Wednesday, October 31

The Trustee Chronicles Part III - Lies and Contradictions

Voices of the Board of Trustees - Deceptions, Contradictions and Failure.                By Linda Berkland - SMSS FREEHdom Fighter

       For the past year, Penn State’s Board of Trustees has promised a new culture of openness and transparency.  As part of this new era, the Board has; allotted time at their meetings for public comments and questions, spoken openly to student groups and organizations and held several press conferences.  

Despite these initiatives (or perhaps because of them), a significant portion of the Penn State community continues to feel misled and deceived. What they have is a failure to communicate and a serious case of foot in mouth disease brought on by an inability to rationally justify decisions that are wholly unjustifiable. 

Friday, October 26

A Humble Buckeye - and the Sandusky Scandal

Here on tOSU weekend is a post by the HumbleBuckeye from Black Shoe Diaries –

a favorite of my from back in the days when I frequented that site for some great

discussions about the Sandusky Scandal. I miss some of those people a great deal 

since I’m no longer allowed to post there. Here’s one example of a civilized outsider 

appropriate to this weekend.  


Why I cheer for PSUevery week... except this week

Tuesday, October 23

Chairman Peetz - Your Time is Up.

YOUR TIME IS UP -Growing Opposition Threatens PSU Board of Trustees 

Chairman Peetz
A revealing exchange illustrates the complete lack of concern on the part of Penn State Board Trustees that the Freeh report may be seriously flawed according to a growing number of serious critics. An exchange involving Karen Peetz - Chairman of the PSU Board of Trustees and attendee Patty Kirschner and at the regular bi-monthly board meeting in mid-September 2012 demonstrates a lack of awareness of the situation.  

PATTY KIRSCHNER: The Freeh report has been widely criticized by faculty, students, lawyers and journalists, they claim it's faulty in its process, facts and conclusions. Since this report has wrought such devastating harm on Penn State has the board engaged in a detailed review of the report? If not, why not? 
Why are you moving forward implementing its recommendations without determining its validity? Several detailed independent reviews of the Freeh report, have been provided to you or will be provided to you. Do you plan to review these and undertake an objective review? Thank you.

Wednesday, October 17

Charlatan Victims

HOW QUICKLY THINGS CHANGE - we are reminded that there is much more to come.

This story is likely to destroy the last shred of credibility that Mike McQueary had for his Feb 2001 story. MIke already destroyed his own accounts by all the variations in his story. See a fairly complete accounting of his changing story HERE - LINK,  The only remaining thing Mike had going for his story was the idea that Victim 2 was actually abused that night even if Mike never saw it.. Now it appears that not only was he not abused but he isn't victim 2. 

Shortly after the end of the Jerry Sandusky Trial we were greeted by a plethora of articles stating Victim 2 in JerrySandusky case comes forward, plans to sue Penn State  

Read more here:

These articles were accompanied by what was termed "Chilling Phone Calls" that in reality appear to be anything but chilling:

Monday, October 15

Trustee Chronicles - Part 1

Conflicts and Interests

by Jessi Lillo

When he was pressed by students about the Consent Decree at the September 19 Town Hall Meeting, President Erickson referred to the Don VanNatta Jr. ESPN article as an accurate accounting of the process, and discounted any controversy.

Rodney Erickson Addressing NCAA Sanctions

Most PSU supporters who read this article, and several quoting Dr. Ray, came away with a renewed and righteous anger at Dr. Emmert and the NCAA.  

Saturday, October 13

Where We Stand and Why We're Here

Where WE stand, and Why We’re Here
the FREEHdom Fighters.

For followers of this blog, its time we provided an update and some perspective on where WE are as an organization standing as a voice of dissent in the rush to judgment against Penn State.  Most of the country believes they have the real story, have drawn their conclusions, and closed the door on this scandal.  Sandusky’s sentencing was just one more deadbolt sealing that door.  But it’s far from over.  The general public has lost sight of, and compassion for, the immediate victims of Jerry Sandusky’s actions, as well as the many, many thousands of victims for whom this saga is an ongoing matter of daily life.  Perhaps as importantly, good people have been condemned outside the realm of justice.

