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PSU's Disease: A Cancer That Requires Radical Treatment

Excision of the "Cancer" Known as the 11/09/2011 Trustees is the Best Hope For Healing

By Eileen Morgan

Cancer and the Body

Three years ago I came face to face with cancer.  It was a very rare, but aggressive cancer that had spread rapidly, invading several organs in my body.  Everyone knows the “C” word but what exactly is this enemy that attacks and overtakes our bodies?  

I quickly found out.

The cell is the basic unit of life.  It can live for itself or it can help form and sustain a larger organism.  The human body is made up of about 100 trillion cells.  These diverse cells cooperate within their codes to form every structural intricacy of the human body.  These cells form parts, and a collection of parts forms a system.  The cells, parts, and systems of our bodies interact together for a common purpose.  Each part depends on the others to perform a specific job. No single part can do the job alone, and any malfunction or delay is likely to affect the whole system.   In essence, cells need to remain loyal to the bigger body in order to sustain life.

If a body is to exist, it needs to stay healthy.  If alien forces attack the body from without or if there is mutiny from within the cells of the body, the body becomes diseased.  It suffers and will even die if something isn’t done about it. 1   To survive, the cells of the body depend on each other to cooperate and work together.  

Dr. Paul Brand writes, ‘Some cells do choose to live in the body, sharing its benefits while maintaining complete independence—they become parasites or cancer cells.’ 2   These cancer cells leach off the very body they belong to, weakening it, and sometimes killing it.  Dr. Brand further explains:

A tumor is called benign, if its effect is fairly localized and it stays within membrane boundaries.  But the most traumatizing condition in the body occurs when disloyal cells defy inhabitation. They multiply without any checks on growth, spreading rapidly throughout the body, choking out normal cells. White cells, armed against foreign invaders, will not attack the body's own mutinous cells. Physicians fear no other malfunction more deeply: it is called cancer. For still mysterious reasons, these cells grow wild, out of control. Each is a healthy, functioning cell, but disloyal, no longer acting in regard for the rest of the body.  Even the white cells, that dependable palace guard, can destroy the body through rebellion. Sometimes they recklessly reproduce, clogging the bloodstream, overloading the lymph system, strangling the body's normal functions -- such is leukemia. 3

It’s a strange irony that the very cells which have been created by the body for the purpose of cooperation, function, and life, mysteriously continue to be healthy, but grow wildly out of control, wreaking havoc on the loyal cells and eventually killing their host.  The physical body must be kept free of disease to properly function and flourish.

Penn State Trustees and The University

Penn State University is a body made up of many members: Trustees, Administration, Faculty, Staff, Students, Alumni, and Friends.  The Penn State Board of Trustees has been entrusted to be responsible stewards of the University by the other members of the body since 1855.  These trustee positions were created for the purpose of cooperation to perform specific functions and to ensure that the life of the University would be sustained.   However, considering the Trustees’ actions on November 9, 2011 and those that have plagued the school since, it is apparent that this once healthy functioning member of the University has spiraled wildly out of control, inflicting irreparable damage on the University’s loyal members.

Early November, 2011: Grand Jury Presentment is leaked to the public. (It is important to note that a grand jury presentment is NOT a factual document, but a prosecutorial report merely used to establish means for indicting a suspect before a judge.  There is no defense or cross examination of the witnesses in a Grand Jury.  It is NOT a trial.) The PSU Trustees took no time to consider the Grand Jury Presentment, even though there were several attorneys on the Board who knew that presentments mean absolutely nothing and are sometimes not worth the paper they are written on.  In fact, this Presentment was intended to be solely used to indict Jerry Sandusky.  The Board issued NO statement explaining the Presentment or that the statements were not necessarily facts about Sandusky, let alone Joe Paterno, Graham Spanier, Tim Curley, and Gary Schultz.

November 7, 2011: Tim Curley and Gary Schultz are charged with perjury and failure to report.  Graham Spanier was later charged in November 2012.  (The PSU Trustees wasted no time in accepting the unproven Presentment as fact. They issued NO statement of support for their employees, Paterno, Spanier, Curley, & Schultz, despite the fact that these men collectively and honorably served Penn State for over 160 years!)

November 9, 2011: In a rush to judgment, based on an unproven report to indict Sandusky, the PSU Trustees TERMINATE Joe Paterno and Graham Spanier.

