Thursday, July 11

7/11 Marks Beginning of the End for Freeh, BOT

Spanier lawsuit, coalescence of athlete support, and the release of JZ's book are the beginning of what will be a punishing offensive aimed at Freeh and the "old guard" of the PSU BOT.

Ray Blehar

If the PSU Truth (not truther) movement wants to mark a day when the it finally began to fight back, then 7/11 could be that day.

Former President Graham Spanier Files Suit Against Louis Freeh

If there was anything that was a long-time coming, it had to be a lawsuit against hack investigator Louis Freeh, who also was once the Director of the FBI.  President Spanier filed that law suit today for slander and defamation.  While the details of the lawsuit are not yet available, Mr. Freeh's claims that Spanier concealed Sandusky's abuse for over a decade are clearly not supported by the trial verdicts in this case.  Freeh's scant evidence, along with the dubious testimony of former PSU General Counsel, Cynthia Baldwin, formed the basis for charges against Spanier in the Conspiracy of Nonsense grand jury presentment issued in November 2012.

The evidence against Spanier, as well as Curley and Schultz, in this presentment is, well, simply nonsense.  While I have not done an in-depth analysis of the details (yet), I previewed them in this blog post about Cynthia Baldwin's possible perjurious statements regarding her meetings with the three men to discuss grand jury subpoeana 1179.

I often refer to the Conspiracy of Nonsense presentment as the Cynthia Baldwin Diaries and The Freeh Report Light.

Read the writ of summons filed by Spanier here.

Cappy among 200 supporters of lawsuit

John Cappelletti, PSU's only Heisman Trophy winner, jointed 200 former-athletes who signed the petition supporting the Paterno lawsuit against the NCAA.  The petition was organized by former player Brian Massella.  New signees to the petition include former PSU football greats D.J. Dozier and Ki-Jana Carter as well as recent graduate and All-American linebacker, Michael Mauti, Christie Welsch (national soccer POY); Kerry McCoy (NCAA Wrestling champion), and former coaches Bruce Parkhill (men's basketball) and John Fritz (wrestling).

The Paterno lawsuit against the NCAA claims that that PSU was not afforded due process under the NCAA By-Laws and that the NCAA violated those By-laws by using the Freeh Report rather than conducting its own investigation.

The lawsuit seeks a permanent injunction against the Consent Decree (signed by Erickson), compensatory, and punitive damages, among other relief.

More here

Ziegler's book highlights Freeh's omission of evidence

On Wednesday, John Ziegler released his book and today the media has proven they're either too obsessed with sex, too stupid, or just willfully ignoring the fact that the transcripts of the October 2011 interview of Joe Paterno provide, if not exculpatory, at least a different take on the decision not to report Sandusky to the state level Department of Public Welfare.  (Note: This statement does not preclude the viable alternative that PSU reported the 2001 incident to the county agency).

In the Freeh Report, one piece of e-mail evidence (Exhibit 5G) is the sole source for Freeh's conclusion that Joe Paterno changed the plan by Curley, Schultz, and Spanier to report the incident to DPW.  Freeh pointed to the phrase, "after talking it over with Joe yesterday" as evidence to draw a "reasonable" conclusion that Paterno's conversation changed the course of history.

Of course, no one knows what Curley talked to Joe about - or if he even talked to Joe at all and wasn't just telling a "white lie" to put some extra weight behind HIS decision to do things only slightly differently than originally planned.  It is important to note that competent readers (that would exclude a certain former FBI-Director)  have come to realize that the plan to contact DPW remained in place as an option, just as in the original plan.

However, the big news from the police interview (note to those in the media still trying to figure this out) was that Paterno stated he NEVER talked with Curley again after his initial meeting with him.  So, this police interview, which was obviously available to Louis Freeh given his "cooperation" with the Office of Attorney General, didn't get mentioned in the report.

Much like other possible exculpatory evidence or evidence that was damaging to others outside PSU, Freeh excluded it from his report.

What's Ahead

Fayette BOT Meeting:  Tomorrow at the Fayette Campus, SMSS's Linda Berkland will get three minutes to address the BOT.   Linda has made tremendous contributions to the efforts with her videos Lies and Contradictions and More Lies and Contributions.  

Report 3:  I will be releasing Report 3, which analyzes the  investigation, grand jury presentment, and the prosecutorial strategy in the Commonwealth v. Sandusky case.  The release should come in the next few weeks and will contain new evidence about the case.

Kane Investigation:  Two investigations are currently in progress.  The Office of Attorney General's investigation, led by Geoffrey Moulton, is reviewing the 2008-2011 investigation of Sandusky and other related informaton.  AG Kane stated she "will leave no stone unturned."  Good news for truth seekers.

Federal Investigation:  Also, based on reliable sources, a federal investigation continues of The Second Mile (TSM).  According to a well-placed source, the Federal investigation was put on hold pending the trials of PSU officials, but trial delays continue, and the Feds are pressing forward.  While the former-AG, Linda Kelly, gave the charity a complete pass for harboring a child molester for over a decade, I don't think the Feds will be so....charitable.

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