Tuesday, May 20

PSU Covered Up Whistle-blower's Letter.

The National Whistleblowers Center asked President Erickson to question Louis Freeh about his knowledge of botched child sex crimes investigations by the FBI.  Erickson and the BOT covered up this letter.

Copy of letter follows (hat tip, Jimmy W)

Why did Garban, Hagan, and Backer stay silent about this letter?

As Report 1 revealed, Freeh intentionally covered up DPW's failures to identify Sandusky as a child molester in 1998.  Freeh also omitted evidence that revealed that the Harrisburg DPW office was not supposed to be the investigating agency.

To quote the mother of Victim 6, "This whole thing stinks so much more than we all know."


  1. Ray,
    Thank you again for your time and outstanding analysis of the Sandusky debacle. There is much written about the 1998 Sandusky molestation. The administrator of the state agencies in 1998 was a popular Governor, Tom Ridge. Corbett was the replacement Attorney General from Oct. 1995 to Jan. 1997. Mike Fisher was elected Attorney General and was sworn-in Jan. 1997.

    Tom Ridge was re-elected In 1998. Do you have a sense of the relationship between the 1998 Sandusky event, Ridge's re-election, The Second Mile (TSM), Fisher as AG and the Republican Party? In 1998, did Ridge benefit from donations from TSM Board Members as did Corbett in 2010? Has Corbett been protecting Ridge in appreciation for Ridge naming him as Attorney General to replace Earnie Preate in 1995? Did The Second Mile money train start with Tom Ridge? And continue to Corbett? Did Mike Fisher benefit from TSM Board's campaign contributions when he ran for Attorney General in Nov. 1996?

    What did they say in All The President's Men? Follow the Money?

    1. Elroy,
      I don't think there is a direct flow of dirty money between TSM and the GOP, however, it is well documented that many on the TSM Board were GOP donors.

      I suspect that there is a connection between TSM's programs and the justification of Federal grants to DPW. For example, there are foster and adoptive care grants that are supposed to directly support families, however, those funds may have ended up in slush funds across the state. Similarly, Federal funds for at risk youth were likely granted to the PCCD and again misappropriated.

      I suspect that TSM's numbers of children served or fostered/adopted were inflated to keep federal money rolling in. In summary, TSM may have been a "golden goose" for justifying grants.....and that could be a reason why Sandusky was given a passes by DPW in 1998 and 2001.

      In 2001, I suspect PSU reported the incident and it was promptly ignored. DPW knew that it would lose money if TSM folded.

  2. That is a good point Ray. It was easy to inflate their numbers via the use of their little card scheme where as they counted a child served if they basically received an info packet, right?

  3. Just now reading this... wow. Will Louis Freeh ever be held accountable for his brand of law enforcement??

    It's no coincidence, I'm sure, that TSM dollars AND records (of particular programs) hightailed it to Texas when the Sandusky case broke open. In Texas, those who figure out ways to skirt the law are backslapped and bought a cup of coffee!!