a big push by this website, The Freehdom FightersFraming Paterno.comPS4RSWalter Uhler, and those who support our efforts to right the wrongs done to PSU and Joe Paterno with the acceptance of many members of the Board of Trustees. We will be supporting Eileen Morgan's full page ad in the Centre Daily Times and John Zieglers Documentary Filming.

First: The Second Mile Sandusky Scandal Website in concert with Framing and Walter Uhler will have a tailgate from 9am on Saturday until there is no one left following the game. 

THE SECOND MILE SANDUSKY SCANDAL website will feature LIVE BLOGGING of pictures and information about the SMSS Framing Paterno TailGate all day Saturday at this location. 
Anyone taking pictures of the event should send them with your comments to 

The Location of the Tailgate will be:
SOUTH RED LOT close to the Bryce Jordan Center. Space 2472 Facing Dauer Drive - Under the Banner you see atop this website. 

Please drop by the tailgate before or after the game to do the following:
1) Meet Ray Blehar - co-author of the SMSS Website, John Ziegler of John, and Walt Uhler of - all contributing members of the Framing bloggers along with this author.

ATTENTION TO THOSE ATTENDING THE TAILGATE: Civility is the rule of the day. Civil discourse only. Do not respond or get in heated arguments with those who do not share our point of view. If someone who disagrees with our view threatens you, find a policeman. Do not take matters into your own hands. We will obey any and all requests from the police and/or the Penn State staff working the parking lots, as well as the fans who are tailgating near us.

2) John Ziegler and his film crew will be filming for the Documentary announce yesterday in the Centr Daily Times.  John, Ray, Walt and other Freehdom Fighters will be looking to meet anyone with information about the situation that might be of interest to this website and the documentary. 

3) Kevin Slaten will be on hand to glean information for his radio program. 

4) Eileen Morgan will make an appearance to promote her Full Page Advertisment in the Centre Daily Times  and meet other interested alumni along with other members of the Freehdom Fighter's and contributors to the Second Mile Sandusky Scandal website. 

5) On Sunday John Ziegler and Ray Blehar will be interviewing people for the Documentary. In addition to the interviews already scheduled we urge anyone who can help with our mission to establish the truth about The Second Mile, The Freeh Fiction, The malicious destruction of PSU and Joe Paterno, and about the truth concerning the McQueary event or the DPW/CYS investigation in 1998 to come forward and have their story told. Those who would prefer to remain anonymous can rest assured their identity will not be revealed if that is their wish. If you know anyone with relevant information about the internal workings at The Second Mile and any investigation of Dr. Raykovitz and his wife we urge you to ask them to meet with John and Ray. 

Those people with information about the chat room posts of the McQueary's or any statement that supports the revelation he only spoke of horseplay with no sexual overtones is going to be critical to right the wrong done to Joe Paterno by Louis Freeh, the media, and the Board of Trustees. We intend to continue to pursue the TRUTH unlike the obvious Freeh Fiction. 

7) This will be the first of several SMSS Tailgates and events to be held on football game days this Fall. Any Contribution you care to make to this effort will go toward the purchase of more of the T Shirts, Bumper Stickers, Advertisements and investigations along with the operation and maintenance of this website. Please use the DONATE button on the top right of the site.  


Eileen Morgan's Full Page Ad Letter

A letter written by  Eileen Morgan appears as a full page ad in the Centre Daily Times

Dear Penn State Board of Trustees,

it is apparent you want us, the Alumni, to move forward. You implore us to move forward. Here is a simple fact. We can and will move forward, and will join you on a united front, if one of two things occurs. We will move forward if: 1) indisputable evidence surfaces that clearly shows Joe Paterno knew that Jerry Sandusky was molesting boys since 1998/2001 and did nothing to stop him, (it is evident that the findings of your $6.5 million Freeh report were not factually derived: ( or 2) You admit your hasty decisions starting back in November 2011, (including firing Joe Paterno, accepting the Freeh Report, and agreeing to the NCAA sanctions) were a mistake, made under pressure and not based on truth, and that, most importantly, you did not act in the best interest of Penn State University.

One day you will have to look in the mirror and admit that you allowed this debacle to spin out of control. In November 2011, Penn State had no crisis management in place, so the media naturally turned to Joe, the face of Penn State, but he was allowed to say very little. The media applied pressure and once you, the Board, fired Joe, that was all the world needed to conclude: He must have been guilty of a cover-up. You, the Trustees, were distancing yourselves from anyone the media labeled as ‘guilty’ so you could come out smelling like roses. Then you hired Freeh to validate your firing of Joe and again to make yourselves look like the good guys. Did it not once occur to you that, by making the icon of your own university take the fall, with no evidence of wrongdoing, you were potentially destroying the university? (NCAA sanctions, economic suicide, lawsuits, accreditation fallout) It seems you were anxious for so long to get rid of Joe that you could not wait to throw the last jab. And here you are reaping what you sowed.

