Friday, November 2

Fact FREEH Fiction author to be lauded by SD law enforcement

Fact FREEH Fiction author Louis Freeh to Keynote gathering of law enforcement in South Dakota  

Fact FREEH Louis 
"Former FBI Director Louis Freeh, who led the investigation into Penn State University’s handling of sex abuse complaints against one of its football coaches, is the keynote speaker Nov. 14 at this year’s Law Enforcement Appreciation Dinner in Sioux Falls.

Freeh concluded that Penn State Coach Joe Paterno, school President Graham Spanier and other top university officials concealed a 2001 sexual abuse allegation against former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky to protect Penn State’s reputation.

He will discuss that investigation  with 2,000 law enforcement officers, firefighters, military personnel and guests are expected for the event." 

This premature fawning over the fiction of Louis Freeh is beyond disgusting to anyone with the ability to read and reason. But such is the state of the nation and the national media when the MSM fails to look at what is offered with any critical eye. I suppose it's somewhat petty to pick on Louis and his paid excursion to South Dakota in mid November. 

I wish no man ill but it would be fitting if he were to stay in SD for a long cold winter and beyond - any place where he could be limited in the causation of future harm. Perhaps he could be joined by Kelly, Corbett, Peetz, Surma, Lubert, Frazier and Dambly where they might become the custodians of some Sioux City cosmetology academy. Not that I would wish that on hairdressers, but they might actually be qualified for such an endeavor. The BoT is convinced that Freeh can instruct them on how to run a school since they certainly lack the qualifications to do so without his valuable experience in such matters. We should propose they start somewhere that is in keeping with their expertise. 


  1. Barry,

    Thanks again for all your work on the Second Mile and Fact Free, but not so Free Report. I wonder if anyone on "our" side will be attending Louis' talk? And, no, I'm not volunteering- too much of that cold, funny white stuff on the ground there that time of year!


    1. “We are turning into a nation of whimpering slaves to Fear—fear of war, fear of poverty, fear of random terrorism, fear of getting down-sized or fired because of the plunging economy, fear of getting evicted for bad debts or suddenly getting locked up in a military detention camp on vague charges of being a pedophile sympathizer.”
      ― Hunter S. Thompson

      Hopefully the audience will contain some of the Wounded Knee Sioux interested in a very thin scalp Jeff. Thunderheart should be in attendance as a representative of the FBI along with a couple of shape shifters who understand that 6.5 million is a self-serving payoff = honor for $$$. It would be a fitting end for a life so involved with mistakes and purposeful duplicity and deception that has resulted in many deaths for the Fact Freeh man will blood on his hands.

      “We cannot expect people to have respect for law and order until we teach respect to those we have entrusted to enforce those laws.”
      ― Hunter S. Thompson

  2. You gotta re-focus bro, you're letting me down. Louis Freeh is so last week's news. This week is all about your buddies who used to run Old Main. You know, the guys charged with perjury, conspiracy, obstruction, etc...

    Get it together dude, I'm expecting 500 words on something vaguely sordid about Cynthia Baldwin, stat!

    1. A statement of demands from a guy who thinks charges from the AG mistress of Gov Tom Corbett should be taken seriously? That's just too precious.

      It's too bad Kelly won't be in office when those charges are either dismissed or dispensed with in court. That's why living in a country where folks are innocent until there is proof and a trial is so necessary - to keep the tools who think charges = guilt, as Mr. O'shea obviously does, in their place. This "New Presentment" is nothing more than the OLD PREVARICATION wrapped up in 30 odd pages as if telling longer more convoluted lies somehow carries more weight than the paper required to contain it.

      You have at least heard of the Constitution and Bill of Rights? Well I suggest you read them at your earliest convenience. Maybe then the futility and stupidity of making an "argument" out of "charges" will come to you before making a further fool out of yourself. Even the Republican admirers of Corbett and Kelly should know better than that.

      As much fun as it is to carry the truth to one so much in need may be I must insist that you come up with an argument worth making or risk being relegated to the spam file. You seem not to notice being in the wrong place. Here we have adults in discussion - and those like unknown and now you will not be allowed to demonstrate foolishness indefinitely.

      "Get it together dude"? I suppose we will have to put an age and education threshold in place. Anything more as lame as this one will end your privilege of posting here.

  3. The Italian Citizen, Reprobate Freeh will talk on the brilliant manner that the FBI handled Wounded Knee Massacre. He will also laud the state legislature on their handling of concealing Pedophilia by RCC on the Indian reservations. See for scads of related articles.