Saturday, November 3

Why Doesn't Kelly Simply Tell the Truth?

Outside the Harrisburg Office? 
PSYCHIC Linda Kelly proves this time a witch was doing the hunting. Linda reads minds, makes mountains from molehills, sees conspiracies in simple curiosity, and should have released this New Prevarication on Halloween when she could have used her broom.

Blowing the thinnest threads of email into a conspiracy the Lame Duck of Harrisburg is going out in a meteoric blaze that will likely be the flame out of her cornhusks preceding the crash of this latest craziness.

Typical LIES of the Old Prevarication now rehashed as the NEW PRESENTMENT from page 10 of the latest junk file from AG Linda Kelly:

See line two of the paragraph above "Curley anxiously asked Schultz for status updates on at least three occasions" like "anything new in this department"? or "any further update"?   Wow is AG Kelly gifted with some kind of 6th sense? She can sense "anxiousness" in 13 year old type of an email message? 

Kelly claims that the emails indicate a materially false statement when he said he no knowledge of this investigation or any recollection of his involvement. So lets look at the Grand Jury transcript. 

Well what sexually inappropriate conduct was there in 1998? Kelly already mentioned the 1998 emails where Curley was told by Schultz that a DPW person was going to interview Jerry and that a psychologist was going to talk to the boy AND then he learned that NO charges would be filed because there was no criminal or sexually inappropriate behavior. 

That's right you know. We've all seen these emails labeled Re: Jerry   Here are those famous emails below 
Note how anxiously Tim asks Gary - any updates? 
Note the detailed information - "I understand a DPW person was here last week and they decided to have a child psychologist talk to the child and finally the real biggie - there was NO CRIMINAL behavior and the matter was closed. 

Does this sound like some big time criminal investigation of sexually inappropriate activity to you?
I didn't think so - but such is the mind of LINDA KELLY who sees anxiousness in "any updates" and an allegations of sexually improper conduct in "I understand a DPW person was here and a child psychologist will talk to the child and Case Closed with NO CRIMINAL conduct. 


  1. He was so anxious he waited 5 days to ask for an update...and then 12 days before he asked again. Hell, I've been to the Collegian at least 10 times today to see if they posted my comment yet. Now, THAT'S ANXIOUS.

  2. Well, when Rodney Erickson was asked on Friday at the National Press Club what more Penn State should have done about the Sandusky incident in 1998, he replied, “Well, clearly, there should have been additional follow-up. We know that." Really? Once again, our spineless president blames Penn State for not pursuing a matter that was investigated by the CWA, CYS,
    the police and the DA, all of whom said nothing illegal had happened.
    See a video of the entire meeting at:

  3. how far would any of them have gotten had they followed up?

    "Dear local police, we know you've cleared Sandusky, found no criminal acts or wrong doing, but we'd really like you to keep pestering him, and the kids, and the mother and dig until you've found something... what's that? you don't have staff to keep looking into a closed case and you don't think there's anything to find? oh, well, do it anyway, we want to bring this founder of a nationally known children's charity under scrutiny with false accusations..."

  4. Kelly writes her presentments like a novel - a work of fiction that stretches incredulity to the breaking point when read critically. "Any updates" becomes "anxiously" when it's completely unclear. Curley is an AD with a job to do and of course he wants to know the Sandusky status. He's in the middle of trying to figure out what to do with Joe about the coaching situation. This is no conspiracy - it's his freakin job.
    Sandusky is declared to have done nothing criminal - and that means his bear hug is not sexually inappropriate in the eyes of CYS, DPW or the DA's office. Those are the people who make those determinations not the AD or VP of Finance or the Head Coach. Those people make decisions about the athletic program.
    A decade or 13 years later -these a$$es are making judgments based on "any updates"? In any sane DA's office this crap would be pitched into the circular file and they would pay attention to important things. Not trying to make Tim Gary and Graham responsible with Joe for failure to do what DPW, CYS, TSM and the DA's office failed to do. This is INSANE

  5. She can't possibly even think about telling the "truth" at this point. If she were to do that she would implicate herself, the governor, and many others to the very same charges she is presently leveling at Penn State personnel. Her only choice is to attempt to discredit as many potential witnesses against her as possible.