There will never be unity between the Alumni and the Board until you start admitting your mistakes or until all of you who were active in November '11 vacate your positions, which could be years from now. You want to move on because it is too painful for you to live in this mess you made. I wonder how many of you, with the benefit of hindsight, would have done things differently the night of November 9, 2011. I'm sure it is difficult for some of you to look in the mirror or even get out of bed in the morning. We all know when we offend or do wrong to another, there are simply two choices: (wo)man up, admit our mistakes, make amends, and then move on, or sweep it under the rug and never move on. The one who was wronged can never move on until the offense is reconciled. This is why we, the Alumni, cannot and will not move on.

And now you find yourselves desperate to repair and rebuild the image of Penn State, an image which you single-handedly allowed to be torn apart. Perhaps your first course of action should be to repair and rebuild the trust within our family, and then together, we can restore the image of our great university. It is time to fight for what is right. It is time to be the leaders we have entrusted you to be. Please remember this, "a house divided against itself cannot stand."

Eileen Morgan, Fellow Concerned Alumni, and Friends of PSU

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Death to Truth

Death to Truth
by Cathy Sheffler, Proud Freehdom Fighter

Over the past year, it has become glaringly clear to me how easy it is for misinformed public opinion to condemn someone based on rumor, pass sentence, and close the case before the truth has had time to get out of bed in the morning – leaving the life and legacy of a good person in tatters, maybe forever. The ability of the media and public officials to irrationally and irresponsibly tar and feather any of us in the public square without proof and without liability is stunning.

The end of August, 2012, is drawing near. The football season starts this weekend. Joe Paterno will not be coaching Penn State football. To this date, not one piece of evidence has been revealed that proves that Joe Paterno did anything wrong related to Jerry Sandusky’s crimes.

  • The Grand Jury did not see reason to indict Joe Paterno.
  • The Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has not presented credible proof that Paterno did anything wrong.
  • Pennsylvania State Police Commissioner, Frank Noonan, has not presented credible proof that Paterno did anything wrong.
  • The Governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Corbett, has not presented credible proof that Paterno did anything wrong.
  • The Pennsylvania State University Board of Trustees has not presented credible proof that Paterno did anything wrong.
  • Neither Sally Jenkins nor Sara Ganim, nor any other so-called journalist, has presented credible proof that Paterno did anything wrong.
  • Louis Freeh has not presented credible proof that Paterno did anything wrong.
  • The NCAA has not presented credible proof that Paterno did anything wrong.
  • The Big Ten has not presented credible proof that Paterno did anything wrong.
  • NO ONE has presented credible proof that Paterno did anything wrong. 
And yet, a recent surveyof public opinion demonstrated that people are disappointingly ignorant of the facts in this situation and think that Joe Paterno not only did something wrong but was the architect of Penn State doing something wrong. Most barely know who Jerry Sandusky is and know nothing about The Second Mile, the charity that Sandusky founded and used to procure his victims. But they are sure that Paterno is guilty.

How Does this PSU BOT want to be Remembered?

A Freehdom Fighter emails the Board of Trustees 

Subject line:  Do You Really want to be remembered as the BOT that...Please  Read

Do you really want to be remembered as the BOT who allowed the LIE and Falsehood that PSU should be known as Pedophile State U and the University that let a Pedophile roam free for 14 years for the next 50 years or so?  These are 2 of the biggest LIES and Falsehoods there are.

I can’t believe Business People of such standing would even consider letting these LIES and FALSEHOODS survive.  And they will for well over 50 years.  Is that what you want to be remembered by?  The BOT that allowed PSU to be falsely tarnished for decades to come.  REALLY?

Tuesday, August 28

Walt Uhler's Media Clown Show

 Media Clown Show Stupifies Minds About Penn State

It started with the grand jury report released in November 2011. First, very few Americans knew that the grand jury report was a summary of testimony, not a transcript of testimony. Second, very few Americans knew that New York State chief judge Sol Wachtler once said: “a grand jury would ‘indict a ham sandwich,’ if that’s what you wanted.” Third, America’s news media did nothing to enlighten them.
Read On - Walter Uhler's Clown Show  

Straight From Jessi's Heart - We Are

An Open Letter to the Media:

Your claim to understand the "Penn State Culture" is a bit like taking a picture of the Eiffel Tower and calling yourself a Frenchman.  The truth is, few of you have ever visited Happy Valley, and those who have were only there for football. You have never braved a State college winter, smuggled a chicken cosmo out of a dining hall, pulled an all-nighter at the Diner, listened to reggae on the HUB lawn or felt a deep loss when it was announced that elms couldn't be saved.  You may know how the phrase "We Are" came to be, but you will never understand what it means.  