For many contributors to the story it was never about “the kids”, but a one of a kind, sensational news event with the potential to bring down an institution, and a man who was the least deserving of a campaign of accusation and derision as anyone connected to the scandal.  Some people will re-engage when a new tidbit of information emerges regarding the case, many won’t bother.  We’re here to keep this ongoing injustice in the forefront of public consciousness, and to help those with the necessary standing to take action in correcting these injustices.

Free The Nittany Lions by Keith Nelson

Just released in paperback - available on e-bay.  FREE THE NITTANY LIONS 

Dr. Keith Nelson's book provides examples of other cases of rules violations by member institutions, the procedures, and the penalties that resulted from the violations.  It is an easy read and points out how Mark Emmert became judge, jury, and executioner of Penn State Athletics.  Keith also provides a very interesting analogy between Gene Marsh - the man PSU called upon to "help" them negotiate with the NCAA - and a Trojan Horse. 

Keith Nelson
Professor of Psychology
Penn State University
414 Moore Building
University Park, PA 1680

Friday, October 12

Rant Kingdom

If you like a clear concise and stinging critique of the whole Freeh BoT NCAA Linda Kelly/Tom Corbett Second Mile MISTAKE then RANT KINGDOM is a great place to visit.

We are adding Rant Kingdom as a featured link here on SMSS for it's concise quality as opposed to quantity. Give the Rant Kingdom a visit - it's worth the time. 

a sample by the way of the rantking's Rules of Engagement. 

Rules of Engagement

1. My blog, my rules.
2. I don't mind a heated debate...I'm Irish. However, I have zero tolerance for personal attacks...on anyone...or random outbursts under the guise of passion for a cause.
3. I actually don't mind if someone proves me wrong. The operative word being "proves." I would rather not travel down the wrong path for any great length of time.
4. I aways try to be clear on issues of fact vs. opinion.
5. I ask a lot of questions that people don't seem to be willing or able to answer.
6. I am an advocate of due process and free speech.
7. I'm not fond of anonymity in an open exchange of points...but, I get it.

Obviously, this is intended for posts that are directed towards controversial issues.
- I can always wax on philosophically about almost anything.
- I may submit the occasional cartoon or photo for your amusement.

Sam Janesch - The Daily Collegian

Three months since the Freeh Report's release, questions still being raised

Three months ago today, Louis Freeh stood in the spotlight, revealing his report’s findings of a massive cover-up by Penn State university officials in the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse case. Though three months have passed, the fight against Freeh’s report hasn’t stopped.
Chairman of the Board of Trustees Karen Peetz announced at the Sept. 14 meeting that the board would not officially review the $6.5 million report, though others have not relinquished that scrutinizing eye.
Following Freeh’s report release, the board immediately accepted the conclusions, a statue was torn down, unprecedented NCAA sanctions were levied and widespread criticism erupted against a university with a longstanding history of “Success With Honor.”
As a result, members of the Penn State community and non-Penn Staters alike have since taken this fight into their own hands.

Monday, October 8


You be the Jury - Here is my case with an opportunity for you to present yours. 
by Barry Bozeman

WE have challenged certain statements and charges involving Presentment of the Attorney General, The Freeh Report, the Perjury Charges against Tim Curley and Gary Schultz and various other contentions by the Media, the PSU Board of Trustees, the Governor and the NCAA. The Second Mile Sandusky Scandal website and the FREEHdom Fighters invite your participation as we test the verisimilitude of certain theories and hypotheses. 

AS AN EXAMPLE:  Your challenge with this first test is to read the following material and to offer any alternate theory you wish to compose and we will cover it. 

Saturday, October 6

The Media's Penn State Bias

MORE MEDIA BIAS   - why do all these stories refer to Sandusky former PSU coach instead of Sanduskey former Charity Founder and Champion of The Second Mile?  That was his job since 1977.

Sandusky was not a Penn State Coach or employee since 1999.

Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky is sentenced to 30 to 60 years ...
The Seattle Times - ‎13 hours ago‎
Ex-Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky is sentenced to 30 to 60 years | College football. Jerry Sandusky, former Penn State assistant football coach, was sentenced to 30 to 60 years in prison for the serial sexual molestation of 10 adolescent boys.

