Friday, May 6

Paterno Family Demands Full Review of the Facts


Because of a single sentence in a court record of an insurance case, Joe Paterno's reputation has once again been smeared with an unsubstantiated, forty year old allegation.  In response to this allegation and the subsequent media hype, the Paterno family is demanding a full public review of the facts.

From day one, Joe Paterno and his family have called for an objective and total pursuit of the truth with a full respect for due process. In 2011 and 2012 Joe Paterno was subjected to an unprecedented rush to justice by Louis Freeh and the NCAA. Time has proven that the Freeh report was deeply flawed and the unprecedented punitive actions of the NCAA were unjustified. Over the past four and a half years, numerous allegations that were taken as fact when they were initially communicated have been proven false. It is in this context that the latest claim should be viewed.

The reckless, all-out rush to accept accusations as legitimate without a full fair review of the facts, cannot be allowed to happen again. Fighting shadows and rumors on issues that are this significant is a disservice to everyone who cares about the truth. We do not fear the truth, we embrace it. And we will not allow a repeat of what happened before. We challenge anyone with evidence of misconduct to come forward and present their allegations in a process that allows a full, fair review of the evidence. We will stand by the facts, but we will never accept veiled accusations presented in a context where they cannot be objectively reviewed and analyzed.

If anything has been learned from the Sandusky tragedy it should be that rushed investigations do incredible harm. For once, a fair process should come before conclusions are reached.


  1. PennLive publishing another rumor against Joe Paterno as stone-cold fact is just plain criminal. This proves they are part of a concerted and deliberate effort to cover up something in Pennsylvania that is larger than Paterno. I believe there is an organized child sex trafficking network that is being protected by corrupt PA government officials and their media accomplices. Why else would they keep diverting and distracting the public with the Paterno name? Especially since the Freeh "report" has been shown to be a grand lie. But do we see the truth in headlines about the Freeh report? It should read, "Freeh lied in his report", or "Why did Louis Freeh commit Fraud at PSU?. This latest PennLive rumor is no different than the absurd tabloid resurrecting of the O.J. saga with the "knife found by construction worker at O.J.'s estate". It's sensationalist nonsense that uses the celebrity name as click-bait and distraction.

    So in Pennsylvania, what are we being distracted from with the Paterno name? Like I said, I think we're being led away from something bigger than Paterno. Something that's organized, involving many corrupt officials and corrupt media. Something that's egregious beyond belief. Something that is considered the most vile and heinous criminal act imaginable: Organized child rape made available to the criminal elite. We are getting close to uncovering this evil that Louis Freeh was paid to cover up. And we can know when we are "too close" when a new Paterno smear shows up in the Allentown Morning Call or The Patriot-News and PennLive. Only the Rico statutes can bust this thing wide open and take down the criminal Editors-in-Chief that are an integral part of this racket.

    So keep at it good people of PA! Let's call for a federal racketeering investigation of the Old Guard BoT that scapegoated Paterno, PennLive/Patriot-News, Allentown Morning Call, The Second Mile, Arrow Ministries, Louis Freeh, Tom Corbett and his entire cabinet, the PA State Police under Commissioner Noonan, and DA(now judge)Risa Ferman. I believe they are all complicit in allowing and hiding Second Mile's organized sexual exploitation of our children. So when we see Joe Paterno slandered in the corrupt rags of PA, we know those that are slandering are hiding their crimes behind that great name.

  2. This latest report makes no sense at all. Why would an abused boy report to the abuser's boss rather than to a relative, friend, police officer, teacher, principal, school nurse or family doctor?

    How would a child even get an audience with Paterno in 1976, who was busy with coaching?

    Why didn't the Attorney General's 3-plus year investigation turn up this victim?

    The media seems irresponsible for not asking these kinds of questions and accepting what is essentially a rumor.

    1. Tim, I think our mainstream media has proven itself to be more than irresponsible at this point. It's taken me many, many years to finally see just how crooked the American mainstream media has become. Nothing that involves the crimes of some of our government officials is reported accurately. When 9/11 first happened, I accepted everything our media told us about the attack as fact, as did most of us. I resisted believing scientific evidence that was gradually presented by independent groups of highly-respected structural engineers and demolition experts that contradicted our government's official explanation of how the 3 buildings went down. But in my mind, their collective expertise showed our government and our media were lying in concert to us about the buildings. But why would our own government lie about how the buildings went down? Then I realized if they are lying about how the buildings collapsed, then they are lying about who and why also. Anyway, I could write a book on this topic, but I just want to show why our mainstream media can no longer be trusted to give us the truth. 9/11 set the precedent for the death of truth in our media. Corruption is spreading like a wildfire in our government. And I believe that it's a daily struggle for the honest ones left to just do their job with integrity. They are to be commended for holding on.
      The official government explanation of 9/11 doesn't add up in the minds of most Americans now. So how can something comparatively small like corrupt PA government scapegoating a single, innocent college football coach for crimes that someone else did be hard to believe? The mainstream media will not ask questions about Louis Freeh's falsified report or the doctored emails and letters he created. Instead they will print gossip about Joe Paterno that steers the public away from the true criminals. This upside down morality is not the America I used to know.