Wednesday, July 2

Recap of this morning's WRSC show

Until the audio is posted, here is a quick recap of what was discussed.

Moulton investigation
1. Not a full investigation because police weren't interviewed & no subpoena power.
2. Confirmed last year's Report 3, which highlighted reasons for inexcusable delays in the investigation.
> No multi-disciplinary team
> Failure to obtain timely search warrants
> Failure to follow up on leads
3. The Moulton investigation is a first step, much like the first Hillsborough report, which relied on written police reports.  The full story was not told and some failures, such as those at Clinton County CYS, were not reported.
4. Narrow scope and missions from the report may suggest that a criminal investigation could be underway.
> No report of police encouraging testimony of Victim 4
> Changes in dates and locations of crimes not mentioned.

The Federal investigation, NCAA case, and trials all will help uncover more of the truth.

Media Coverage of Moulton Report
1. The media was more critical of Kane's misstatement about Victim 9 than they were of the fact that two kids got abused while the investigation lagged.   The media bias in this case is palpable.
2. Jennifer Storm's Op-Ed, which I wrote about Monday, was just ridiculous.  She's trotted out every time something comes up in the Sandusky case.  The lawyer for Victim 4 had an advertisement on Dauphin County's victim assistant (Storm's) web-site.

Sandusky's Guilt
1. Jerry Sandusky fits the profile of a pedophile and Dottie Sandusky fits the profile of a pedophile's wife.
2. While there are holes in some of the victim's stories, there is no doubt his behavior revealed his attraction to children, especially the fact that after being told not to shower with kids, he continued to do so.
3.  Lack of evidence (erotica) on his computer does not exonerate Sandusky.  Sandusky was an acquaintance offender who had unfettered access to kids through the Second Mile.  He did not need to use chat rooms or those type of methods to meet children.  
4. Lack of email evidence also reveals that Sandusky was not a computer user.  While the police obtained copious numbers of phone records of continued contact of Aaron Fisher by Sandusky, there was not a single instance of email being used.
5. Alleged lack of threats to victims.  At least one victim testified to being threatened, however, in the majority of serial child abuse cases, the embarrassment of being abused keeps children from disclosing their abuse.  
6. Alleged lack of a cover up.  While Sandusky may not have been actively involved in covering up his crimes, the Second Mile covered up Sandusky's abuse finding in 2008 (so that he could continue to raise funds for the charity).  The Federal investigation will reveal more evidence of Second Mile's role in covering up Sandusky's crimes.
7. There are more victims than we know about.  According to a study by Bogley, serial molesters like Sandusky typically have over 100 victims.  The police interviewed most children only one time, which would be unlikely to bear fruit because children typically disclose abuse incrementally and often deny abuse the first time they are questioned.
8. Sandusky's crimes/convictions.  Likely not guilty of some of the charges.  According to Lanning, CSA vicitms may not tell the complete truth.  Some may exaggerate what happened and some may downplay.  Both ends of the spectrum at play in this case.  Also, Jim Clemente came to the conclusion that the prosecutors did not understand the concept of compliant victimization and therefore elicited testimony that accused Sandusky of forcing himself on the children.  Clemente stated that this was also likely done to give the victims a "mans way out" of explaining their abuse.

Janitor Incident
Still a hoax.  Even though information surfaced that Calhoun was working at PSU at the tiime of the incident, there are too many inconsistencies in the hearsay testimony that undermine its legitimacy.

Media - Patriot News
1, Their reporting was slanted to ensure all blame fell on PSU and no one else.
2. An early report by the P-N stating that a failure to report child abuse by PSU as the enabler of Sandusky's abuse asked the question of why nothing was done earlier -- but the article made no mention of the 1998 case that WAS REPORTED and resulted in no finding of abuse.
3. In some cases, the P-N knew people were lying to them about their knowledge of the case, but instead of calling those people out for lying, simply printed the lies.
4. Will be making a full report on this soon.

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