WE ARE the millions who loved our coach, not because we were blinded by football fever, but because we looked beyond the football field.  WE saw the millions of dollars the Paterno family gave to academic projects.  WE saw the "Grand Experiment" become institution-wide, with academic honors and graduation rates for all Nittany Lion athletes exceding those of the general student population at nearly every major university.  WE saw Ki-Jana Carter lose a Heisman and our team lose rankings because Joe refused to run up the score against our opponents and because he called you out on your inane questions and the many times you misquoted him or took his words out of context.  

WE ARE appalled by your characterization of our football program and its staff as "win-at-all-costs."  WE supported them during the lean years at the beginning of the last decade when you were calling for JoePa's head.  WE saw a program that continued to garner blue-chip recruits without promising them early starts and while making it clear to them that they would be held to a higher standard of academic performance and personal conduct than their counterparts at other top programs.  WE saw that staff pass on some extremely talented players who were unwilling to do it The Penn State Way.  WE saw our star receiver dismissed before a bowl game for skipping class.  WE knew the bye weeks were important to our coach because he wanted to give his players time off to study for midterms, even with the Michigan game coming up.

WE ARE the ones who endured years of barbs about our coach's age.  WE heard you call him senile, say the game had passed him by, he has lost control, he is out of touch.  And now WE hear you call him the mastermind of a criminal coverup that fooled everyone for years on end.  WE know that Sandusky's hasn't had an office right down the hall from Joe for thirteen years.  We know that "liability" is more likely to refer to bodily injury than risk of molestation.  WE have read the Freeh report in its entirety and have used the skills WE honed at Penn State to critically examine the "evidence."

WE ARE, WE always will be, and WE will never allow you to define us.

Monday, August 27

PSU BOT - Corbett Clones & Cronies

from Freehdom Fighter and researcher Liz  ---- Thank you Liz 

Links between Surma & Peetz:  
Two of the top Corbett Clones and Cronies on the BOT 


Garban and Surma 

John P. Surma was elected to PSU board in 2007, and became Vice Chair of PSU board in 2010.
John Surma was on the board of Mellon Bank.  He announced his retirement from that board in February, 2012  John P. Surma current: CEO US Steel for 8 years. Total of 15 years with company. Total compensation for latest fiscal year: $6.4 million  Total compensation for last 5 years: $33.9 million.  
John P. Surma is ranked 195th out of 206th in Performance vs Pay for his industry according to the latest Forbes CEO Compensation analysis with 1 being the most efficient rank and 206 being the least efficient rank.

Jessi Lillo's Serious Sarcasm - Laugh Cry or Scream?

What is REALLY Wrong in the World- College Football

Tear down JoePa's statue? Abolish Penn State football? Close down the University? Yes, wonderful ideas. But only a beginning. 

Right after that we need to tear down Mt. Rushmore, the Washington monument and any other statue, building, park or plaque that honors or bears the name of any of our elder statesmen who owned slaves. After all, these men and those in their employ systematically raped, tortured and starved the generations of human slaves they owned. We must then redesign all of our currency because nearly every coin or banknote depicts one of these despicable humans. No matter that recalling and exchanging all U.S, hard currency will completely crash our economy (so what, those guys were bastards and our currency is offensive because of it?) because step 4 of the plan involves burning the Constitution. Those jackasses considered Blacks three-fifths of a person and allowed those they governed to hang, beat and rape Black citizens for nearly 200 years without penalty.

Next, we must go after the churches. Start with the Catholic churches, since they allowed their priests to molest thousands. Also, their superiors at the Vatican not only harbored Nazi's, but profited immensely from it. Anne Frank wasn't the only child to die in the concentration camps, you know.

Now that the little stuff (slavery, the Holocaust, institutional racism and rape by men of God) is obliterated, we can move on to what is REALLY wrong in the world- college football.

The ACC, Big Ten, and NCAA must go. One of these bodies allowed the other two to acquire universities with documented institutional cover-ups of multiple rapes and other crimes by their football players and staff. Granted, these crimes were against women and therefore not heinous enough to warrant the firing of a coach or anything, but we must wipe them out anyway. Carnegie Mellon has to go too. Do you know how many children were exploited and killed during the industrial revolution?  Military academies, seeya!  Anyone remember My Lei?

I hope I'm not leaving anyone out, but the whole Penn State scandal has me so righteously indignant and morally superior that I can't look at the big picture. I'll try to get there, but without the Constitution or free enterprise, there will be no media to tell me what to think.


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Freeh Cover-Up Exposed: Joe Paterno is no Louis Freeh.

by John Hudock - retired federal investigator and Freehdom Fighter. 

