Friday, February 5

Wendy Silverwood Files Complaint Aganst Fina

To file a complaint with the PA Disciplinary Board - visit this link:


  1. A good start, and it doesn't even mention Fina's knowing that Baldwin represented "Penn State only" but still taking Spanier's testimony and not speaking up when Spanier testified that Baldwin represented him.

    Complaints should be filed against Feudale and Baldwin too. Feudale let Baldwin crash a secret grand jury hearing when he knew she wasn't qualified to be there. Baldwin didn't speak up to correct the record when Spanier testified Baldwin was representing him.

    1. Tim,
      Thanks for your comments.

      Spot on.... and I'll work on a list of incidents of misconduct and post it here.

  2. Ms. Silverwood, filing this complaint against Frank Fina is truly something we need to see more of from the citizenry in PA. As you have stated, what Fina kicked off here with his lies against Penn State and the PSU 3 has been incredibly damaging to everyone-- all of us-- struggling families trying to survive in this hostile state. We're all paying out of our pockets to fund this abuse of government that is Pennsylvania.

    Now, speaking to all of us, I don't see how refusing to pay our state taxes to fund this continued abuse and theft can be illegal. These criminal government officials that Kane is trying to expose and prosecute have taken us all for granted. We can control them only by shutting off the lifeblood for their corruption and outright theft. Because we have been the fools funding our own abuse at the hands of these criminals posing as our public servants!

    Hey Mr. Gene Stilp, if you have any sense of courage and morality as a true American, you would lead a grassroots effort to cut off the funds going to the criminals. But NO, instead you lead an effort to have Attorney General Kane removed from office. How much of our time and money is this going to use up? Mr. Stilp, you are a distraction and a coward--a court jester! Because you too are making a mockery of it all and muddying the water. Kathleen Kane has not been stealing from us and abusing our children as in Kids for Cash, Sandusky's Second Mile victim farm, Hershey child abuse, false charges against the PSU 3, defaming an innocent and beloved old coach, lies and bribes leading to the Cosby mess, and on and on! Enough already! Kane is trying to give the people back their state, all of us should help her in any way that we can. We should not create sideshows for self-glorification as Gene Stilp does. Because doing what Ms. Silverwood has done is honest, effective and courageous. She stood up to Louie the Liar and asked, "what about Second Mile?". And she has now filed this complaint against Frank Fina. We all need to follow her lead and do something honest and constructive to stop this incredible theft of our hard-earned money.