Wednesday, October 2

More Lies: Freeh Claimed Signs of Abuse Present On PSU's Campus from 2009-2011

At the July 2012 press conference, Louis Freeh response that crimes occurred on PSU's campus from 2009 to 2011 was not supported by evidence in his report or the trial verdicts.

Ray Blehar

It is likely that only a few reporters have ever read the Freeh Report from cover to cover and it's also likely that most reporters read the Executive Summary at the most.   I suspect that the majority of reporters who condemned the alleged actions of PSU did so based on Louis Freeh's grandstanding press conference.

As a result, most reporters left the press conference believing that many boys were abused on PSU's campus  after the incident in 2001 and that the abuse continued up until the point Sandusky was arrested.  This was because of Louis Freeh's irresponsible and unsupportable comments regarding Sandusky's abuse on campus  from 2009 to 2011.

Here's Freeh's factually challenged response to Dave Marcheskie,  ABC 27 News,  question about 2009 to 2011:

"He's frequently observed in the Lasch Building working out.  He's at bowl games with youths.  Many of the colleagues observe him showering with boys in the Lasch Building.  Don't report that.  Don't think there's anything untoward about that.  He's showing up at these camps. Camps by the way which Penn State supported and contribute to in terms of their operations.  He's showing up with young boys. Staying in dormitories with them overnight.  There's more red flags here than you could count over a long period of time."

The following break down will separate fact from fiction.

"He's frequently observed in the Lasch Building working out."
FACT:  The Freeh Report provided mentioned that some members of the Athletic Department staff questioned Sandusky's use of facilities after the news reports of the grand jury investigation. In addition, I confirmed with former players that Sandusky was working out in the Lasch Building up until the time of his arrest.

"He's at bowl games with youths."
FICTION:  The Freeh Report presented no evidence to support Sandusky taking youths to bowl games from 2009 to 2011.  No testimony or evidence was presented at the trial to support this statement.

"Many of the colleagues observe him showering with boys in the Lasch Building."
FICTION:  The Freeh Report presented no evidence that coaches saw Sandusky showering with boys from 2009 to 2011.  No testimony or evidence was presented at trial that showed Sandusky has showered with any youths after 2001.

"Don't report that. Don't think there is anything untoward about it"
FICTION:  The Freeh Report presented no evidence of coaches witnessing Sandusky showering with boys in that timeframe, thus there was nothing to report nor what there anything for them to think about.

"He's showing up at these camps."
FICTION:  The Freeh Report presented no evidence that Sandusky participated or ran a Second Mile camp on PSU's campus after 2009.   In fact, the Freeh Report, page 108, specifically excluded the years 2009 to 2011 in its report.  Quote: "Between 1999 and 2008, the Second Mile operated six one-week long summer camps at the University Park campus...."

"Camps by the way which Penn State supported and contribute to in terms of their operations."
FICTION:  Based on the Annual Reports and financial statements of The Second Mile, Penn State was fully paid for the food and lodging associated with the camps held on the University Park campus.  Penn State University (University Park) was not listed as an "in-kind" donor for 2009 (the last year the statement was made public).  Also, none of the Sandusky victims ever testified to being abused at a sports camp on PSU's campus and only one, Victim 10, stated he was abused at The Second Mile summer camp.

"He's showing up with young boys."
FICTION:  The Freeh Report provided no evidence to support the claim that Sandusky was bringing (or showing up) with young boys at the camps from 2009-2011.  No testimony was offered at the trial that supports this allegation.

"Staying in dormitories with them overnight."
FICTION:  The Freeh Report provided no evidence to support the claim that Sandusky stayed overnight in dormitories from 2009-2011.  No testimony was offered at the trial that supports this allegation.

"There's more red flags here than you could count over a long period of time."
FICTION:  Only one statement by Freeh - that Sandusky was working out in the Lasch Building - is supported by evidence.  Working out is hardly a "red flag" of child sexual abuse.

Media Repeats Freeh's Lies

A google search of "Sandusky + more red flags" yielded 227,000 results.  This demonstrates that Freeh's press conference comments were accepted as true, when they clearly were unsupported.  Had the media done its job - and not based their reports on a single source - but actually checked the Freeh Report to see if there was supporting evidence, Freeh would have been exposed as the fraud that he is.

Defamation Suit Will Expose Freeh

Former PSU President Graham Spanier's defamation suit will undoubtedly reveal many of the lies told by Louis Freeh at his press conference.  All of the points above, particularly the characterization that "there were more red flags than you can count," were used by Freeh to misinform the public of incidents that were "concealed" by PSU officials.

I anxiously await hearing Louis Freeh try to explain his blatant lies.


  1. When the Defamation Lawsuit takes place, do you think they'll let you and your cronies host a play by play review in the Lasch building's film room?

  2. Again, excellent work in exposing more blatant lies in the Freeh "report". I do have a concern about Louis Freeh, his past, and his seemingly bizarre lack of a conscience. His actions, which are clearly immoral, and undoubtedly illegal, seem to be carried out with impunity. Does Louis Freeh hold an unspoken secret/s concerning our federal government's errors in matters of domestic terrorism? And if so, is this what appears to make him so brazen in his assaults on innocent citizens? Does he believe he is untouchable because in essence he is committing a sort of unspoken blackmail against our government? He apparently believes he can run this evil brainchild of a "business" for absurdly large cash payouts. He crafts and sells "innocence" to corporate and government criminals committing white collar crimes. And from all indications, he has been getting away with it for years.

