Friday, April 5

BOT Election: Get out the vote

Dave Ketchen

Disgruntled Penn State supporters all agree that incumbents Paul Suhey and Stephanie Deviney must be defeated.  Meanwhile, only a tiny percentage of alums (about 6%) vote in the  BOT elections.  

This presents a huge opportunity. The more new reform‐ minded voters we recruit, the less chance the incumbents  have of keeping their board seats.    Therefore, concerned alumni are asking that you recruit  as voters at least 5 of your family, friends, and associates  who do not normally vote.  

Here is a template email that you could use or adapt:  

“You’ve seen the news stories. Penn State is in serious trouble. The current Board  of Trustees has done a terrible job of dealing with the Sandusky Scandal. Our  university needs 5 minutes of your time to help turn the situation around.    Please request a ballot to vote in the upcoming election of 3 trustees.

To obtain a  ballot, simply send an email to that lists your full name (including  maiden name if you have one), your year of graduation (or last attendance), your  college and major, and your current home mailing address.

You will then receive  an electronic ballot via email on April 10.

Alumni without Internet access can  obtain a paper ballot by calling (814) 865‐2521.  

If you want to learn more about the candidates, plenty of information is available  at

I have been following the election closely and will share my preferred candidates  with you if you wish.     Please do NOT vote for the incumbents, Paul Suhey and Stephanie Deviney.

Also,  please consider forwarding this message to Penn Staters within your circle of  family and friends


  1. Like this initiative? More like this one are underway at:

  2. It should be noted that to vote in any BOT election, you need not be an alumni. If you attended Penn State for one semester (or two terms), taken course towards a degreed program and passed - you can vote too!!!!