November 18, 2011: Within days, the Trustees rush to hire Louis Freeh to ‘investigate’ Penn State’s culpability of Sandusky’s alleged crimes.  (Looking at the Engagement Letter between Freeh and PSU it seems likely he was hired to write a report with a predetermined outcome.) It is important to note that PSU did not need to hire an ‘investigator’ because the Pennsylvania court system would be investigating the culpability of PSU through the trials of Curley, Schultz, & now Spanier.  

July 12, 2012: The Freeh Report is publicly released.  Without hesitation, the Trustees allow Freeh, in a televised press conference, to convict Penn State of Sandusky’s crimes before a worldwide audience.  In fact, the Trustees held a press conference later that day and repeated the findings of the Freeh Report, proclaiming that PSU was guilty, despite the fact that they didn't even review the report.  They have never discussed the Freeh Report as a body and have never evaluated the report for truth or accuracy.  Several analyses have since been published that expose this error laden report.  (This uncontested admittance of guilt by Penn State opened up a plethora of million dollar lawsuits for non-vetted, uninvestigated criminal acts by Sandusky.  In other words, Penn State opened up its checkbook and said, ‘Next.’)

July 23, 2012: NCAA uses the Freeh Report to impose Sanctions on Penn State.

(Again, the sanctions and the NCAA’s authority were uncontested by Penn State, and President Rodney Erickson rushed to sign the consent decree without ever evaluating the very report used to determine the sanctions and without any thoughtful debate among all the members of the Board of Trustees.)

September 2012: The Trustees begin to maneuver into position to rush into out-of-court settlements, potentially costing the University hundreds of millions of dollars, with alleged victims of Sandusky without thorough investigation into each case.  (Penn State should not settle until after the trials.)

The Invasion

The above timeline clearly depicts the Trustees’ impetuous and reckless decisions that have been spiraling out of control without regard for the University as a whole.  Just as cancer does not hesitate to spread affliction rapidly, the Trustees have not hesitated to make rash, impulsive decisions that have damaged the University and disgraced its former employees.  

In essence, Penn State University has become diseased.   “For still mysterious reasons, these [Trustees continue to make detrimental decisions that] grow wild, out of control. Each [Trustee] is a healthy, functioning [person], but disloyal, no longer acting in regard for the rest of the body.”  Unfortunately, the November 2011 Trustees, who should have been Penn State’s ‘dependable palace guard’, are destroying the University through rebellion.

Just like cancer, these Trustees choose to remain part of the Penn State body, enjoying the perks and prestigious benefits of being a Trustee, while maintaining complete independence from the other University members—they have, in fact, become parasites to the University.

Earlier this year, in a public outburst regarding former Penn State officials Tim Curley, Graham Spanier, and Gary Schultz, Trustee Ken Frazier declared, “I don’t care if they are acquitted!”  That is the exact ‘mindset’ of cancer cells.  They do not care that they overtake and eventually destroy innocent, healthy members. 


I am alive today because 1) God’s grace and 2) the cancer was removed from my body.  Like cancer, the Penn State Board of Trustees is no longer cooperating and functioning properly within the University body.  There is mutiny from within.  And after 1.5 years they still refuse to acknowledge the damage they have done.  This is quite evident in recent statements and articles by some November 2011 Trustees.  

They simply don’t get it.  

They have not remained loyal to their mission and duties, and thus, cannot sustain a healthy, flourishing University. They are living for themselves and not for the larger body they were created to serve.  Penn State University will never be able to heal until the Trustees who continue to make these toxic decisions are removed, eliminating the further spread of disease. 

It has already metastasized into the Freeh Group and the NCAA.  

It is time for the Trustees to face the real diagnosis and be excised.  

It is time to cure Penn State.  

Eileen Morgan
June 15, 2013
Contact Information

Chuck Swindoll, Insight for Living.  June 14, 2013 broadcast.
2 Dr. Paul Brand & Philip Yancey. Fearfully & Wonderfully Made: A Surgeon Looks at the Human & Spiritual Body (Zondervan, Reissue edition October 1987), Chapter 1.
3 Dr. Paul Brand & Philip Yancey. Fearfully & Wonderfully Made, Chapter 7.


  1. Without a doubt one of the best evaluations of the inner workings of the BoTs and their self centered indignation. The rush to judgement, with no thought to the outcome was the worst possible choice they could have made.

  2. Great analysis Eileen - I look forward to your articles.

  3. Thank you Carole. I appreciate that! You're right Robert. It's amazing that not one person on that Board had the brains to know better or the guts to speak up. Pathetic.

    1. Eileen, I have always had the opinion that not all the BoT have been apart of this tragedy but are afraid for their positions on the B. It seems like we always hear from the same spokes people who say nothing or refuse to comment. I am still waiting for the list of recommendation from the Freeh report that is supposed to make us a great U.

