Tuesday, March 27

HOW YOU CAN HELP CLEAR JOE, Expose Freeh's Fiction and Reverse NCAA Sanctions


WE NEED HELP  from anyone here who would like to help with the effort to clear Joe Paterno and who would like to join our team of online volunteers to help gather information and steer readers The Second Mile Sandusky Scandal websites.   There is plenty you can do to help just devoting a few minutes each day. 

Four Ways to Fight the Freeh Fiction 

This website is open to posting articles written by Paterno and Penn State supporters - If you have an idea let us know and we will see if it fills our needs and supports our objectives. Write something that fits our positions and we will publish it for you and help you promote it. 
2) SPREAD THE WORD - become a Freeh Fiction Linking Fanatic 
This is OUR FREEHdom Fighter Website 
Yes I started it and remain as editor with Ray Blehar 

If you are like me a reader of news and sports articles about the situation at PSU - whether about Freeh, Corbett, The Second Mile, Sandusky, Paterno, Linda Kelly, NCAA sanctions, etc. there is a very easy way to help alter the comments and conversation. We need  readers to comment and include links to this website or the Framing Paterno website OR BOTH.  It is easy to compose one comment post with links.
example: If you really want the truth about the (Paterno, Freeh, NCAA, Sandusky) situation the information is here: http://notpsu.blogspot.com/  
OR read this fact filled demolition of the Freeh Report here: http://notpsu.blogspot.com/2012/07/joe-paterno-in-1998-freeh-farce.html
OR  read this factual story on how TSM, CYS and DPW - groups who were supposed to protect children failed to do their jobs. http://notpsu.blogspot.com/2012/03/the-second-mile-questions.html
Doing this linking in comment sections on any article touching on the PSU situation is great for getting people who comment exposure to the truth. You can copy these links or make your own and paste them into multiple articles comments anywhere onlineIt also works on message boards. 

Believe me it helps to drive traffic to these websites which increases our credibility and visibility making it easier for us to interest more influential people in what we are doing. Here is our traffic that has increased exponentially over the past month. 

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SMSS went from 1500 in June to 44,000 in July to 123,000 in August to over 50,000 so far in September - that is IMPRESSIVE Growth 
3) Become a FREEHDOM FIGHTER  team member 
If you wish a more serious involvement send a brief resume of how you think you might help to aurabass AT yahoo Dot com and we will have the group consider adding you to our team. 

If you hear of anything you would like to see investigated or have any contact with anyone who might have valuable information pertaining to any part of the Paterno Penn State situation we will help you expose it or investigate it 
Surely some of the people who visit BWI BSD or the Scout boards have volunteered for The Second Mile OR you know someone who volunteered or worked at The Second Mile - or you know someone who know's someone. 

We have a couple of people in the State College area who are interested in trying to talk to anyone who ever volunteered and who might know someone who worked for The Second Mile. 

We have an investigator working for an attorney in State College who is helping us but we need to get him some names of people who organized and staffed the Second Mile programs. We have obtained the Non-Profit records of income and expenses and we need people who know how those programs worked to assess how much money was actually being spent helping kids.

For instance 119 children were part of the Friend Fitness program where a volunteer mentor spent a couple of hours a week with a child doing exercises at a public facility. The "cost of this program according to TSM expenses was $398,000. 
That is a whopping $3,344 per child. 
Our question is does that seem reasonable or accurate and only someone who worked in that program would know. 
We question how a couple of hours a week at a community rec center or school gym with a volunteer mentor would cost anything. 

Anyone reading this that has any idea how we might get in touch with anyone associated with the Second Mile is urged to contact us on the website comments or email to aurabass AT yahoo DOT com 

This isn't to get anyone who volunteered at TSM into any trouble or controversy  We don't even need your name. We just need to know if you think the financial cost of these programs was as high as reported and if there is suspicion of fraud 


  1. I am an alumnus of Penn State and object to the way Paterno, the football team, and the University, as a whole, have been destroyed. It breaks my heart and I am so frustrated that we live in a country in which people can be tried and convicted in the media with unsubstantiated opinions. However, the most heartbreaking thing to me is the fact that underprivileged kids are targets for pedophiles and charities such as the second mile are breeding grounds for such monsters. It stands to reason that although most at 2nd mile had good intentions,there are still many, many more pedophiles associated with this
    organization and were able to slink away to continue their horrors. Deflecting this crime onto Paterno and PSU is their way out. They need to be investigated and stopped. In the words of the governor, remember the little boy in the shower.