Thursday, October 4

SMSS EXCLUSIVE - We have pictures

by Barry Bozeman, Ray Blehar & the FREEHdom Fighters.

FINALLY after weeks of trying the FREEHdom Fighters have managed to get these pictures for an exclusive release to our viewers/readers. The party that provided these to us wants only donations to go to the Legal Fund that will be used to sue the NCAA and Louis Freeh. Please hit the DONATE button to the right with a small contribution to carry this fight to the NCAA and FREEH.

WE are going to show you 10 images of the Lasch Locker room along with the various versions of testimony under oath of Mike McQueary.about the night of  Feb 9, 2001.

Attorney General Linda Kelly claimed in her press conference last November 7th that Mike McQueary "saw a boy being subjected to anal intercourse" in this locker room on the Penn State campus.
Video of the Linda Kelly Press Conference 

Athletic Director Tim Curley and VP for Finance Gary Schultz were charged with perjury for their testimony before a grand jury. After reading this you should decide for yourself who the perjurer really is.

Tuesday, October 2

The "scene of the crime" - a Mystery and a Reward


Wonder why we've never seen a picture, layout, diagram or model of the Lasch Locker room where Mike McQueary says he "saw a boy being subjected to anal intercourse"? It's hard to recall a circumstance where the visual media hasn't overwhelmed the public with pictures of crime scenes.

So is there some reason to have hidden the locker room from public view?

Why wouldn't the factFreeh Fiction contain a picture of the locker room area to confirm the McQueary account?

The media evidently was invited to view the exhibits following the Sandusky trial but they were not allowed to be copied. We now have the transcripts and know that Mike McQueary was shown pictures during his testimony but not one media source bothered to give us a picture of the crime scene with the lone exception of this dark fuzzy image of the interior of a shower room. Why would the court refuse to have copies of pictures of the locker room area available for the media?

This photograph was posted in a video by MSN and it turns out to not be from the right locker room
the showers in the McQueary locker room are much smaller 

One news story informs us about planned renovations to erase the scene of the crime 
It was the site of one of the most graphic instances of sexual abuse by Jerry Sandusky, according to the testimony of former Penn State assistant football coach Mike McQueary. And a university spokesman told The Associated Press Friday that renovation plans are in place for the Lasch Football Building, including remodeling the shower and locker room area. It was in the Lasch Building shower where McQueary said he witnessed Sandusky sodomizing a young boy in 2001 when McQueary came to the locker room late one February evening. McQueary testified against Sandusky during the former Penn State defensive coordinator’s criminal trial, which resulted in Sandusky being convicted on 45 counts of sexual abuse. The ’01 incident also featured prominently in the report on the university and the Sandusky case that was released by former FBI director Louis Freeh Thursday. David La Torre, the university spokesman, told The AP that the renovation plans were conceived shortly after Sandusky’s arrest in November, but that the project cannot begin until all legal proceedings in the case are complete. Numerous civil suits are expected to be filed against the university and Sandusky, and there is the possibility of additional criminal charges, which suggests that the renovations might be on hold for a while.
And this Deadspin article asks the same question we are asking here.

Why We Don’t Have Any Photos Of The Showers At Penn State

STATE COLLEGE, Pa.—Once the promised spectacle of Jerry Sandusky's scheduled hearing had fallen apart on Tuesday, what was there to do around State College, Pa., but try to get a look at the Nittany Lions' shower room? Dom and I wanted to photograph the scene of the most appallingly detailed of the alleged crimes, in the Lasch Football Building. The plumbing. The lockers. The layout—the building reportedly has "huge wood-paneled locker room that rivals any in the NFL."

Monday, October 1

Did Mike McQueary Perjure Himself?

On 12 June 2012, defense attorney Karl Rominger conducted a devastating cross examination of Mike McQueary in the course of attempting to defend the indefensible Jerry Sandusky. The actual transcript of that cross examination was not released until 21 September 2012, which explains why virtually nobody, except Barry Bozeman on The Second Mile Sandusky Scandal website, has written about the deliberate deception Rominger exposed.