The Sad Case of Fredrick Whitehurst  - vilified by Louis Freeh and finally vindicated, Whitehurst blew the whistle on the FBI lab and Freeh tried to cover it up - Maybe that's why Freeh is so quick to believe there was some cover up at Penn State because that is what he would have done. But Joe Paterno is no Louis Freeh. editor

This is a some very interesting research on Freeh.  It requires a lot of reading from the attached links; however, it is insightful regarding Freeh.  You must also watch the videos in one of the links to really get a full understanding into the importance of what FBI Supervisory Special Agent Dr. Frederic Whitehurst's plight, and eventual vindication.
I am submitting this information for your consideration concerning information that has the potential to alter the perception of the Freeh Investigation, and Mr. Freeh

A recent statement by FBI Supervisory Special Agent (SSA) Dr. Frederic Whitehurst:
“.....He (Freeh) did everything in his power to cover them up,” referring to the many mistakes made by FBI forensic specialists in their analyses, particularly their analyses of hair. The protocol used in the analysis was found to be seriously flawed and unprofessionally applied. The outcome was that many were convicted and sentenced to long imprisonments on the strength of unreliable testing............Whitehurst charged that, 'In light of the most recent revelations about FBI lab failures requiring 10,000 more cases to be reviewed we should read of this pot (Freeh) calling the pan black.'..............'While I was reporting issues at the FBI crime lab, FBI Director Louis Freeh was doing every thing he could to shut me down including coming at me with proposed criminal charges, referrals for fitness for duty (psych evals), destroying my career, moving me around the lab like a rag doll, ruining my wife's career. This man has no conscience and he is accusing Penn State managers of not taking any steps. He ought to be ashamed. Before the lab scandal is over you will find that Freeh was right in the middle of it. He did EXACTLY what the Penn State folks did.'........."

Penn State / Louis Freeh (Part III)

By William Fisher
(Please go to the Archive, July 17th, PSU/ Louis Freeh III )  William Fisher managed economic development programs for the US State Department and the US Agency for International Development in the Middle East, Latin America and elsewhere for more than 30 years.  He served in the international affairs area of the administration of President John F. Kennedy.

"A Lone Voice Crying for Justice"
Former FBI SSA Dr. Frederic Whitehurst, who is he, one may ask:
"........Prior to joining the FBI, he volunteered for three active combat tours with the Army during the Vietnam War. He received a number of military honors while serving in Vietnam, including four Bronze Stars and the Army commendation medal. He was also offered, but declined to accept, a Purple Heart. His war record was summarized by his commanding officers in his official military performance rating................After his honorable discharge from the military, Dr. Whitehurst obtained a B.S. degree in Chemistry in 1974 from East Carolina University and in 1980 received a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Duke University Graduate School. He then performed post-doctoral research in chemistry at Texas A&M University from 1980 to 1982......"
(Taken from statement by Dr. Whitehurst's lawyer, Stephen M. Kohn, Chairman, National Whistleblower Center and Private Attorney for Dr. Frederic Whitehurst; 3233 P Street, N.W., Washington, D.C.20007, (202) 342-6980,  Dated: May 12,1997 in front of the U.S. U.S. House of Representatives Committee on theJudiciary, Subcommittee on Crime about : SSA Dr. Frederic Whitehurst)

**** Interesting to note (from above link, and speaking about Dr. Whitehurst):  ".....In addition to his army commendations, at the age of 17 he was awarded the Navy-Marine Corps Medal for Heroism for risking his life to save a person drowning in a frozen lake. It is our understanding that at the time of the award he was the youngest person ever to obtain this honor. Exhibit 2 (newspaper article appearing in the January 17, 1965 edition of The Virginian-Pilot)........."Reference the below list link for additional biographical information on Dr. Whitehurst

Not only did Dr. Whitehurst save a life, early in his life, but he preserved two wartime diaries of a female Viet Cong doctor which led to a series of some amazing events (Please also listen to the audio embedded within an article published by the Stanford School of Medicine):

Excerpts from a Vietnamese doctor's wartime diaries

The following information was published by The National Whistleblowers Legal Defense & Education Fund (On their Blog, July 11,2012):
"Readers of The Washington Post found out this morning that the FBI and DOJ are launching the largest post-conviction case review in American history.  ................Readers of the Whistleblower Protection Blog know that this review should have begun twenty years ago when Dr. Frederic Whitehurst first exposed problems in the FBI crime lab......"
In another posting entitled, "Another Hidden Victim Freed In FBI Scandal" (Dec 28, 2009)
"A D.C. Superior Court judge recently released Donald E. Gates, who spent 28 years in prison for a murder and rape he did not commit.  The court also expunged Mr. Gates' conviction after it was determined that the government's expert, FBI crime lab examiner Michael P. Malone, lied about the hair and fibers evidence that Malone claimed linked Gates to the rape and murder................Not reported in the Washington Post or other media coverage of the Gates case, is the role of Dr. Frederic Whitehurst in uncovering the misconduct of Malone. In the mid-1990s, Dr. Whitehurst blew the whistle on Malone for lying under oath to help remove Judge Alcee Hastings from the federal bench. In 1997, the U.S. Department of Justice Inspector General confirmed Dr. Whitehurst's allegations that Malone lied under oath and the IG raised questions about the work of a dozen other FBI lab examiners who Whitehurst also reported to the IG for misconduct......."

