Wednesday, January 22

RIP Joe Paterno: Message from Andrew Pitz and Evan Lewis

Two years ago today, the Penn State community lost a great man. While his accomplishments on the football field were unrivaled – 409 wins, 2 National Titles, 5 undefeated seasons, 37 bowl appearances, 24 bowl wins – Coach Paterno is known for his far greater achievements: His consistently high graduation rates and focus on academics, his ability to mold young men into professional, respectful adults, his class, dignity and honor, and his grand experiment, “Success with Honor”.

Those who knew him or followed him understand what Coach Paterno represents. His legacy is not limited to athletics, but rather an entire university, town and Penn State community that stretches across the globe. He has become a symbol for doing things the right way and focusing on what truly matters, and no matter what has happened, there is nothing anyone can do to erase this, no matter how hard some may try. 

His true legacy comes from his family, his former players, and the millions of lives he positively impacted, whether they are connected to Penn State, are from Pennsylvania, or simply grew to love all that he stood for.

Although he is no longer with is, we know that his place in history is forever secure. Today, we would like to remind everyone of his final message to his final team after 61 years of “Success with Honor”. Even in the face of great adversity, he stood tall and reminded his players:

We’re a team, alright?
We’ll always, always…
We will always be a team.
Not just now,
Not just next year,
It’s not over.
We will always be…
The Penn State Football Program.

May you R.I.P coach.


  1. Dear Mount TRUTHmore,

    ‘Whatever you are, be a good one’ Abe Lincoln.

    The words at Statue & Wall :

    “They ask me what I’d like written about me when I’m gone, I hope they write I made
    Penn State a Better place, not just that I was a good football coach”

    Those words are what we are all looking for when we are finished a job,
    That We made it a better place.

    Thank-you Franco, Dana, John, Eileen, Ray & Others for making Happy Valley &
    JVP’s Legacy a better place.


  2. Well said and well written.It goes without saying that there are many who will never understand what you have just explained so perfectly. Joe was so much more to many of us who played for him and his influence carried over to all that we touched. Great article.