    Ray, if there is some disgraceful secret our federal government has, and Louis Freeh knows of it, then what are the chances that Freeh can be tried fairly? I think it's at the point where secret or no secret, the feds need to stop this man before he completely undermines our system of justice in this country.

    1. I'm at a loss to explain why not only the government, but the media, does not go after Freeh for the damage he's doing. Credible people, like Chertoff and Thornburg, have assessed that his work is shoddy and not supported by the evidence. FIFA overturned his recommendation on the lifetime ban on bin Hamann. Yet, no one seems to care and, to make matters worse, Fortune did that article recently pumping him up for his report on PSU.

      There are some rays of hope here -- as the media attacks the NCAA and Anna Simon says that the judgment on PSU was rushed, maybe the media will follow the trail of bread crumbs to Louis Freeh.

  3. Ray, you think too much; such men are dangerous. liars and hypocrites, but invaluable to truth seekers.

  4. Ray, as always great work and I try to keep up w/ any and all materials related to the Sandusky scandal. Please note that I've been following Louis Freeh's actions, character, and incidents since about 1993 and he has less credibility than almost every public figure you could possible compare him to. Also, please don't lose site of the fact that Lanny Davis knows all sides of Louis Freeh and probably more than almost anybody. Louis Freeh is a dangerous man without any moral or ethical compass. Ironically, it's very interesting to see Mark Emmert w/ a track record of poor performances and lack of accountability long before becoming the NCAA President.
    My best guess at this time is that Tom Corbett, Ken Frazier, John Surma, Louis Freeh, etc.. have some sort of non related PSU business relationship that benefits them largely in way they think won't or can't be tracked. When it's finally uncovered it will make everyone sit up and really be stunned.

  5. With Freeh as chairman of the board of Pepper Hamilton (Merck's lawfirm), the old adage of birds of a feather congregating together is proven. No doubt that Ken Frazier made sure that Freeh was well compensated. No doubt that Frazier is behind the heavy handed tactics the BOT is using, isomorphic with tactics used by Frazier and Pepper Hamilton in covering up the Vioxx fraud from 2000-2009.

    Freeh's greatest lie was his embellishment of the janitor HOAX, which he called the "most heinous crime committed on the PSU campus". It was used to link the football culture to child rape. Fortunately, the "victim" was a fabrication. The more I think of how cleverly crafted this HOAX was, the more I have to give credit to Frank Fina and company for their incredibly effective deception. All they had to hope for was that the media ignore all of the contradictions and discrepancies. They were not let down.
    Speaking of lies: Has anyone ever questioned why MM thought 3 slapping sounds were sexual in nature? Three slaps hardly establish a "rhythm", nor do I know of any physics which can differentiate a sexual slap from Moe taking a swing at Shemp. Associating a sound with an activity is a conditioned reflex. What kind of sexual activity was/is MM involved in???

  6. The character assassination of Joe Paterno and Graham Spanier is the most egregious government assault on innocent private citizens since the Richard Jewel character assassination committed by Louis Freeh. Louis Freeh is lying blatantly and destroying good peoples lives, with no remorse whatsoever. He has led the Pennsylvania state government's assault on PSU, Graham Spanier, and Joseph Paterno. I ask, what kind of man would do this? What kind of monster is this Louis Freeh? Also, with all of this evidence piling up that Freeh has committed not only theft by deception, but obstruction of justice, why does he continue to remain a free man to harm other innocent citizens in this country? Where is law enforcement in this? This is as scary as it gets in an Orwellian sense folks. There is a high-functioning sociopath wearing a suit and tie while telling bald-faced lies on television to the American public, ruining innocent lives! His name is Louis Freeh.

    1. Yes, Louis Freeh is the devil incarnate. But the dynamics goes beyond Freeh. Why can't someone talk about the charge against Paterno without being considered a fan of child molestation? Poor John Ziegler gets that a lot. Why didn't the Sandusky jury that included a professor and a high school teacher not see the claim that high powered lawyers were to help with media to be the obnoxious lie that it was. What fools! Pennsylvania is paying nearly $60 million through negotiations with the high powered lawyers associated with bold faced liers.

    2. Well said, "the devil incarnate". And yes, the dynamics do go beyond Freeh. What we are seeing here is a true battle between good and evil on all levels within this scandal. I'm not an overly religious person, but this appears to be an almost tangible struggle between the worst in human nature and the best. Ken Frazier, Tom Corbett, Mark Emmert, and especially Louis Freeh, are the "money changers" and exemplify the biblical warning, "the love of money is the root of all evil". These men are exposing themselves with their lies as people willing to protect their ill-gotten money above anything else. They are showing us that they will "bear false witness" against innocent people in order to preserve a filthy order of money worship.

      We can not stand back and hope they are punished. Because it's clear that many are afraid of these men and don't want to stand up to their evil. And so the days turn into weeks, and weeks into months, and months into years. I fear that even Kathleen Kane and her investigator, Geoff Moulton, are going to lose their initial courage against this evil as they run up against more evil men lying for each other. Evil knows that time buys indifference, and so they hide in the shadows hoping the searchers will go home.

  7. Truthseeker
    Best I have read about LF since the beginning of his report. Yes, Why is he running around free?

  8. Is Spanier's defamation suit against Freeh likely to open Freeh up to some broader scrutiny?