 (You need to scrolldown to the aforementioned posting from this link)
Also please watch the ABC news videos in the link below about what Dr. Fredric Whitehurst was able to accomplish:
"CBS News recorded this piece just after the Justice Department Inspector General validated Dr. Whitehurst’s concerns of Crime Lab misconduct. The Inspector General report could have settled the issue, but the problems that Dr.Whitehurst reported, starting with his first whistleblower disclosures over 20years ago, unfolded into the deep, drawn-out tragedy described in today’s Washington Post.........(Note that Dr. Whitehurst was paid $1.6 million by the FBI to shut up and go away).....I’ll leave you with this powerful clip from PrimetimeLive, recorded in 1995. This is fourteen minutes well spent......"(Note in video Dr. Whitehurst receiving an award from theUnited States Attorney's Office in the presence of former Director Freeh forhis work in the First World Trade Center Bombing, and then Dr. Whitehurst's "sagaof torture for whistleblowing" begins until partial vindication in 1998)
Please read this posting as well from the Washington Post 
I do believe that it is only a matter of time before Mr. Freeh's role in this FBI Lab scandal is fully revealed.  One would think that the Freeh PSU Investigation will be revealed in a different light.

Tom -In - Paine - The Woman Who Laid Down for Freeh

The woman who laid down for Louis Freeh.

With the Freeh Report being more publicly discredited every day most recently by Tim Lewis, a former federal judge and prosecutor representing former Penn State president Graham Spanier, who characterized the report the same way its been characterized here for weeks, as a dishonest, biased, incompetent factless document with biased preconcieved conclusions drawn solely by its author, with no evidence to substantiate them, its a good time to remember that a few weeks ago, at the outset of the release of the Freeh Report, another in a long line of incompetent, dishonest and unprincipled journalists, this one, Ann O'Neill writing on CNN's web site, wrote a piece called "The Woman Who Stood Up to Joe Paterno".

another great read from Marc Rubin 

Joel Meyer PSU BoT Member Tells the Truth


Every PSU Alumni and Student should view this video and join our efforts to expose the BOT and the NCAA - Take Back your University    JOIN OUR EFFORT

The Corbett Contingent on the Board of Trustees? Suffering from battered wife syndrome? Stockholm Syndrome? NCAA punishment masochism?

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Our Lucre Be Freeh

One More Reason to Forget the Freeh Fiction -

Louis Freeh may believe in rewarding corporate thieves and swindlers and do his best to cover up their misdeeds. Maybe that's why Freeh's Fiction promoted a cover up conspiracy at Penn State. That's what Louis Freeh would have done. But Louis Freeh is no Joe Paterno

Why did Gov Tom Corbett push to have his cronies on the PSU BOT choose Louis Freeh for a 6.5 million dollar work of pure fiction? Tom and Louis are best buds from a long way back.

So add this to Louis Freeh's great work not finding Robert Hanssen for 8 years, Not stopping 9/11 when his agents informed him of the Minnesota Flight training, publicly blaming Richard Jewel for the Atlanta Olympic pipe bomb, vilifying FBI whistleblower Fredrick Whitehurst, and promoting a vicious malicious fiction against PSU and Joe Paterno for Gov Tom Corbett.

Provided by Freehdom Fighter John Hudock for your enjoyment and illumination.

Thursday, August 23

Each Freeh Key Finding is a Misleading Deception K.I.S.S

by Barry Bozeman   
Another Keep It Simple exposure of the Fantastic Freeh Fiction - Short and easy to recall. This work serves as a work of FACT to discredit a work of FICTION so defamatory and libelous it should cost Freeh every penny of the 6.5 million he received for producing it. 

Wednesday, August 22


A personal note about this effort and "who we are". Framing Paterno dot com is a collective effort of 5 of the most active writers who oppose the Freeh Fiction and the Lies of the Grand Jury Presentment - and thus the Board of Trustees members who supported Freeh and the NCAA. We KNOW that the Freeh Report is exactly as Judge Lewis said it was on Wednesday - a MYTH - and a "blundering indefensible indictment". We have known this since it was made public and we had a chance to review it's contents. 

This video is one tool to expose the Freeh Fiction for what it is. Judge Lewis's blistering critique is another as are the pages of this website. Please use this site and it's links to your advantage in spreading the word about how incredibly unequivocally inaccurate and morally reprehensible Freeh's Fiction is. The Truth is in here and on the other Framing Paterno sites. 

We do this for no pay and no reward other than the reward that comes from doing the right thing.


join us now with these simple ways to get in this fight.

