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Centre Daily Times Letters to the Editor

Loyal Penn Staters, Wendy Silverwood and Linda Berkland hit the mark with their letters to the editor.

Letter to the editor: Give trustees access
September 26, 2015

So the argument is that if the alumni trustees have access to Freeh’s raw work product, they might leak details and social media would run with it, thus having a “chilling” effect.

However, Louis Freeh was allowed — by the same entity arguing against the above — to use our national media to carry his leaks across the world.
I queried trustee Kenneth Frazier more than two years ago about the wisdom of allowing Freeh to hold such a grandstanding press conference. I told Frazier that Freeh launched an intercontinental assault on us that day with those satellite trucks. I asked Frazier why that report wasn’t “soft released” instead on the Web for intelligent debate.
Frazier told me there were “no do-overs in life” and proceeded to disparage PS4RS and the Faculty Senate in his response.
So I have to ask — it’s OK for Freeh’s actions to damage reputations, harm families, cause financial disaster for the university and for the livelihoods and the economy surrounding it?
It’s OK for these messages to be carried by our media and harm the greater Penn State community, cause personal property damage, destroy personal and professional relationships and allow sewage about Penn State and her alumni to flow across our social media.
But it’s not OK for the trustees who have a duty of care to the university, to see the raw work product from which this mass destruction emanated.
Alrighty then!

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Letter to the editor | Sanctions still weigh on PSU
September 23, 2015
Penn State has announced that the athletics integrity monitor — in place as a result of the now repealed, revoked, annulled consent decree — has recommended an early end to his oversight (CDT, Tuesday). In response, President Eric Barron remarked, “It feels good to know that all of those sanctions are now behind us, every single one of them ...”
While Barron lauds the “work” of university administration and the board of trustees to make sure Penn State is “doing it right,” he fails to recognize some issues of critical importance.
First, Penn State was never doing it wrong. I need not summarize the exemplary performance of the athletic department and student-athletes over generations. There have never been any compliance issues and our students graduate at among the highest rates in the country. That has been well-documented.
Second, the athletic department remains saddled with decades of debt to pay out $60 million it should have never been sentenced to pay.
And finally, and of utmost importance to me, Barron fails to acknowledge that the scarlet letter, placed on every single Penn Stater, as football crazed, child rape enablers, remains firmly in place.
Barron can pat himself on the back all day long, but the fact remains that it wasn’t just poor leadership, but absolute nonexistent leadership, that resulted in the sanctions being handed down and the pinning on of the scarlet letter that I continue to wear today. How and when does that sanction get lifted?

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  1. Linda,

    Thanks for this post. The last paragraph in your letter to the CDT hits home. You still can't read an article anywhere about Penn State that doesn't have a paragraph about the "Sandusky" scandal. If only the board and administration would have listened to PS4RS and tried to get to the truth before admitting guilt we'd be in a much better place now.

    And Barron must have been given an allowance for physical therapy for all his self inflicted back patting injuries!

    1. Thank you Jeff. The notion that the sanctions are completely gone is absurd. We will be feeling the effects of negligent leadership for generations. Barron can't talk that away.