Friday, May 17

David Jones Commentary on "Pro-Paterno" People Is Completely Wrong

David Jones opined that the Pro-Paterno forces who contributed to the Sports Illustrated story on PSU medical staff changes are looking out for their own self interest.  He couldn't be more wrong.

Ray Blehar

David Jones, in his May 15 column, opined that Pro-Paterno forces are simply out for themselves and are upset that they are no longer in positions of power.

However, Jones does not provide a single example of a person who is "clawing" to get back anything remotely related to a position of power at PSU.

Spanier?   No.
Curley?    No.
Schultz?   No.
Bradley?   No.
Sherburne? No.
JayPa?     No.

The only person who has made any public pronouncement about being wronged and deserving something more from PSU is Mike McQueary.  And it is clear from his lawsuit that he is only out for himself.  McQueary is not exactly part of the "Pro-Paterno" camp, so who are these loyalists clawing for power?

A small skirmish over the medical staffing is hardly a representative example of what the divisiveness at PSU is about.

So, David Jones, it's time to put up or shut up.

Name names.  Who wants their power back?

If anyone is "clawing" to retain power, it's the incompetent members of the PSU BOT who totally screwed the pooch in November 2011 and continue to do so.

However, the most important part of this story is that Jones has fallen for the false narrative that the so-called Penn State "Leadership" (i.e., Erickson and the BOT) is all about moving the University "forward" from this devastating scandal brought upon it by rogue administrators and an out of control football program.

The facts of the case are the opposite, but Jones and most others in the media don't have an ounce of common sense to see them as they are.

The yarn spun by Louis Freeh about PSU covering for Sandusky's crimes to "avoid the consequences of bad publicity" doesn't hold water.  Penn State, who faced the worst on slaught of bad publicity due to their lack of any response to false charges, has not collapsed.

On the other hand, The Second Mile, who had the most incentive to cover up Sandusky's crimes, and could not weather a storm of bad publicity, is in ruins.  And it is in ruins, even though the PA Office of Attorney General did it's level best to protect it.

In addition, the PA DPW and CYS have been largely unscathed by the scandal.  These organizations had the opportunity to roll up Sandusky in 1998, but have gotten little or no criticism in the press for their colossal failures.

The so-called "Pro-Paterno" people understand that the evidence against PSU and the football program doesn't hold water.  And they also understand that the false narrative blaming Sandusky's crimes on a few administrators and coaches is a diversion that deflects the public's attention from the serious problems regarding child protection in Pennsylvania.

In response to a "spin-off" article on the Jones fallacy, I posted this comment:

On one side, are the so-called "Pro-Paterno" people, who have uncovered more facts about the Sandusky child abuse case than did Louis Freeh. This group understands that the Freeh Report was a whitewash on several levels, but most importantly, the Freeh Report keeps the children of Pennsylvania in harm's way by not calling out the failures of the state's child protective services. The so-called "Pro-Paterno" group will not rest until the children of Pennsylvania are getting the protection they deserve and that the truth is exposed about the roles of The Second Mile, the PSU Board, the PA DPW, and Centre County CYS in enabling Sandusky's abuse of children.

On the other side are a handful of trustees, the media, and the public who are pushing a false narrative about what happened and who are, in effect, enabling the continued abuse of children in Pennsylvania.

This is not about football. And it's not about Joe Paterno. It's about protecting kids.

The folks who are telling everyone to "move forward" are leaving the children behind.

<end comment>

David Jones is among those who are leaving the children behind.


  1. i stopped reading jones years ago. he's a complete idiot.

  2. pro-Paterno and damn proud of it! What has Jones to help protect children in PA??

    1. "what has Jones DONE to help protect children" that should say . . .

  3. Please keep in mind that the anal rape of victim #2 was just made up by the prosecutors. The boy did not cry out in pain or for help. McQueary did not confront Sandusky. McQueary did not call the police. McQueary did not call Second Mile to ensure medical attention was provided to the boy. McQueary did not tell his father, Dr Dranov, Joe Paterno or anybody else of an anal rape or of any sexual acts. But most important, the brilliant groomer, Jerry Sandusky, raped a boy in a semi-public facility that was open to McQueary and others.

    Replace anal rape by towel snapping and everything fits.

    Somehow the 2001 charge of rape became plural and sport radio people were ranting about Joe Paterno's knowing his showers were being used as rape rooms and doing nothing about it.

    And we have the problem of the silence of the lambs. Victim #2 told his mother of his shower with Sandusky within 48 hours of the event. Police hid in the mother's house as she tried to get Sandusky to incriminate himself. (I believe the mother was upset that Sandusky thought her son was dirty.) Gillum said that Aaron Fisher spoke out to save other boys from Sandusky. Yet no other child told on Sandusky even after they aged out of Second Mile. 58 claims were made after Mr. Kleinberg and Rozen rang the dinner bell. That is preposterous. Replace Sandusky is guilty with Sandusky is innocent and everything makes sense.

    Around 1680 Titus Oates made up a story about a plot to kill the King. People were charged, convicted and executed. The hoax was eventually understood an Oates was harshly treated. His case comes up when the meaning of cruel and unusual punishment comes up. In that case, the calumny lead to deaths. In my opinion the made up charge of anal rape drove the mistreatment of Joe Paterno and other Penn State officials. And if that charge was made up, how can anyone have confidence in the prosecution of Sandusky? It is clear to me that Sandusky is innocent. I was happy to see that Mr. Ziegler feels that Mr. Sandusky is innocent of the salacious chargers, although he is not yet where I am.

    Please don't fight injustice with injustice. Joe Paterno was mistreated, but so was Jerry Sandusky.

    1. Correction: victim #6 told his mother of his shower with Sandusky within 48 hours of the event.

    2. 3 thoughts:
      1. it would be great if you are correct.

      2.If only JS had testified at his own trial. We all would know more. He had nothing to lose. The State of AZ has paid the Arias defense team about 2MM, there was 5 years between the killing and the trial and there was no issue as to who did it.

      3.Did Clemente address in his report that JS was 50+ at the time of the alleged incidents, beginning circa 1994-1995. 2M was founded in 1977; what happened between 1977-1994. Does one becoame a pedophile at 50+ .

    3. Dear Westchesterbil,
      The hidden factor in the Sandusky witch hunt was the practice of repressed memory therapy by Mike Gillum on victim 1 and also victim 4. email me at for more info