Wednesday, December 16

Keisling: The Palace Coup

KEISLING: Palace coup: what the Kathleen Kane prosecution is really about

Breaking: Kane’s staff has approved one of two contracts needed to hire a special prosecutor to investigate the porno email scandal
by Bill Keisling
Have Republicans in the top levels of Pennsylvania government and courts engineered a takeover of the Democratic-controlled state attorney general’s office?
Has this high-level palace coup taken place under everyone’s noses?
Kathleen Kane
Kathleen Kane
Are the criminal charges brought by Republican officials against AG Kane, her subsequent law license suspension, and efforts by the state senate to remove her from office all simply a ruse meant to distract voters from what is really going on: an attempt by Republicans to control policy in the attorney general’s office, and throughout state government, without having won an election?
Recent developments in all three branches of Pennsylvania government make these reasonable questions.
Several weeks ago, on November 18, four high-level staffers from the AG’s office testified before the state senate committee exploring AG Kane’s removal from office that they’ve been running nearly all the office’s legal functions since Kane could no longer practice law.
First Deputy Attorney General Bruce Beemer, and three executive deputy attorneys general — Robert Mulle, James Donahue, and Lawrence Cherba– testified they have effectively taken control of the elective attorney general’s office following Kane’s unprecedented law license suspension.


  1. This article poses all the right questions. Bill Keisling is obviously a thinking man that sees the suspension of Kane's law license for what it is, a desperate and illegal move to take away her authority. Does anyone else even ask if the so-called charges against her are based in fact? Have the charges been examined in a court of law and proved to be true? Yet Kane's law license is taken away before she is found innocent or guilty. How can this be? Is this how the law works in PA under the Tea Party treasonists that are now in control of the republican party in PA? Anything goes apparently. Just accuse and take away power, no trial needed. I would like to know where the federal government is in all of this criminality that is taking place in the PA senate and judiciary. Our country's highest law enforcement should be in PA now. U.S. Marshals should be knocking on Tom Corbett's door, Frank Noonan's door, Frank Fina's door, Justice Eakin's door, Linda Kelly's door, Mark Costanzo's door, Ron Tomalis's door, and Seth William's door. These are all state government officials that have willfully, and illegally abused our American system of justice. Just like the arbitrary and unfounded false accusations that they have leveled against Joe Paterno, Curley, Shultz, and President Spanier, so long ago, they are getting away with the same criminality against Kane. No trial, just corrupt media running false headlines against anyone they're paid to pronounce "guilty". Something needs to be done about the corrupt media in PA, and the corrupt nest of mobsters in PA government that are paying them. And Kathleen Kane was elected by over 3 million voters in PA to do just that. But she is now under attack from this entrenched criminal element and she needs help.

    I would say there is a state of emergency within the entire PA state government due to the deeply entrenched political network of thugs and mobsters that have been falsely accusing us, and stealing from us for so long. It's one big porno party by self-proclaimed elitists. They are thugs that despise the public and willingly use our taxes to entertain themselves. Falsely accusing anyone that is perceived as a threat to their continued lawlessness, they have turned to Louis Freeh to put a pseudo-federal stamp of approval on their accusations against Paterno and PSU officials. This is sickening and is a threat to every single American that is supposedly afforded rights under the Constitution. What's next by these criminals? Meet Louis Freeh's "fee" of 8 million dollars to come in and frame Kathleen Kane too?

    I'm tired of being taxed to support our state government's criminal activity against innocent people. Write to the ACLU, write letters to the editors of newspapers outside of PA, get the word out there so this can go national and the U.S. Marshals can begin making arrests and we can start fresh with a clean state government.

    1. And yet with all those accusations against PA government of falsely accusing and convicting everybody from Joe to PSU officials to the state's own elected Attorney General you still think Sandusky got a fair deal and is 100% guilty?? Go figure.

    2. The only one actually convicted of crimes is Jerry Sandusky. Attorney General Kane hasn't been found guilty of anything. And neither has Joe Paterno and the 3 PSU officials, Curley, Shultz, and President Spanier. That's the entire point of my previous post: Why are people that haven't been found guilty in a court of law losing their jobs and/or being prevented from doing their jobs? These 5 people that are high-level academic and political leaders with a history of exemplary service to the people have been willfully and illegally accused of crimes they did not commit. And to further the illegality of it all, they are being systematically slandered by a complicit and corrupt media.

