Wednesday, September 3

Terry Strambaugh: CDT LTE - Keep Alumni Trustees

3 September 2014 - The Centre Daily Times
Penn State’s trustee leadership continues to follow the strategy that if they play nice with the NCAA, there will be additional reductions in sanctions and everyone will forget about the last three year. Anyone watching media reports these last three weeks should recognize the fallacy.
About two weeks ago, it was reported by media that officials at Croke Park believed sanctions against the Penn State football team were justified. Then came the Wall Street Journal report that Penn State is the most “embarrassing” program in the country.
During Saturday’s broadcast of the Penn State game, commentators mentioned four times Penn State was operating under sanctions that came at the end of the Paterno era.
Once the trustees allowed Penn State be awarded the “scarlet letter,” we were branded for life. Penn State will never be able to get past this label, but we can dim the bright lights by standing up for due process and the rejection of the Freeh report.
I’m pleased to see the newly elected alumni trustees push to do just that but recognize it is a tough slog against the “good old boy” network that failed so miserably in November 2011. I would be extremely disappointed to see them try to limit our only voice by reducing the number of alumni trustees.
How many years will it take to get rid of those trustees who fail to recognize how they continue to miss opportunities to finally right the wrongs they have inflicted on our university?

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