Saturday, January 19

UPDATE: Corbett Took Credit For Firing Paterno

Governor Corbett now wants to be the best friend of the former players.  I guess he believes that everyone forgot his role on November 9th, 2011.

Ray Blehar


Paterno and Penn State President Graham Spanier were dismissed Nov. 9, and ESPN cited one senior Penn State faculty member as seeing Corbett at a local bar the next night and calling him effusive.

“It was like a victory celebration,” the faculty member told Outside the Lines. “I remember thinking at the time that it just seemed a strange thing … a kind of gratuitous political piling on.”

That Saturday, the day of the Penn State-Nebraska football game, former player Bob Capretto told ESPN he had a conversation with Corbett about the board’s actions to fire Paterno.

“And the governor said, 'I told them to do it,' " Capretto said. "He was proud of it. I told him, 'You don't realize what you have created here. The damage to Penn State is enormous.' "

In the Outside the Lines piece, Corbett is painted as zealous at the chance to play a role in the Penn State scandal.

 I believe Bob Capretto is telling the truth about what he heard.

And we all know that Corbett tried to make this about the victims with his "Remember the children.  Remember that little boy in the shower" admonition at the PSU BOT conference call.

What a phony.

Corbett did everything he could to NOT bring Sandusky to justice in the latest investigation.

All we need is Paula Ammerman to say, "Governor, your time is up."


  1. Don't you just LOVE how involved he's been on the board since he attended the meeting in January, 2012 and attempted to pretend he could give a rat's ass about university business? He came, he destroyed, he celebrated and then he went back to the Governor's Mansion and started to spin the story! Nobody will forget!

  2. A wise woman once told me,"There are two times a person tells a lie. When they have something to gain, or something to lose." Apply this to the information, and think about it! Bob Capretto has nothing to gain or lose. Corbett, on the other hand, is the Governor looking to be re-elected.

  3. If Corbett was the governor of Alabama and did to the Bear what he did to Joe P, they would have hung him from the highest tree.Some might call that justice.

  4. He has already hung himself. He is looking for a new job when he is NOT re-elected.

    1. Robert- as a 1973 grad(summa cum laude) of PSU, I really appreciate the support you(as a former- student athlete at PSU) have shown for Joe P. Many thanks-HK

    2. Thank you, I and my two step sons will be going to Baltimore this weekend to see the Paterno movie again. I have read everything written and have come to the conclusion that most newspaper reports are not worth reading. I review this web, the ELMS PS4RS and the website the framing of Joe Paterno. They are the only ones that have any clarity on this story. Corbett, in my way of thinking, inviting the former players to meet with him is a sham.

    3. Robert,
      See you in Baltimore on Saturday night. Should be a great time.