Thursday, February 28

Announcing New Partner Site:

Through the generous donation of PSU alum, JR, I announce the launching of Sandusky Reports

About two weeks ago, I was alerted to an opportunity to get some free web site support and who am I to turn down free stuff?  Free beer.  Free food.  It's all good.

I took the opportunity and we have established a reference library of sorts for the topics I have been working on related to the Sandusky Scandal.  

The site has tabs for the six (or more) reports I have done or plan to do in the future.  Tabs 1 and 2 have reports loaded to them, plus related blog posts.  We will continue to add to these tabs as I write more blogs on the topics of child protection and the NCAA.   The remaining tab's reports are in work, however they have been populated with blog posts related to the topics.  Those tabs are:
  • Child Protection
  • NCAA
  • Prosecutions
  • The Second Mile
  • Board of Trustees
  • The Media

Although the new site has a blog attached (not yet active), I will continue to blog from this site and generally populate the SanduskyReports blog with posts from SSMSS.

I hope you find this site helpful when you need to find one of my reports or one of my blogs quickly.

Thanks for your support!
Ray Blehar

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