Friday, January 18

Did Cynthia Baldwin Commit Perjury In Her 2012 Affidavit?

Based on Attorney General Linda Kelly's Standard for Recalling Events In The Distant Past, Cynthia Baldwin Should Be Charged With Perjury

Ray Blehar

Cynthia Baldwin's Affidavit (Exhibit 6A from the Freeh Report) recounts the events that transpired when she briefed the Penn State Board of Trustees on May 11, 2011 regarding the Sandusky investigation.

As the top lawyer at PSU, one would expect that Ms. Baldwin would provide an accurate account of what she discussed at the BOT  meeting.  Perhaps it is an accurate account of her briefing to the BOT, however, it is not an accurate account of the facts regarding what PSU officials testified to or who was involved in the 1998 investigation.  See below.

Given the extremely high standard that applies to Curley, Schultz, and Spanier for remembering the details of incidents that occurred ten and fourteen years prior, it strains credulity that Baldwin could not remember details of events that transpired in the year prior.

Cuff her, Dano.


  1. Baldwin and Courtney are both complicit in this mess. It's truly disgusting that they, who are supposed to know the law and be held to a higher standard, have skated while the other three are being crucified. I wonder if the state Bar Association has even looked into their behavior. Both have violated ACP, both have lied, and Baldwin has corrupted the grand jury process. Whether they support PSU or not, shouldn't any lawyer in the state of PA want something done in order to protect the integrity of the profession? Notice I am assuming there is at least some integrity left

  2. I'm confused. Erickson stated he was not at liberty to discuss his testimony at the GJ. Everyone seemed to be okay with that. Spanier however, stated the same thing and was blasted for it. You can't have it both ways.

  3. Equal justice under the law - or in the media - is a thing of the past.