Wednesday, April 23


by Barry Bozeman
“ The District Attorney is a quasi-judicial officer. He represents the commonwealth and the commonwealth demands no victims. It seeks justice only--equal and impartial justice-- and it is as much the duty of the district attorney to see that no innocent man suffers as it is to see that no guilty man escapes. Hence, he should act impartially. He should present the commonwealth’s case fairly, and should not press upon the jury any deductions from the evidence that are not strictly legitimate. When he exceeds this limit, and in hot zeal seeks to influence them by appealing to their prejudices, he is no longer an impartial official, but becomes a heated partisan.” Bailey v. Commonwealth, 193 Ky. 687, 237 S.W. 

In Nov of 2012 mere weeks prior to relinquishing the office to which she was appointed by Tom Corbett, Linda Kelly once again takes the stage to proffer charges against Penn State's former President Graham Spanier and to alter the charges against former AD Tim Curley and VP Gary Schultz. 

SMSS was on this development prior to the typical staged circus designed by Kelly et al to maximize the theater for the chattering hyena class sometimes known as the media. Once again she fills her stage with a large supporting cast, this time featuring more uniforms than a meeting of the Chiefs of Staff. 

One thing leaps out at us from the beginning when taking more than a cursory glance at this freak show. What exactly was the motive for this Conspiracy of Silence touted by the Freeh Fiction and the Persecution? Why would covering for an ex-coach no longer on the payroll of PSU be of the slightest benefit to Graham Spanier, Tim Curley or Gary Schultz? Please keep that in mind as you delve deeper into this morass of prevarications. 

Kelly once again pulls out the props. No theater is complete without the work of competent set designers. We have the right costumes - the hats are a particularly nice touch. We have the script filled with flowery hyperbole. We have the cameras and all the top reviewers and pundits in the house. To that we add the American flag and the flag of the Commonwealth, and to Kelly's stage right - the all too familiar glossy black easel- and the "awesome" posters. 

appears in bold block print above a large photograph of former Penn State President Graham Spanier. The persecution team must have searched diligently to find the least flattering image they could with Graham in a yellow unbuttoned shirt suggestive of prison garb. This they make much larger than the images of Tim Curley and Gary Schultz in suit and tie and place beside it a second poster with the charges and the ever present Seal of the Commonwealth and Law Enforcement shoulder patch. 

What steaming pile of bullshit are these political hacks, granted the power of the OAG, trying to sell a year after the first pack of lies presentment that went a long way to making the Second Mile Sandusky Scandal into the Penn State Sex Scandal? Kelly and company want you to believe that three highly regarded Penn State administrators "knew for years" that a child molester was operating on the Penn State campus. And far from thwarting his nefarious acts, these men were actively involved in a CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE designed to abet his twisted sexual assaults on unsuspecting young boys. 

But they cannot give us a clue why. 

Think of it. Here is Athletic Director Tim Curley, who for 18 years served the university, the community of State College and the Commonwealth in a very public and difficult position after a fashion that merited his receipt of the National Football Foundation's prestigious John L. Toner Award in July of 2011 Curley and fellow administrator Vice President Gary Schultz were generally revered by their employees, by colleagues in the administration, and by the public they served. They were both known for their honesty and integrity, leading conservative lifestyles, and being family oriented "boy scouts." It is difficult to imagine a prosecutor picking on two finer people. Friends, colleagues, former athletes, alumni, and donors who know them don't believe any of this nonsense for a minute.

Gary Schultz should not have been involved in any of this. He was asked back from retirement when his successor left unexpectedly, to fill in until a permanent replacement could be found. In addition to overseeing the physical plant, Gary had vast responsibilities for transportation, environmental protection, budgets, public safety, business services, auxiliary enterprises, hotels and conference centers, housing and food services.

For 16 years Graham Spanier served Penn State University as its President with exceptional distinction. Spanier was highly regarded by his peers serving as Chairman or President of many prestigious boards and associations:
Association of American Universities, Chairman
Nat. Assoc of State Univ & Land-Grant Col. Council of Pres., Chairman
Big Ten Conference Council of Presidents/Chancellors, Chairman
NCAA Division I Board of Directors, Chairman
Kellogg Comm. on the Future of State & Land-Grant Univ., Chairman
University Corporation for Advanced Internet Development, Founder
Child Fund International, Chairman
Worldwide Universities Network, Vice-Chairman
National 4-H Council,
Junior Achievement, Inc, Director,
National Council of Family Relations,  President
Assoc. of Academic Health Centers Council, Co-Chairman
National Security Higher Education Advisory Board, Chairman
National Counterintelligence Working Group,
Spanier served on the Board of Advisors for the President at the Naval Postgraduate School and Naval War College.

The last three boards and groups in this list required a very high security clearance on the federal level, meaning that Spanier was thoroughly vetted by the Department of Defense and the intelligence community. Spanier was not only highly regarded for his intelligence and knowledge, he was well liked and highly respected as a good and honorable man who cared deeply about the students, alumni, faculty and staff of Penn State University.  

This gives us one side featuring three of the most admirable and productive men one could imagine faced with charges conjured up by ..... who exactly?  Well Dr. Gonzo would likely describe these prosecuting political hacks as representative of "that dark, venal, and incurably violent side of the American character." Any day of the week and in any season none of us would choose Freeh, Corbett, Kelly, Beemer, Fina or Noonan over Spanier, Curley and Schultz to lead any endeavor where competence, intelligence, honorable behavior, and character are involved. 

