Tuesday, April 23

Eileen Morgan: Freeh Debacle Times Three

Louis Freeh's latest report gets low marks from Michael Chertoff, former head of Homeland Security.  Wynn Resorts report has same fatal flaws as PSU report.  

Eileen Morgan

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  1. Blehar said, “Had any investigator submitted a report of such poor quality to a competent authority, it would have been flatly rejected and returned for further investigation and rework.”

    I see Mr. Chertoff agrees with my assessment of Freeh's work.

  2. An undergrad submitted a term project to her grad/teaching asst with a similar lack of critical analysis and interpretation of her data. I rejected her report as misleading at best and as academic fraud at worst. Freeh's report of the Sandusky case should have been roundly rejected by any academic review. Certainly by the governing body of a major university.

    Thank you, Eileen, for another clear presentation!

  3. I have said since Day 1,no PSU graduate student would have received a passing grade for work, such as the Freeh Report. For this reason alone, the BoT has made a mockery of PSU educational requirements. Millions of dollars later, the students will suffer for years with tuition increases, bearing the brunt of an inept Board of Trustees.

  4. Freeh seems to be a Typhoid Mary of legal reviews.

  5. As I have now had the time to read Eileens whole report I can see why it was accept with a secret ballet.