Monday, February 11

Letter to Jennifer Storm, head of Dauphin Co. Victim Witness Assistance Program

If there's one thing that I found extremely troubling during the Sandusky Scandal, it was the attitudes of the so-called "victim advocates." It was apparent to me that the majority of the "advocates" only cared about punishing people and not fixing the system.

Ray Blehar

I read this article on Penn Live about a couple of so-called Victim's Advocates who condemned the Paterno's report as not helpful to the victims. Jennifer Storm called the Paterno's report a "setback."

What I find truly amazing - and I will write more about this - is the complete lack of understanding of the limits of memory.  Ms. Storm, and many others believe, that Joe Paterno, Mike McQueary and everyone else who testified in the scandal have a perfect memory of what happened.

This defies research on long-term memory, which states that the brain does not store the sensory version of what transpired as it would in short term memory. People retrieve a perception of what they thought was stored in their short term memory.  And of course, there are limits to long term memory.

So, Ms. Storm is not well versed on memory, but what really ticks me off about her, Roxine Behrens, PSU Child Rights, and countless others that have condemned PSU (while not raising a single question about the state's failure), is that they believe they speak for the victims.

I assure you, they do not.

So, I wrote:

From: Ray Blehar <>
To: "" <>
Sent: Monday, February 11, 2013 12:46 AM
Subject: You should be ASHAMED of yourself

Dear Jennifer,
I am appalled that you believe that YOU THINK YOU KNOW about the healing process of the victims in the Sandusky case.

These young men are all individuals and all of them have different methods of moving beyond the abuse in their past.  Several of them hold no ill will toward Joe Paterno and Penn State, but you seem to think you can speak for them.

Also, I am appalled that your web-site contains an advertisement for Ben Androezzi's law firm.  According the the trial transcripts, Mr. Andreozzi went along wth the State Police lying to his client about information they had about other victims in the case.  These troopers were caught lying on the stand in the Sandusky trial.  In fact, Rossman lied on two separate occasions.

Troopers Rossman and Leiter repeated that practice on several occasions in attempts to get potential witnesses to admit to crimes by Sandusky.

In the case of Victim 6, Corporal Leiter told the boy's mother that they had Sandusky on 400 counts of sex crimes, when at the time there were only two Victims -- Aaron Fisher and the unknown Victim 2.

It is abundantly clear you do not have a shred of decency or fairness in your assessment of who was responsible for letting Sandusky roam free for 14 years.

The evidence in the Freeh Report and the police report show that two caseworkers received reports of Sandusky showering with two boys.  They were informed of at least 14 signs of possible child sexual abuse, including the fact that one of the children took a shower AFTER arriving home from showering with Sandusky and then took another shower the next morning.

These caseworkers also possessed a damning psychological report from Dr. Alycia Chambers stating that Sandusky was exhibiting pedophile/grooming behaviors.  Their response was to find an unlicensed counselor to provide a 'second opinion' that cleared Sandusky.  Mr. Freeh's report does quite a good job hiding these facts from the public, however I interviewed Dr. Chambers, who confirmed she provided her reports to DPW, CYS, and the University Park Police.

Where is your condemnation of those agencies, Jennifer?

From your biography, I can see your long history as a state employee.  Perhaps your employment has biased your views on this case -- or perhaps you were trotted out by your "handlers" in Harrisburg to stick up for Mr. Freeh's error laden account of the Sandusky scandal.

In any case, I can see you certainly don't want to bite the hand that feeds you.

In closing, I would like to state that your opinions and those of other so-called child protection advocates have been sickening to me throughout this scandal.

Rather than facing the facts about the sorry state of child protection in Pennsylvania (400 children murdered since 2002), all of you have focused on punishing people who have never gotten due process under the law.

I can appreciate your animous for Sandusky, but I am completely disgusted by your opinions on four men who were blamed for Sandusky crimes on the thinnest of evidence.

I promise that you will soon find out the truth of this scandal and things will not be pretty in Harrisburg when it is exposed.

Raymond M. Blehar


  1. Well done Ray. I also read that article and posted a comment suggesting that since Ms. Storm is a Corbett appointee, she may have an agenda. It would behoove her and the other "child protection advocates" to read Jim Clemente's report commissioned by the Paterno family.

  2. The plot thickens- a Corbett appointee?

  3. "I promise that you will soon find out the truth of this scandal and things will not be pretty in Harrisburg when it is exposed."

    Nothing will change the media narrative quicker and make the "nothing new here" and "we should move on" crew look like bigger fools.

  4. Thank you, thank you for exposing these people. It is so disgusting they pose as child advocates when it is so obvious they are corrupt. I have seen their posts over and over and I want you to know you have "made my day" by exposing them.

  5. As always, great work Ray. Glad that you can call a spade a spade.(or a crony a crony)
    Thanks for the incredible effort you have put forth.

  6. As i said last week, under my twitter account @lscotthoover, what jen storm said was probably a trial balloon for the Corbett Administration. She received the 2012 Liberty Bell Award from the Dauphin County Bar Association and the 2011 Pathfinder Award for Excellence in Victims Services in the Commonwealth of PA presented by Governor Tom Corbett. She was also appointed by Governor Corbett to the Victims Service Advisory Board for a four year term.