      The pattern is the same, false accusations, media complicity in the slander, no trial, wrongful termination or impeding of duties, and more media slander.

      Sure Sandusky was rushed through the courts after being ignored and even enabled by Tom Corbett. It was an attempt to make it all go away as quickly as possible before the public asked more questions. Throughout Tom Corbett's 2 terms as PA Attorney General, then another term as Governor, Corbett gave Sandusky a pass. Even though Corbett had Sandusky complaints way back in his first term as Attorney General, he swept it under the rug. And all this Kathleen Kane persecution is an attempt to distract the public from that fact. However, it's not working. The public is smarter than these Corbett criminal holdovers realize. There are lingering unanswered questions about Sandusky's crimes that Corbett simply dismissed with an angry response and a red face. That's why we elected Kathleen Kane, to find out the truth.

      Sandusky is guilty as sin. He was the founder of The Second Mile, he was molesting boys and providing the "nice guy" front that Corbett needed to deceive the public. When the dam broke and the public knew, Corbett sacrificed Sandusky to spare himself. Corbett knew about and enabled Sandusky for over 12 years.

    3. Truthseeker - How could it be that Corbett "knew about and enabled Sandusky for over 12 years?"

      Sandusky was arrested in Nov. 2011 so 12 years before that was 1999 when Mike Fisher was Attorney General. Corbett didn't take office as Attorney General until Jan. 2005.

    4. Tim,
      In 1998, Corbett was the head of the PA Comm on Crime & Delinquency and got into a dispute with Ray Gricar over another PSU related case.

      There is quite a bit of evidence linking Corbett, Fina, and others to former AG Fisher. The corruption in the AG's office goes back to the first elected AG, LeRoy Zimmerman. Kiesling has written about this rather extensively.

    5. Why is someone "convicted" in an obvious corrupt system definatley "guilty as sin", but those accused in that same system definatley innocent? My opinion is they are all innocent! Let's face it, this whole mess has ruined all of our lives in some way. Obviously some way more than others. But we all have had a piece of our soul taken from us which is why we continue to discuss and sometimes argue about this travesty. My view is that those in power accused innocent people in order to either puff their chest, hide something or just make money and do business as usual. Government, media and corruption go hand in hand and will never stop. That bridge has long been crossed and there is no going back. If you think you are going to change it by blogging, you are misguided. They chose to steal our souls because they can. We all had something special at PSU. A special university with a special man who had a vision unlike most others and transformed a university into a model of higher learning thru his actions in one of the most corrupt entities (college sports and sports in general) to ever exist. He showed things could be done the right way and his actions trickled down to administrators who took the fall with him and made them better professionals and people and I'm pretty sure they would agree with that statement. I admire and respect all of your posts and although I don't always agree with them I appreciate that you all are going through the same heart ache that I am. I ask you all please, if you have any real concrete evidence that Jerry Sandusky is guilty, other than hersay, would you please post it. Most people convicted of crimes such as these are found to have lots of hard evidence pointing to their guilt. I would love to see some in this case other than hersay and victims who stories are vague and don't make a lot of sense, not to mention those "paid" victims who have contradicted their accusations by doing interviews to the contray and actually putting those same thoughts from the police interviews on paper and documenting them through a media outlet. I ask you all to please use the same scrutiny and passion that you have used for Joe and the PSU 3 to really examine the Sandusky case with an open mind. Just put yourself in that position and apply everything and tell me how you would feel if it was you in that jail. There has been corruption, raping and pillaging and witch hunts through out human history. Why do we think that in the last hundred years or so, we have become so civilized that humans would not stoop to these evil levels anymore. Our human history continues to repeat itself in more modern ways and this episode is no different. I wish you all a healthy and happy new year! God Bless!

  2. Kane has continued the bogus prosecution of Curley, Schultz and Spanier so I don't see how she is any different than her predecessor Kelly in that matter. If Kane had a sense of justice, she would have long ago dismissed the case against Penn State officials and apologized for her predecessor's trumped up charges.

    Kane bungled the porn email scandal by not immediately appointing a special prosecutor when the emails were first uncovered. Instead she used the porn emails selectively as a weapon against her political enemies and spared many more in her own office and elsewhere in government.

    A special prosecutor with subpoena power would probably uncover porn emails on all PA state government servers, not just on the Attorney General's servers.

