Monday, July 22

Brian Masella: The Wall

"Penn State spokesperson David La Torre declined comment saying, 'We are not aware of it'."

Mr. La Torre made the above statement on February 19, 2013 regarding Franco Harris’s plea to President Erickson to rebuild the wall that was torn down by his order on July 24, 2012. 

Erickson’s action essentially erased decades of on-field achievements of more than one thousand student athletes. 

What Mr. La Torre failed to mention in his statement is that Franco Harris contacted Erickson’s office not just once, but three times to discuss the matter and President Erickson never responded in courtesy to any of the calls.

La Torre’s statement is just another “non-truth” that can be added to a very long list of the communication subterfuge.

Below is a copy of a certified letter from Brian Masella 75’ that he subsequently mailed to President Erickson and entire BOT via Paula Ammerman regarding the subject after LaTorre’s comment To date, no acknowledgement has ever been received. If asked, La Torre would probably refute and deny any knowledge of the letter that both Erickson and the Board have failed to respond. 

March 6, 2013

President Rodney Erickson and Board of Trustees
The Pennsylvania State University
205 Old Main
University Park, PA 16802

Please accept this letter as a formal request to rebuild the Wall that honored decades of Nittany Lion football lettermen and their achievements. That wall represented the loyalty, motivation, hard work, and dedication of hundreds of football players who gave their hearts and souls for the privilege to play on the field at Beaver Stadium and proudly represent their Alma Mater. 

As a former Nittany Lion and a Letterman, there were plaques on that wall that honored the teams on which I, personally, played. As you are aware, there were six decades of lettermen recognized on those plaques. The Wall represented a place of pride and fond remembrances of years gone by to tens of thousands of alumni, students, faculty, families, athletic fans and so many others. Even with its removal, the site is visited yet today by onlookers remembering its exact location in the berm along side the East side of the stadium...

You chose to remove and tear down that outward expression of “a job well done” because of an ill-conceived notion that it was going to prevent the University from “moving forward” from a travesty. To this day, I believe you do not understand the significance of your action.
Certainly, I do not believe your decision was one that serves the interests of our Penn State community.

The lettermen did nothing to deserve the disgrace of having the Wall removed. Those players and teams who were honored as part of that monument also did nothing to have their memory destroyed. We are still here as a productive part of society, making an impact, just as we were taught by our beloved coach. On behalf of my fellow teammates and Lettermen, I ask you to rebuild the Wall and remind Penn Staters everywhere of what we did Saturday after Saturday to help make Penn State proud!

The courtesy of a reply or acknowledgement is requested.

Brian Masella, Football Letterman, Class of 1975.


  1. If it took the BoT one year to admitt or refute or something in relation to the Freeh Report, it will probably be another year for them to make a decision. Then it will be a secret ballot and the few who bullied the rest of the B in the first place will rule again because of their personal venteta against JoePa.

  2. I gotta believe when Fraizer, Surma, Peetz & co arrive at the pearly gate they will be met by St. Peter who will be wearing a PennState jersey and he will proclaim "We Are" who are you??
    He will then turn to Coach Joe and ask, friend of yours?
    You fill in the answer.

    1. Frazier, Surma, and Peetz would show up at the Pearly Gates only because Hell wouldn't take them.

    2. Good point Ray, good point.

      God bless