In the last installment we explained the MALICIOUS SELECTIVE PROSECUTION that ignored John McQueary, Dr. Jonathan Dranov, and Dr. Jack Raykovitz who were medical professionals trained to recognize grooming behavior and the methods of Jerry Sandusky. 

While ignoring the people who should have known what Sandusky was, these persecutors have instead robbed Penn State and the Commonwealth of the well tested and incredibly productive services of three of the finest administrators ever to lead a state university. You would be hard pressed to locate three finer individuals with better records of actual service than these three men. There is nothing whatever in their history or background to suggest the slightest hint of suspicion that they might even consider for an instant the very idea behind the ridiculous charges leveled at them from political hacks of the lowest order.  

What is it, then? Well I propose these hacks chose to level these charges because that is what they would have done were they faced with a similar situation. A person with certain traits thinks similar traits are shared by others. 

There is no earthly reason for any of these men to cover for Jerry Sandusky. NONE. Certainly charges that eventually imprisoned Sandusky would have caused a flurry of unflattering articles about the Penn State football program and the community of State College. But so what? Any discovery that a former coach was a child molester would cause a stir and then quickly pass into the media morass leaving PSU unaffected to any substantial degree. And what real difference would that bad publicity mean for these three men? Did they profit by it? Would their salaries be decreased because of it? How does protecting a pedophile benefit them? But these vicious political curs ....... ok ok calm down. 

Sorry folks but there was a time when students and activists would take to the streets to protest when "one of us" was persecuted by some political hack out to carve themselves an advancement. These men deserve no less from anyone who has benefited from Penn State. If you or your child, employee, boss, doctor, lawyer, engineer, teacher etc attended Penn State, you owe something to these three men. They helped make Penn State what it is today. What have Freeh, Corbett, Kelly or any of these hacks done that has enriched your lives or informed your minds? 

The flimsy links and fragments of emails don't make a case for cover-up, concealment or conspiracy - unless you are the kind of person who would do something that might bring harm to a child.  That isn't Graham Spanier, Tim Curley or Gary Schultz. It might be Louis Freeh or Linda Kelly but it isn't the Penn State administrators who dedicated their lives to the education of the youth of Pennsylvania. I would be hard pressed to conjure anything that is more repulsive and appalling than calling someone a molester or an enabler of one. Do you truly believe for one minute that your university could have been led to greatness by men who would do that? 

I am certain that you would want to be known by the content of your character. Character and honor are obviously dear to the hearts of men who have been tested and elevated by their peers to positions of responsibility and awarded honors for their good work. That is the reputation of Graham Spanier, Tim Curley and Gary Schultz, gained by their excellent work and the benefit they have provided to Pennsylvania and Penn State. If you honor your Alma Mater and believe Penn State is a great university, you only need look as far as these three men to find the leadership that substantially contributed to making Penn State what it is today. 

Many things can be found lacking or failing in the world today. But Penn State isn't one of them. Penn State was not led, developed or built by these prosecutors or even its board of trustees. Penn State was molded and elevated by the able hands and minds of the leadership represented by Graham, Tim and Gary. It is they who deserve your respect, support and admiration. - those that accuse them based on this flimsy evidence deserve your contempt. 

YOU KNOW in your heart from what you know about Success with Honor at your great university, that leaders for 16 years and more who guided Penn State to where it is today, could not be of the low character required to enable a molester of children. YOU KNOW THIS from their deeds and actions that made Penn State what it is. Penn State was not built with leadership from men who Linda Kelly describes as "knowing beyond doubt that Jerry Sandusky was a molester of children". If YOU ARE PENN STATE you know that cannot be true.  

IF YOU ARE PENN STATE you cannot stand idly by and commit your own conspiracy of silence. It's time to speak up and speak out against this travesty and these persecutors who have attacked your Alma Mater on these flimsy baseless charges. 

These are the charges and JOINDER filed Sept 19 2013 


  1. This in general is what disturbs me most. A lawyer or politician, which is synonomous can swing the wrecking ball and destroy lives and people. This supposedly is a country founded on laws. So, why can all this manipulation occur? I totally agree with what you are saying and I've seen it for a long time personally.

    Sheeple in this country are lame, lazy and if not spoon fed by the media cannot make an informed opinion on their own. The magnitude and depth of this whole affair is mind numbing.
    If this doesn't pan out for the good, based on the evidence , then Jefferson and the boys didn't do a thing for us.

  2. Amen (as they say in Texas).

  3. Unfortunately, with the news so fractured, it is impossible to filter between truth and hyperbole. Most people just don't have the time. I know more about this case because I have followed this blog, but initially I also was going to Zigler's page. But think of all the major news that has happened this year that I haven't followed this closely.

    PA OAG knew about this. They knew that people would be too busy to dig up too much. They also knew that the news media, particularly that hacks in the sport's news, would never fact check if it meant that their sales would go down. Joe Pa's "fall from grace" was high drama of Shakespearian proportions, and the righteous indignation that followed was almost narcotic.

    Only the courts have any hope of clearing this up. I hope Corbett has a "I am not a criminal." moment. He is slime.