Friday, May 9

Eileen Morgan: Comments at PSU BOT Meeting, 9 May 2014

In their most recent court filing, the NCAA makes two very important statements:

·        1-Penn State, that would be you, ‘publicly embraced the Freeh Report’(which we know forced Penn State to shoulder the responsibility for Sandusky’s crimes.)

·        2-PA governor, Tom Corbett was quoted as stating: “….This case is of such significance that I hope people will learn from it and we will see that the failure to protect children does not happen again.”

We all know, and we know you know, the Freeh report was an unsubstantiated report that, once you ‘embraced’, before even reviewing it, allowed the NCAA to waltz in and levy unjust sanctions upon our school.

Your decisions over the past 2.5 years have been costly.  You already know what they cost Joe Paterno.  Your decisions also cost the reputations of the other senior officials before they have had one day in court, along with costing our school into the hundreds of millions of dollars.

But of utmost importance, are you aware that your decision to accept the Freeh Report has and is continuing to put children’s safety &welfare in jeopardy? Mr. Corbett says ‘we will learn from it’ and ‘we will see that the failure to protect children does not happen again.’  Well, I’m sorry to say Mr. Corbett, it is happening again, and has been and will continue unless those very agencies that have been failing these children for over a decade are investigated and held accountable.  CYS, DPW, and yes, The Second Mile have failed this community.  

Don’t you see by accepting the ENTIRE blame for Sandusky’s crimes, by allowing Penn State to take the fall for these agencies’ failures, you are obstructing the truth? You are obstructing justice for these kids by preventing those who truly failed them to be held accountable.

Do you know that only 8 abuse reports actually trigger an investigation per 1,000 children in PA?  PA performs 80% less investigations compared to the national average.

Did you know that there are only 1.3 abuse reports are actually substantiated per 1,000 children in PA?  That is 85% less than the National Average.  

No wonder Sandusky roamed free for decades.

 These Child Protective Service agencies need to be examined if Mr. Corbett and the citizens of PA want to actually prevent further failure.

When blame is deflected truth cannot prevail.

I know the past is behind us and cannot be undone. But together we can change the future for PA’s children if and only if these child welfare agencies are thoroughly examined.

Now that 2.5 years has gone by and the dust has settled and you have had the chance to reflect. I ask, by a show of hands, knowing what you know now, how many of you would have done things differently regarding Joe Paterno or the Freeh Report or the NCAA sanctions?


Mr. & Mrs. Trustee and Mr. Erickson, history is being written.  

Welcome to your legacy.


  1. They will look to the mountains and be buried by them, they will look to the sea and be engulfed. Justice shall spring from the earth! This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad!

  2. They thought time would be their friend. Little did they know it would be their ticking time-bomb.

  3. Your right on Eileen.

    I said before and will say it again.

    The Alumni Association along with PS4RS & other support groups should sponsor and erect on campus a "WALL OF SHAME" to honor those BoT members for their despicable actions to bring about this travesty to this fine Pennsylvania State University, it's athletic department, Coach Joseph V. Paterno & family, the whole Penn State Family and friends.

    Yes Eileen, to those BoT, "Welcome to your shameful legacy".

    1. Ron,
      That "wall of shame" will be in every building on every campus. It's called a notice of persons who are considered "persona non grata" on Penn State property.

      That is going to be the legacy of the 11-9-11 BOT (minus Al Clemens, who was man enough to admit that he made a mistake).