Posnanski's Paterno - A Picture to Remember

The exchange below from the Posnanski Biography is honest and straightforward. Joe Paterno did not know much of anything about Jerry Sandusky and rumors about his behavior. He did not know and did not hear about 1998 and we have shown that there is NO EVIDENCE anywhere that he did. 
All Joe knew was whatever Mike told him in a 10 minuted meeting in Feb of 2001 and Mike spoke to him for 5 or 6 minutes recounting a 45 second locker room visit, 1 or 2 glances at Sandusky's backside and 2 or 3 slapping sounds perhaps using the words "a sexual nature" and "fondling' we think there is good reason to believe he was told shortly prior to his Grand Jury testimony a decade after the 2001 conversation 
This verbatim exchange is more proof of the FACT that Joe did not know anything about 1998 unless you are willing to take Freeh's complete lack of any evidence over Joe Paterno's integrity and word to his own sons. 
After reading the presentment, Scott Paterno understood how things could go for his father. In that presentment, Joe Paterno testified about a 2001 incident with Sandusky and a boy that was reported to him by then graduate assistant coach Mike McQueary.
Dad,” (Scott) asked his father again, “did you know anything about Sandusky?”
“Other than the thing Mike told me, no,” Joe answered.“Nothing? No rumors? The coaches never talked about it?”
“No, I don’t listen to rumors. Nothing.” “Dad, this is really important. If there is anything you heard ”
“I didn’t hear anything, why are you badgering me? What do I know about Jerry Sandusky? I’ve got Nebraska to think about, I can’t worry about this.”
“I had to do everything I could to not cry right then,” Scott recalled.
Jay Paterno was on the road recruiting when he got the call from Scott. He asked, “How bad is it?” Scott said, “It’s worse than anything.” Jay sat in his car in an Ohio gas station and stared into the darkness. Posnanski tells of how Paterno’s family and advisors had to beg him to read the presentment. 
According to the excerpts, Guido D’Elia, a family advisor who also worked for the university, got through to Paterno.
“You realize that people out there think you knew about this? They think you had to know because you knew about everything.”
“That’s their opinion!” Paterno shouted. “I’m not omniscient!”
“They think you are!” D’Elia roared.
Later D’Elia described watching Paterno read the presentment. “What did he know about perverted things like that? When he asked Scott, ‘What is sodomy, anyway?’ I thought my heart was going to break.” 
According to Posnanski, Scott remained adamant that his father could lose his job, expressing it to his mother Sue.
“I think you need to brace yourself,” Scott Paterno told his mother. “They could fire Dad.” “Scotty, that will kill him,” she replied.
And it did kill him so the Board of Trustee's has the last two months blood of Joe Paterno on it's hands. 
The book also reveals Paterno hardly got along with former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky — who was convicted in June of sexually abusing boys
The book also describes a hatred for Sandusky and the second half shifts to the fallout from the scandal. After reading how Paterno sobbed uncontrollably when he was fired. Joe Pa fans might take comfort reading how he came to grips with it before he died.
Posnanski quotes him as saying in their final conversation, the criticism really doesn’t matter, it really doesn’t. I know what I tried to do. Maybe everybody will see that in time, maybe they won’t, maybe they will. Judge me by what I tried to do, maybe they won’t, what difference does it make. I just hope there is justice for the victims.
 “Tension built between the two men as Paterno grew frustrated with Sandusky, whom he thought paid more attention to his charity, The Second Mile, and children than to the Nittany Lions football team. "These feelings had built into a crescendo over the years, as they sometimes do with longtime colleagues," Sandusky hated meetings, overlooked details and was uninterested in recruiting. He and his wife did not drink much alcohol, while the Paternos drank socially. "The tension between Paterno and Sandusky gurgled just below the surface," Posnanski writes. When Sandusky retired after the 1999 season, Sports Illustrated asked Sandusky if he would miss Paterno. "Well, not exactly," Sandusky responded. Despite the tension, the book maintains that Paterno never knew that Sandusky sexually abused children, and only had a vague idea that Sandusky had acted inappropriately with a boy in the Penn State showers in 2001, based on a description by graduate assistant Mike McQueary.
Reading these quotes and other information from the book it shows how wrong the Media has been about the  "all powerful God like ruler of PSU" and his omniscience. The book shows Joe as Joe - getting older still focused on football and rightfully unaware of any of the rumors about Jerry Sandusky. He knew and heard nothing about the 1998 investigation and told Tim Curley and Gary Schultz about Mike McQueary's suspicions in 2001 and what must have been a very vague and unimpressive allegation of something of a sexual nature or fondling Mike alleged in a 5 or 6 minute description out of all context. Nothing he did or did not do deserves the vilification, slander, libel and defamation he has suffered or the damage to his legacy. Louis Freeh should be ashamed and made to pay for his part in this. 

Read more here:


The Complete Critique of the Freeh Report available here 

Tim Lewis, a former federal judge and federal prosecutor, and an attorney for Spanier, called the report a "blundering and indefensible indictment" of the ex-president.

"There is nothing ... full or complete about the Freeh report as it applies to Dr. Spanier," Lewis said.