    1. My reading of the situation is much like yours Chrissy

      Anything you would like to write to post here send it in and if you want to join our little team posting links and discussing ways to help change the narrative just ask.

  2. I'm not a Penn stater(Wisconsin Badger) but I have always admired Penn State and the football team. I don't think there was any program in college football that exemplified values like integrity, loyalty and hard work. It all started with the head coach. Virtually all of the people I've talked to in my travels don't think the NCAA sanctions were appropriate. I'm trying to help by sending links to the talk radio shows I listen to all the time. I really hope we can get this atrocious NCAA decision reversed.

  3. I think you need to look at Spanier's role in all this.
    He did grant Sandusky Emeritus status even though he didn't meet any of the criteria for this honor. That is how Sandusky had access to the PSU facilities after he retired.
    Also it has been reported that Sandusky was a guest in Spanier's box during Joe's last game. Spanier knew about the GJ investigation and the possibility that an indictment would be coming down soon.
    Check out the section on Spanier in this article:
    I have seen this at several sites but can't find any back up articles. If this is true it would be huge.

  4. I am a Northwestern Wildcat but my life allegiance has been to the Paterno way.

    Coach Paterno is Penn State: starting in 1950, he set the vision and goals for where it stand today as a respected, world-class academic, research, philanthropic, and sports institution. Yes, he is UNIQUE and special in so many ways (hence the senseless, illogical attacks most based on envy--and ironically at the only person that actually did what he was suppose to do in this whole sorted mess).

    Yes, did abhorrent acts by one of his main coaches fall through his often impeccable perspective and actions, yes (and yes, it's a big one!)! But to forget all the good he has done for students, athletes, his family, and people based on a few peoples' perceptions and cryptic emails that form Freeh's biased and one-sided perspective is wrong (time will certainly, as always, prove this).

    Due process for the men indicted needs to play out. Unfortunately the main person that would give this whole thing perspective and accuracy is gone.

    I will do my part to right this outrageous public injustice to Coach Paterno, Penn State, and all alums.

  5. J.C.
    Thanks for your support. I attended a game at Northwestern in 2010 and had a great time there.

    The evidence shows that Paterno reported Sandusky to his superiors and testified truthfully before the grand jury. As Joe said in his last interview, "I left it up to some other people who I thought could handle it better than I could. It didn't work out that way."

    When Joe said, "In hindsight, I wish I had done more." I think there is a lot more to that statement than the public thinks. I believe Joe thought that Jerry was getting treatment for a mental illness and he was going to be fine. Little did Joe know that Second Mile didn't act on the report by Curley. In hindsight, Joe probably wishes he'd have checked up on Jerry every now and then.

    Joe had a habit of doing that. A friend of mine tried out for the FB team in the late 70s - he wasn't good enough and Joe told him so. But Joe also checked on his grades and told him he better hit the books and make the best of his time at Penn State. Joe called this guy once a month to see how his studies were progressing.

    That was the man we called Joe.

  6. Ray,

    I have written more letters and emails to Philadelphia area and national newspapers than I care to count. One of the themes concern the quote you reference above. I would suggest, respectfully of course, that you always make it a point to include his entire comment.

    "This is a tragedy. It is one of the great sorrows of my life. With the benefit of hindsight, I wish I had done more."

    That statement has a much different meaning than the piece you post above, and that has been a big part of the problem. The narrative created by a media disinterested in facts is perpetuated when they are allowed to use only those words that fit that narrative. The media has used that shortened sentence to "prove" that Joe Paterno knew everything that was going on and chose image over children. I don't belive that to be true.

    Words matter. Let's use them all so we have a full and proper context when we engage in dialogue with those who are more interested in advertising dollars, and less in the truth concerning the protection and care of our children.

