Sunday, January 8

Jack Raykovitz and Second Mile

This article gives several names of Second Mile Board Members who were not informed of Tim Curley's contact with Raykovitz about Jerry Sandusky. It seems Sandusky and Raykovitz were close friends. This is the guy who was protecting Sandusky while running the Second Mile charity where JS took his victims. Why did Raykovitz keep Tim Curley's information about Jerry Sandusky from his Board of Directors? 
from Second Mile for the decade following the notification by Tim Curley that Sandusky would no longer be allowed to bring kids to use PSU facilities.

Second Mile knew of the 1998 investigation and the Exec Director Raykovitz was informed of the 2001 decision by PSU administrators to ban Sandusky from bringing kids to workout at PSU, but it was not until the 2008 revelation by Sandusky himself that Second Mile acted to restrict his access to children using Second Mile

What about The Second Mile itself? Second Mile President Jack Raykovitz was told about the incident and the ban in 2001, the report says. Raykovitz, too, never contacted the police.When The Patriot-News first reported details of the investigation in March, Raykovitz said he was assured by prosecutors that The Second Mile and its programs were not targets of the investigation.

“It was completely mishandled,” one source close to the investigation told The Patriot-News. “I know these investigations take time, some of them, but someone should have been on this day and night from the beginning because of the severity” of the allegations.
It wasn’t until early 2011 that The Second Mile — which Attorney General Linda Kelly said Sandusky used to find his victims — was officially notified by authorities of a child abuse investigation,according to The Second MileSecond Mile CEO Jack Raykovitz did not testify before the Grand Jury until April 2011.  Why?

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