He called the Freeh report "a myth."

Tuesday, August 21

Mother of Victim 6: “This whole thing stinks so much more than we all know.”

Press reports detailing the police investigation were largely overshadowed by the events of the trial.  While we work to build a complete timeline, what we’ve uncovered so far appears to be both a cover-up and a change of direction.

In late 2010, the police sat down with mother of Victim 6 and paged through Sandusky’s book Touched.  She readily identified other boys who had often attended football games together. The mother then said something quite astonishing:

“At one point police told me they’ve had less evidence in murder cases,” she said. “I kept being told, March, April, June, October. ... The AG kept asking for more evidence. The police told me they had enough for 400 counts, but the AG wanted only 40. This whole thing just stinks so much more than we all know.”

Around the same time that police were contacting the mother of Victim 6, they also knocked on the door of assistant coach Mike McQueary and asked him if rumors were true that he’d witnessed something in the locker room on campus.   Despite rumors of McQueary meeting with police in a parking lot to confess what he knew, the grand jury presentment states otherwise – “[t]he graduate assistant was never questioned by University Police and no other police entity conducted an investigation until he testified in Grand Jury in December 2010.”

What police determined over the next 12 months, after talking to McQueary and the mother, eventually lead to interviews of Victims 3, 4, 5, and 7 by November 2011.  Victims 9 and 10 were added based on hot-line calls.   However, court documents filed by Sandusky's attorneys make references to accusers 11 through 18. 

It is possible that Victims 11 through 17 were really Victims 2 through 9 – children who the police found based on leads from Aaron Fisher - but cases got "lost" in the OAG's office's game of "musical state troopers" early in the investigation. 

Months passed with no victims being identified, then the OAG got a lucky break when Centre County DA Stacy Parks Miller tipped them about McQueary’s chat room exploits.   The OAG finally had the case it wanted -- against Graham Spanier and Penn State. 

Prosecutors focus on a “pattern”

The police told The Patriot-News that prosecutors would not file charges that don’t fit into the pattern they’ve already established.  

Which pattern would that be?

Victim 6’s mom said her son, who was was denied justice once in 1998, was almost denied justice a second time when the AG told her they were not going to file charges for the 1998 incident. 

“The state cop fought for them,” she said. “I heard it got heated, but he stood his ground because he said my son was the cornerstone of the whole case and how they got the other football boys.”
Based on the mother’s statement, the police had established a pattern for Jerry Sandusky’s abuse before they interviewed her and her son’s abuse - a pre-pubescent boy showering with Sandusky - did not fit the pattern.

The investigation started with a report of abuse by a teenager who was abused in his early teen years and the abuse continued until he was fifteen.  If Victim 6, who was 11 years old at the time of abuse, didn’t fit the pattern, then there must have been other victims, likely in puberty or in their teens that had been abused and identified to prosecutors.  

As documented in the grand jury presentment and from the trial, Victims 1, 4, and 9 were all teenagers when the abuse occurred.  Sandusky's abuse of Victim 4, that included oral sex and attempts at anal penetration, occurred over a period of years, in which Sandusky took him on overnight stays at Toftrees prior to football games and also took him to the 1998 Outback Bowl and the 1999 Alamo Bowl.  At trial, Sandusky's letters to Victim 1 were deemed to be similar to letters that would by typical of a relationship between two teenagers.  Sandusky performed oral sex on Victim 1 many times and likewise, Victim 1 did so to Sandusky.  Victim 9 stated that Sandusky attempted to engage in anal penetration on at least 16 occasions and at times did penetrate him.

Pedophile behavior is well documented and it is very likely that Sandusky’s preferred victims were teenagers.  The younger boys were being groomed for later abuse.

Testimony by retired state police Corporal Joseph Leiter, stated that Victim 4 at first refused to talk to police.  "He curled up in the fetal position on the end of his couch."  Victim 4 was 27 years old when Leiter conducted that interview.  It is reasonable to conclude that these were the victims that suffered the worst of the sexual abuse from Jerry Sandusky. 

The PA State Police Investigation Avoids Second Mile/Sandusky's Home

The Patriot News stated the discovery of the 1998 University Park Police report was the big break in the case.  However, according the the Freeh Report (page 83), the state police obtained the report on January 3, 2011 -- over two years into the investigation.  By that time all of the victims but one (Victim 8) had been identified. 

Records also show that the state police did not obtain a search warrant for the Second Mile files until January 2011 -- over two years into the investigation.  It is beyond credulity that the state police, who were investigating the founder and face of Second Mile, and whose victims were participants in Second Mile programs, did not get a warrant for Second Mile at the outset of the investigation. 

In July 2011, the AG's office filed a motion to hold Second Mile in contempt for not producing files requested through a secret grand jury subpoena.   The AG's office dropped the contempt motion in October 2011, when Second Mile produced some of the files from the early 2000s.  Other files remained missing.  A subpoena for their financial records wasn’t delivered until after Sandusky was charged on Nov. 4, 2011. 

