Monday, October 12

PS4RS: Heim's letter proves no cover up at PSU

This letter to the editor appeared in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review on October 9th, 2015

A coin toss is often used to resolve a dispute. Last week’s Penn State-Army coin toss certainly did just that, but the dispute was far from the playing field. When news broke that Bruce Heim, former board member of The Second Mile was chosen to take part in a ceremonious pregame coin toss, Penn State alumni and supporters voiced disapproval. The invitation was swiftly revoked. But make no mistake: as a result of Heim’s public acknowledgement that he had been made aware of the 2001 Sandusky incident, a major dispute was resolved. 

There was no “Conspiracy of Silence" at Penn State.

In several different reports last week, Heim indicated that it was his decision to keep The Second Mile board in the dark when former Penn State Athletic Director Tim Curley notified then-TSM CEO Jack Raykovitz in 2001 that Jerry Sandusky – a TSM employee -- had been seen showering with a boy in the Lasch Building.
Tim Curley not only followed reporting rules, he exceeded them, according to a 2001 statute. Raykovitz, however, as a mandatory reporter, ignored TSM’s legal obligations and did nothing to pursue the report.
It has never been a matter of a coin toss for the members of Penn Staters for Responsible Stewardship. We’ve continually questioned why Penn State administrators have been held responsible for mistakes made by The Second Mile. With no clear case against these Penn State officials, PS4RS calls for the Office of the Attorney General to drop charges against them.

Maribeth Roman Schmidt
Penn Staters for Responsible Stewardship
Cell: 215.620.4210

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