  4. Eileen both you and Ray are certainly what the doctor ordered.
    No doubt about it, this cancer must be eradicated.
    Keep up the good work. God is your co-pilot.

  5. Great post!

    I find it interesting that the Judge reviewing the State’s attempt to keep the NCAA money in-state had the following stance...

    “President Judge Dan Pelligrini peppered Haverstick on whether Corman and McCord's true fight isn't with Penn State, as the recipient of state funds that would be moving the fine proceeds in violation of the new law.”

    Which is basically asking the question…Why didn’t the Senators sue Penn State for agreeing to pay the 60 million dollar fine to the NCAA through the consent decree?

    This is the same question I had after reviewing the Paterno et al lawsuit….Why didn’t the lawsuit name Penn State (aka BOT and specifically Frazier) as a defendant??? I think if we revisit the following post by Eileen it might help connect some dots.

    If you go to the comments …
    Rums DuMarch 20, 2013 at 3:17 PM
    "Clients indemnifying consultants or lawyers is a fairly common practice and I'm sure it is very common for Freeh to include this as part of all of his engagements. This is because clients can intentionally withhold information that consultants may not be aware of. In this case, obviously Freeh knows the Task Force wants to point blame at Spanier, Schultz, Curley, and Paterno, so he would not want to be at legal risk for providing what the Task Force is asking.

    All of this was well understood by all parties involved. This was not carelessness or negligence, it is blatant dishonesty. And of course the BOT will go out of it's way to defend the report because they are now legally liabile for any possible civil claims brought on by individuals identified in the Freeh report. This defense would also include not challeging the NCAA sanctions, because to challenge the sanctions, is to challenge the Freeh report, which would then open up a possibility for civil suits.

    Also, including a representative of Corbett's administration, Sec Education Ron Tomalis, on the Task Force allows Corbett to further influence the Freeh report and keep Corbett aware of everything that goes on with its construction. And with Corbett a representative of the State of PA and previously being in charge of investigating Sandusky as AG, why would this report ever include anything that goes against the interests of the Attorney General's office? To say this would be a conflict of interest is putting it very mildly."

    So as I try to connect the dots I have come to the following conclusions…

    1) By suing the NCAA the Paterno et al lawsuit is in essence attacking the credibility of the Freeh Report (I don’t think anyone can dispute that).

    2) If the Paterno et al lawsuit is successful in proving the Freeh Report is filled with slanderous errors and unsupported conclusions then Penn State is liable according to the Freeh Engagement Letter.

    3) If Penn State is forced to defend themselves in a court of law they will finally be forced to answer the questions that many concerned individuals have been asking from the second the Task Force fired the administrators and Paterno.

    4) The chemo and radiation that killed of Surma and Peetz just wasn’t strong enough to eliminate the main tumor (Frazier). However, once Fraizer is forced to speak under oath and the full diagnosis completed, the main tumor (Frazier) can be cut out of Penn State and then PSU can hopefully begin the healing process.

    5) The task of cutting cancer out of Pennsylvania is much larger and complicated issue that will hopefully be diagnosed by Kane. I speculate that Tomalis will be a key component of her investigation as he is the direct link between the BOT's Investigative Committee and Corbett. Is it coincidence that Tomalis was just replaced as Secretary of Education…???

  6. Eileen...I spent 41.5 years in healthcare as an RN in Critical Care and Finance...You have given the readers the PERFECT descrcription of how cancer cells affect the body and I LOVE your analogyusing PSU...*applauding w.standing ovation*...

  7. Once again, Eileen, you've shared your remarkable skill at dissecting, analyzing, and then explaining a complex situation so that more of us can understand things. Thanks so much.

    And thank you, Vickie, for your years of helping families through medical ordeals. What I've learned, the heartbreaking way, is that even when the primary cancer can be dealt with, "complications" can destroy the patient. In my family's ordeal it was the actions of greedy, unethical physicians and one or two of their staff who committed debilitating acts on my folks that they physically couldn't overcome.

    I believe Jon is suggesting that in the Sandusky/ PSU ordeal, complicators are at work as well... likely greedy, unethical individuals... and that for true health to be achieved, these individuals and their motives must be revealed and dealt with.

    And that's precisely where the efforts of PSU alumni, notpsu, John Ziegler, and the Paterno family are leading. Congrats on your success to date! And best wishes for the fortitude to see it all through to the end.


  8. You've outdone yourself, Eileen(again)!

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