    For The Glory,

    Jonathan Karsh

  7. Email sent to Sara Ganim.

    Of course there has been no response.

    Hello Sara,
    I have mixed feelings about your reporting. Coverage of the Sandusky fiasco was excellent, but I have always felt that you had an axe to grind with Joe. Like the rest of the media, Joe Paterno in the headline sold papers and got clicks on the internet. Which brings me to my question(s).

    The following people had knowledge of Sandusky crimes for up to 12 years:
    State Police
    State College Police
    Campus Police
    State College DA’s office
    2nd Mile Board members
    Penn State Board members
    Mike McQuery
    MQ’s father
    Dr Dranov
    Pennsylvania AJ
    Secretaries to all of the above.
    I’m sure I have missed a number of people and organizations.

    How over the past 12 years had there not been a single leak to the press? As Sandusky is raping children for 12 years NOT ONE leak to the press. Hard to believe. Was the press part of the cover-up? Amazing how only leaks that get headlines are reported. A one sentence quote implying Paterno’s culpability gets national headline coverage, but no one leaks stories about Sandusky. Not the janitors, not families of the victims, not people who suspected something was amiss, no one. Something doesn’t make sense here.

    Secondly, of all of the people mentioned above not one person has come forward and shown the courage Joe Paterno( “in hindsight I wish I had done more”) had and apologized for failing to act to protect these victims. 12 years and NO ONE has been willing to admit that they failed to do the right thing. NO ONE!

    I won’t get into the Freeh Report. His past performance says much about his ability to investigate and make sound conclusions. It was obviously written to deflect blame from the BoT. For $6.5M you have to come up with someone to blame other than your employer.

    1. I just want to make two small corrections to this comment.
      First off, your list includes "State College DA's office," There is no such thing. The DA's office is a county office, not an office of the Borough of State College. As such the CENTRE COUNTY DA'S OFFICE would be in Bellefonte, the county seat.
      Second, your list includes "Pennsylvania AJ". I'm assuming you meant Pennsylvania Attorney General (AG).
      I'm not trying to nit-pick. But, the haters will jump on any little thing they can to tarnish you because you are standing up against injustice.

  8. Remember Luis Freeh was forced to resign as the FBI Director because his of his failure as a leader. His tenure includeded many failures to include Waco, TX, Robert Hanson, Ruby Ridge to name a few...but his greatest failure, he headed the FBI until June 2001. Under his leadership the FBI was unable to piece together the intelligence that would have led to preventing 9-11. Not sure why PSU hired such a failure to lead this investigation but it seems pretty apparant that he was not qualified nor competent. I put Joe Pa's record up against his any day...Joe was the real deal, once in a lifetime great human being..keep pressing with this great work, the story needs to be told.

    1. One correction (this maybe a Freudian slip) that his name is Louis Freeh. Mr. Freeh's record as FBI Director is, at the very least, dubious! The corporate media reported that his stepped down voluntarily. It's the corporate that perpetuates these false claims that Joe Paterno was somehow intimately involved. And if anyone DARES disagree with the "company line" on a story; that they'll be shipped off to some dinky little radio or TV station in the middle of nowhere so fast that it'll make their heads spin!

  9. Mr. Bozeman,

    You probably already saw Eric Prisbell's Jan 17 article in USA Today with coverage of Mark Emmert's speech about new NCAA regulations. In case you didn't, here's an excerpt:

    Regarding the organization's plan to hold coaches specifically responsible for violations that occur in their programs if the NCAA or the infractions committee concludes that they should have had knowledge of the misconduct, Emmert said during a news conference that there needs to be more clarity on what exactly coaches will be responsible for knowing.

    "We're going to have to work harder on coming up with definitions on what that really means," Emmert said. "We've already been asked, does that mean just the people who work under your purview, your staff that works for you? Or does that means everybody in the university? At some point you have to put realistic boundaries on what you can and can't be expected to have knowledge of."

    Too bad Mr. Emmert didn't set realistic boundaries for what JoePa was supposed to know!