Records also show that the state police did not get a search warrant for Sandusky's residence until June 21, 2011.  Nearly three years after the beginning of the investigation, and more than seven months after acknowledging that they had Sandusky on 400 counts of child abuse.  Again, it is well documented that pedophiles engage in the trading, distribution, and selling of child pornography over the internet, as well as use it to introduce their child victims to sexual experiences.  In 1998, Victim 6 stated that Sandusky offered to take him to his house were he had a “cool computer” and he “could sit on his lap and they could go on-line.”  The police had access to this report, as it was attached to the 1998 PSU police report, yet they waited six months to get the warrant for Sandusky's home (and his computer).

Based on information from a source on the Second Mile staff, state police did not search the offices of Second Mile or interview Second Mile staff employees from 2008 to January 2012.  

The mother of Victim 6 could not have been more right, “This whole thing just stinks so much more than we all know.”

Except that now we’re finding out.

Updated 12/6/2012

2001 Freeh Framing - Strange Evidence & Fiction

By Barry Bozeman        When Linda Kelly stood before the public on Nov 7 with pictures of Tim Curley and Gary Schultz beside Jerry Sandusky and read the horrific charges against one and perjury charges against the other's you may not have decided that Tim and Gary were guilty of perjury.. But that made it easy for Louis Freeh to further prejudice us with his report saying Schultz tried to hide a "secret file" or leaking email that supposedly supported the claims of the prosecution

Monday, August 20

Interesting Tweet about MAJOR event for BOT

this from PSU Hockey Coach Mark Horgas 

What MAJOR event that would require PR damage control will be coming this week? 

Friday, August 17

K. I. S. S. Keep it Simple - 1998 Did Joe Know Version

Like all difficult tasks one of the major problems in dealing with something like the Freeh Fiction and the entire Sandusky mess is the mind-numbing detail involved and the problem with attention and time. The details are in the links at the bottom but you can rest assured the shorter conclusions here are fully backed up and verified. So here we KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID in order to give even the short of time reader the FACTS about the FREEH FICTION.

Freeh condemns Paterno in 1998 in this vicious malicious LIE:
The evidence shows that these four men also knew about a 1998 criminal investigation of Sandusky relating to suspected sexual misconduct with a young boy in a Penn State football locker room shower. Again, they showed no concern about that victim. The evidence shows that Mr. Paterno was made aware of the 1998 investigation of Sandusky, followed it closely, but failed to take any action, even though Sandusky had been a key member of his coaching staff for almost 30 years, and had an office just steps away from Mr. Paterno’s. 
This is complete and utter NONSENSE. -
Followed it closely? You can't even prove he knew 
Freeh makes this specious claim from 2 Tim Curley emails mentioning "coach" in 1998 - that is all.

We know these are the only possibilities

1) That an 85 year old man either did not recall knowing that there was some kind of inquiry that cleared JS of any wrongdoing thirteen years in the past at the Grand Jury
2) That he truthfully answered the question posed in the Grand Jury did you know of '"any other inappropriate sexual conduct by Jerry Sandusky with young boys?"" to which he said NO
3) Since Sandusky was cleared of any inappropriate sexual conduct in 1998 an answer YES would have served Joe well because it would mean he was aware that Sandusky showering with a boy and giving him a bear hug was not deemed to be criminal by CYS DPW 2 police departments or the District Attorney.

Why does anyone have a PROBLEM with that? 
1) How in the world does it appear that Joe knew? please list evidence to that conclusion. 

2) What earthy difference does it make since Sandusky's shower bear hugs were deemed NOT CRIMINAL OR SEXUAL. 
see how Freeh's Fiction works?  "These four men also knew about a 1998 criminal investigation of Sandusky relating to suspected sexual misconduct" What these men would have known is that the conclusions made by DPW the DA and Police was NO CRIMINAL or SEXUAL MISCONDUCT. 

We view this based on the facts in evidence and the facts show that Joe - a more than decent and honorable man - did not know of the 1998 investigation 

1) MOSTLY because if he knew he would simply say YES - I knew there was a thorough investigation that concluded Jerry's showers and bear hugs were neither criminal or sexual AND 
2) FURTHER the only "evidence" Freeh could drag up from 3.5 million electronic documents and 400 interviews was two emails from Curley that mention "coach" without a single one saying "I INFORMED JOE PATERNO THAT JS WAS INVESTIGATED AND CLEARED WITH NO CHARGES" 

Here are the details of every scintilla of evidence totally revealed but all you need to know is above this line. Freeh's Statement is a VICIOUS MALICIOUS LIE - based on nothing but conjecture and 2 Curly emails mentioning 'coach'. Not one other clue leads to Joe Paterno knowing about 1998. If you need the proof here it is: