Monday, August 18

Deborah C. Beidel: Letter Writing Campaign to Penn State Alumni Association

Friends and Fellow Alumni

On a different Facebook page, Susan Beck Wilson, a former member of the Alumni Council and a current leader of our efforts to right the wrongs at Penn State, asked us to write letters. Letters to the Penn Stater, Roger Williams (Executive Director of the Alumni Association
, Kay Salvino (Current President of the Alumni Council) and perhaps your local Alumni Council representative. 

The Penn Stater magazine
Hintz Family Alumni Center
University Park, PA 16802

Roger Williams
0202A Hintz Family Alumni Center
University Park, PA 16802

Kay Salvino
President, Penn State Alumni AssociationHintz Family Alumni Center
University Park, PA 16802

Although she is right that letters, not just emails are probably most effective, if you do email one of them (and PLEASE contact all of them), please copy me at I want to collect all of the communication that we send, so we have our own record of how many alumni are engaged. If you write letters, send me an email listing the people to whom you wrote letters. I will download every email that I will receive and I will take it to the September BOT meeting. Think of the visual if I get to speak at the meeting or if I get to speak to the media. They will not be able to dismiss us as a minority.

I will take them to the first Alumni Council meeting in October and ask how we as an association can disenfranchise our members in this fashion.

I will plant a tree for every ream of paper that I use – hopefully, you will all allow me to plant a forest. So please write those letters and copy me. Since they won’t open the email – I would just put in the subject line “No change in alumni seat apportionment”. You can also write directly to me and express your outrage at the potential change.

Dandrea wants numbers – let’s give him real numbers. And as always, leave your thoughts on my Alumni Council Facebook page Deborah Casamassa Beidel – Penn State Alumni Council.

I will use this page to communicate with Penn State alumni about activities of the Alumni Council.

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