Thursday, November 14

Review of my Under Further Review Presentation and Link to Slides

November 9, 2013
Days Inn, State College, PA


1.  Personal grudges were behind the firing of Paterno and Spanier
a.  The Surma Vendetta
b.  Corbett's hatred of Spanier

2.  The Sandusky investigation was stalled until Spanier and Corbett's budget battle
a.  Baldwin began complying with subpoenas in March/April 2011
b.  Victims began testifying at the grand jury in April 2011.

3.  The firing of Paterno and Spanier was a power play by the BOT

4.  The BOT lied about several things after the grand jury presentment was revealed.
a.   What they knew -- about 1998 and 2001 cases and who testified.
b.   Who knew -- at least 75 people.
c.   When they knew it -- by May 2011.

5.  Cynthia Baldwin was "retired early" because of her failure to comply with subpoenas.

6.  The BOT lied about why they fired Paterno.

7.  The BOT paid Freeh to conduct a fake investigation to justify the firing of Paterno and Spanier.

8.  The Freeh investigation didn't find much of anything - it followed the template provided by the OAG in the grand jury presentment of November 2011.

9.  The BOT never had any intention of reviewing or rebutting the Freeh Report.

10.  The BOT accepted the Consent Decree and promoted the moving forward campaign to dissuade alumni from attempting to find the truth.  Their attempt to do so failed.

The alumni have not moved on.  We aren't going anywhere until we know the truth.

 Link:  Power, Lies, and Deception - by Ray Blehar

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  1. Though you likely provided it before, I only now have read the Surma email in which he SPECIFICALLY states, in writing, that he's going to take down Joe Paterno AND his legacy. Moreover, Surma states in this email that he will enlist the media, local AND national, in this explicit vendetta.

    Wow. How about getting this email on some high-profile billboards, say along the highways between PA and DC?

    I will financially contribute to an effort such as this. Let me know when and where to send the support.

  2. I think I get it now. After reading Dick Thornburgh is endorsing Tom Corbett for reelection, I was stunned. Stunned by what appears to be the entire problem. So-called leaders in Pennsylvania just does things for the money, not for the right or wrong of it! How can Thornburgh endorse Corbett for Governor if he knows what dishonesty went on behind the scenes with Freeh and Corbett? Sadly, I think this proves it's because he was paid handsomely by the Paternos to make a statement about the Freeh report being "fundamentally flawed", and that's as far as it goes for him. What was that statement worth I wonder? 1 million maybe? Or maybe just a measly 600,000 dollars? Does Thornburgh care at all about what Corbett has actually done to innocent people and to Pennsylvania's once proud university? And how about Kane now? Where's her "help" for PSU? Maybe that too was just a sure bid for election to the Attorney General's office, a money statement. She stands back and says nothing while PSU is raped for false settlements to false victims. If she suddenly speaks up a year from now in favor of PSU and Paterno, does PSU get the millions back from the false investigation and the false settlement payouts? Do they get to erase the tabloid-like descriptions of the payouts that further the public's malformed belief that PSU and Paterno are guilty?
    I see good people like Ray Blehar , John Ziegler, and Franko Harris actually helping without self-interest. Come on Thornburgh and Kane, step away from your account statements for a while and do some honest work here for truth, justice, and morality.

    1. Correction: "So-called leaders in Pennsylvania just 'doing' things for the money......"

    2. For the "greater good" is what I expect from people that have the power to right this wrong. And Thornburgh has proved he is just taking the cash and playing on good people's hopes for an actual reversal of a true injustice done to Mr. Paterno and the university. You are correct in your assessment of Kane "letting it happen". Because, it would seriously upset her snugly little niche in state government to get the feds investigating Corbett and her corrupt employer, the state of PA. So she has the "independent" investigator that can smooth it all over and keep the state out of the clutches of the feds.
      Shuttlecock, your agenda is the tired, old "Paterno knew" agrugment. Even you should be able to see the extent of the lying in the "factual" document called the Freeh report. So in your biased brain of denial, ask yourself, why the lies in the Freeh report? The lies are there for a reason. To protect the guilty party, Pennsylvania State government.

    3. "For the "greater good" is what I expect from people that have the power..."

      You demand the "greater good" from a career politician, yet the legal minimums will suffice from Joe Paterno?

      "So she has the "independent" investigator that can smooth it all over and keep the state out of the clutches of the feds."

      On this one, it was only a matter of time before all of you started to attack Moulton, but I hadn't expected to see it until the report came out.

      Lastly, I never said the Freeh report was in anyway complete or that the scope of the report wasn't molded in such a way to support an underlying agenda. That's simply an assumption.on your part.

    4. Your assumption of "legal minimums from Joe Paterno", is still rooted in the erroneous belief that Joe was somehow supposed to be a law enforcement official. The law, (Attorney General's office) was getting Sandusky reports of abuse between from 1995 on through 1997. These are the exact dates for Corbett's first term as Attorney General. He did nothing, why? Now, put "why" aside and ask, was there abandonment of duty to arrest a serious and known threat to children and to the employer of this pedophile? Between 1994 and 1997 Sandusky abused 3 of his Second Mile boys at hotel rooms in PA. It wasn't on campus as the corrupt state would try and lead the public to believe. It's an issue for the law that neglected its duty, period. So anything that actually occurred on campus after 1997, which is highly ambiguous anyway, is a result of law enforcement's abandonment of duty to protect.
      Not only is the Freeh "report" incomplete, it's replete with lies.

      As for "attacking Moulton", it's not an attack, it's an observation and a concern. Why has he not called in the feds, if there is such an obvious abuse of state governmental power at work here against innocent citizens?

    5. "When it came to failing kids, Joe had plenty of company.." Wrong, Joe did what was required by law and if he had done more, you would be saying he never should have gotten involved. This was a no win situation that was poorly examined by Corbett before it even got to PSU.

    6. Truthseeker,
      The Feds are investigating, however, it is two separate investigations. Moulton is investigating the Sandusky investigation - cops, OAG, DPW, CYS, and PSU. The Feds have The Second Mile.

      It is a fact that DPW failed the kids. There is ample evidence to support that in 1998.

      There is NO legitimate evidence of a failure to do protect kids at PSU and plenty of evidence to prove they did -- namely, that no children were abused on campus after they intervened in 2001. Obviously, the date change for Victim 5 is bogus -- going from saying the crime occurred sometime in a span of six years between 1996 and 2002 to be narrowed to August 2001 is just not credible.

      Anything after 2001 is on The Second Mile for not keeping Jerry away from kids.

    7. Thanks again Ray. I wasn't aware that the Feds were actually investigating Second Mile. Thank God for that! I'm thinking they should turn up something that shows some kind of illicit money connection to PA state government. Possibly an actual "boys for sex" to wealthy and prominent "leaders" for kickbacks, or just a good old skimming of donations going into Corbett's and his minion's pockets.

  3. Judas Dear - if you aren't going to play nice with your friends, you really should come home. The trash needs to go out and you're not done your chores yet. I don't know why you keep antagonizing these nice folks. It seems you just like to argue with them and not provide any intelligent responses. We must get you some help - this just isn't normal.

    1. Thank you Mrs. Shuttlesworth. Judas just comes here with his angry and misinformed comments hoping to be accepted by folks that have a sense of honesty and integrity. It's his sad and dysfunctional way of asking for help, I think.

    2. "7. The BOT paid Freeh to conduct a fake investigation to justify the firing of Paterno and Spanier."

      If this were proven beyond a reasonable doubt, we might be talking criminal charges (theft of $6.5 million of Penn State's money) against everybody involved.