    1. I think Kane's strategy for dealing with the bogus trumped-up case against the PSU three was to let it proceed into a court of law. The three men, with their lawyers, would then prove their innocence. Or at least, have that opportunity, which is a legal right. So, why hasn't this happened going on four years now? What person or group of people is seemingly denying this basic right to a trial for these men? Something, or someone is keeping this case out of the courts. And it certainly isn't Kane, because having these men cleared of wrong-doing would show the world just what her predecessors had done to innocent men, Joe Paterno included.
      Remember what happened when Kane tried to declare Frank Fina's investigation of the black delegates as racially tainted? What would have happened then if she had just waved her arm and declared the PSU three innocent? A woman, a democrat, and only a couple months in office, and she comes in and says, "no my predecessors are completely corrupt and framed these men to take the heat off of themselves". She was trying to undo the enormous damage done by the Corbett administration in a manner that would involve the courts, a trial. But again, no trial.
      And as I ask in my previous post, where is our federal government in this matter? Yes, I know Ray says The Second Mile is currently under investigation by the feds. But what about the corrupt state government officials under Tom Corbett that facilitated the Second Mile and then falsely accused innocent men to cover it up?

      I believe that perhaps some of this Second Mile, Arrow Ministries, Sandusky, Tom Corbett child abuse scandal has roots reaching into the federal government. Why else would there be such a lack of help from them and an immediate investigation by the real FBI when the news broke? Instead, the pedophile scandal is blamed on 4 innocent men by the guilty parties themselves. Just blame in the newspapers and 8 million to the disgraced pseudo-federal crook, Louis Freeh. But no trial. Ruined reputations, and ruined livelihoods, but no trial. Where is justice for these men?

    2. It would have been far better for Kane to dismiss the charges against Curley, Schultz and Spanier than let them remain in limbo for years awaiting trial. Even if they eventually get a not guilty verdict, people will say they were guilty but they got off on a technicality or the prosecution bungled the case.

      The case is dragging on largely because the judges take so long to make decisions on defense motions. One who caused a several months delay was Judge Feudale, who Kane was feuding with.

      Kane would not have to declare them innocent, just agree with some of the defense motions. It seems hypocritical for Kane to insist that the statute of limitations had expired in the case of the 1988 alleged Sandusky victim yet she ignored the fact that Kelly filed failure to report charges against Curley, Schultz and Spanier after that statute of limitations had expired.

      Kane's decision not to prosecute the black politician sting case backfired on her because it looked like she was protecting fellow Democrats, and they were all guilty of taking bribes! At least one took a plea.

    3. Agree, Tim. Kane played politics with the PSU3 case and got burned. Now she's facing the same BS that Penn Staters have been dealing with since November 2011.

      Convicted by the media through the court of public opinion.

      The media is just as corrupt as the Old Boy Network and/or is a part of it.

  3. This is all about politics. It has very little to do with the law. Politicians considering their next election are always skeptical of the mood swings of the voters. Fina did such a good job of manipulating the media regarding the PSU3 that whoever ends the case, draws blood.

    1. So are you saying that if someone is a politician, they do not need to follow our laws? I don't think you actually believe that, but what you're saying shows the public has gotten used to the increasing lawlessness of our politicians. They need to be treated just like they treat us. If they falsely accuse innocent people(the PSU3, Paterno, and Kane), then they should be punished. So what I'm confused about, is why were they not punished? President Spanier, Curley, and Shultz have had their basic rights as Americans completely denied. President Spanier has even been denied his right of freedom to travel. Also, this attack on the new Attorney General could have been prevented had those perpetrating this farce been punished in a timely manner.

      So some logical questions are: Why hasn't the national media spotlighted this banana republic style of injustice going on in PA? Are they so corrupt that they have been bought off to ignore it too? And, why are people in PA supposed to continue allowing their taxes to fund this lawless system of government? What would these crooks do if the PA public collectively refused to fund their usurping of our basic rights? Does anyone else feel foolish and cheated because they are paying taxes to have their rights denied?

    2. The issue was Sandusky and pedophilia. It was easy for the prosecutors to indict the PSU3 and gain a conviction. It was David (Sandusky and PSU football) vs. the young boys. The public was and still is emotionally charged on this issue.

      The election of Kathleen Kane broke a 32-year Republican culture in the Office of the Attorney General. The culture has now been exposed. Any Democrat elected to the office would have faced the same executioners.